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"Your armor, it's shiny and new. Just like you."
Clone Captain "Rex," to a group of clone shinies[src]

Phase I clone trooper armor was the standard issue armor of the Grand Army of the Republic's clone troopers during the early portions of the Clone Wars. It was later replaced by the Phase II armor, which was better adapted to human anatomy.


Rex helmet cody helmet and another helmet

The helmets of phase I clone trooper armor.

Created by Kaminoan armorsmiths for the clone troopers of the Galactic Republic, the Phase I armor consisted of twenty form-fitting plates of lightweight plastoid-alloy composite. Those plates were sealed to a black temperature control bodysuit via magnatomic gription panels. The bodysuit was also pressurized, offering temporary protection against the vacuum of space,[1] and the body glove protected the clone from the extreme cold and heat.[3] The armor's design was reminiscent of the Mandalorian armor, including the helmet with a distinctive T-shaped visor. Despite its advantages, the Phase I armor proved uncomfortable for the troopers to fit in, which was due to the Kaminoans' unfamiliarity with human ergonomics.[1]

Inside the Phase I helmet, a clone trooper a life support system, a tracking device for monitoring troop movements, and a display screen, which was built into the helmet's viewplate. The helmet also contained a comlink, and a comlink antenna was located in the helmet's crest.[3] A clone could also have attachments to their helmets, such as macrobinoculars, a rangefinder,[4] or a visor.[5]


Tatooine pickup TCW

Clone troopers wearing Phase I armor on Tatooine with several Jedi.

The armorsmiths of Kamino designed Phase I armor after the Mandalorian armor worn by the clone soldiers' template, the bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1] Fett himself gave input on the armor,[3] and it was introduced at the same time as the first batch of clone troopers, which were deployed at the Battle of Geonosis.[1] Sometime prior to the Battle of Mon Cala, it was[6] gradually replaced by Phase II clone trooper armor,[3] which was more comfortable[1] and capable of supporting more specialized equipment.[7]


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