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The Phase II dark trooper was the second and main stage of the Dark Trooper Project.


Phase II dark trooper intel as acquired by agent Jan Ors

Each droid was equipped with the external elements such as the suit, a jump pack, and an assault cannon capable of firing 400 plasma shells and 20 missiles before reloading. It was also capable of being loaded into hyperspace pods for transportation. Their ARC casters could disable electronics, or boil organic beings alive.


A Phase II dark trooper

The Phase II dark trooper was intended to be used either as an artificially intelligent droid or exoskeleton—either way, it was extremely effective in battle. A small number of these soldiers destroyed a Rebel base on Talay.

Though most droids were shut down after the destruction of Arc Hammer, some of these troopers remained in operation throughout the Galactic Civil War. They would later be seen during the New Republic's attack on Coruscant.

Behind the scenes[]

In Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, these droids can only be created on a planet if Arc Hammer is placed above that specific planet. They were also featured in some of the story missions.


Marching Phase II dark troopers