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Phase II clone trooper armor was the standard issue clone trooper armor worn by clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic, consisting of white plastoid plates over a black body glove.[9] The successor of the Phase I clone trooper armor, Phase II was adopted by nearly all clone soldiers of the Galactic Republic by the final days of the Clone Wars. Phase II was eventually retired by the Republic's successor, the Galactic Empire, who originally retained the set for its initial generation of stormtroopers before replacing it with their own unique design.



Phase II was a more advanced version of clone trooper armor and saw a rise in color customization amongst the clone army's detachments.

Phase II clone trooper armor was manufactured by Kaminoan armorsmiths.[1] More advanced than the Phase I clone trooper armor, Phase II armor was capable of supporting more specialized equipment.[10] It was, therefore, more expensive to produce, costing 3,000 credits per suit[2] whereas Phase I cost 2,000 credits.[11] Unlike Phase I,[12] Phase II did not feature an internal life support system, necessitating the use of an external respirator in the absence of breathable atmosphere.[13] As such, Phase II helmets featured an advanced filtration system, and were also designed to be more comfortable to wear than Phase I helmets.[14]

Like its predecessor, Phase II was a set of form-fitting white plastoid plates over a black body glove. In addition to providing its wearer with better vision, the armor plates were lighter and stronger than that of Phase I. While Phase II was capable of withstanding impacts, pressure, heat and acrid vapors, the armor was vulnerable to a direct hit from a laser blast.[9]


Clone Wars[]


Also using it to continue the trend of personalizing gear, clone troopers adopted the new and improved version two armor in the later phase of the Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars, the armorsmiths of Kamino[1] redesigned the Phase I clone trooper armor, creating the new and improved Phase II armor partway through the galactic conflict.[14] Field-tested by Advanced Recon Commandos, it quickly spread through the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic, and was adopted by nearly all clones near the war's end. As with the earlier Phase I, clones customized the new armor to their liking, using special markings and color patterns to denote unit affiliation. That trend had been introduced by the Jedi Generals, who encouraged the clone troopers to embrace their individuality instead of thinking in lockstep.[9] By the end of the war, almost every clone trooper in the Republic Military had switched into the new gear.[15]

Imperial Era[]


Phase II armor was retained by the clones, who became the first stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire.

After the Galactic Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire, the Phase II kit was initially retained by the clones,[4] who became the first stormtroopers.[16] The once individualistic clones were made to fully conform to the new Empire[17] through their behavioral modification biochips,[18] with their once colorful armor being brought back to an all-white state[17] as they enforced the will of the Empire.[19] Although the troops under their command wore blank white armor, Clone Officers Grey and Styles retained color and markings on their gear.[20] Captain Howzer—who displayed more free will than his blank-armored subordinate troopers—possessed teal markings on his gear.[21]


Commander Cody, who had his armor repainted to conform to the Imperial code of uniformity.

Additionally, clone shock troopers were allowed to retain their red markings to denote their status as members of the Coruscant Guard,[22] with Commander Fox retaining his uniquely colored armor.[23] Other officers, however, matched their colorless subordinates. Captain Wilco of the Serenno occupation force wore a suit of all-white armor, only differentiating himself with an all-black pauldron and comlink.[24] Commander Cody, who had once worn a suit of armor with orange markings to showcase his leadership over the 212th Attack Battalion,[4] adapted by changing the colors into Imperial gray.[25]

Clone stormtroopers wore Phase II armor[26] as late as 15 BBY.[27] When a squad of clone stormtroopers from the Venator-class Star Destroyer Strikefast were deployed to hunt the Chiss Mitth'raw'nuruodo, he killed one of the troopers and donned his armor to infiltrate the vessel.[26] In time, the Empire eventually introduced a new armor set. While large stocks of clone armor had been mothballed, it remained an occasional sight in the galaxy during the Imperial Era, as bounty hunters and pirates made use of scavenged armor plates.[9] The Empire continued to utilize Phase II armor for certain specialized soldiers, such as some shock troopers during the Galactic Civil War.[28]


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Phase II clone armor usually featured unit markings.

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A blank set of Phase II armor

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