The Phase I ARC Trooper Armor, also referred to simply as the Phase I ARC armor, was a type of ARC trooper armor that was worn by Advanced Recon Commandos of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.



CT-1409 and CT-5555 in Phase I ARC Trooper Armor

The Phase I ARC Trooper Armor filled the gap between the standard clone trooper armor and the sophisticated and heavy Katarn-class armor used by clone commandos. Phase I ARC armor was a full plastoid armor suit worn over a formfitting bodysuit. It was equipped with heavier armor on the forearms, thighs, and chest, and had an advanced helmet that contained a hardened long-range comlink. A kama was worn around the waist, which offered extra protection to the legs and groin. Each armor set featured a built-in load-bearing harness and survival pack.[1]



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