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"And I did what I had to do to get to me as well. I don't regret it. That's the difference between us. I know what I am, and I embrace it. I'm proud of it. I fought for everything that I have, every bit of what I am."
―Phasma, to Cardinal[1]

Phasma, a human female stormtrooper captain of the First Order, grew up as a member of the Scyre clan on the nuclear-ravaged world of Parnassos, where she became a formidable warrior, eventually becoming the clan's military leader. Seeking passage offworld, Phasma helped the First Order General Brendol Hux find his ship, in the process betraying her own brother, Keldo, and the rest of her clan. After being rescued, Phasma joined the First Order, abandoning her former life.

Over the years, Phasma rose through the ranks of the First Order, eventually becoming the leader of their stormtrooper training program. She conspired with Brendol's son, General Armitage Hux, to assassinate her former benefactor, resulting in Brendol's former protege, Cardinal, attempting to kill her after the assassination was carried out. Having consolidated her position within the First Order, Phasma became part of an unofficial triumvirate consisting of Armitage and the dark warlord of the First Order, Kylo Ren.

As a senior officer, Phasma commanded First Order forces in their struggle against the Resistance, and, under orders from Supreme Leader Snoke, their search for a galaxy map that would lead to the last of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker. During the search, Phasma participated in a massacre at one of the many villages on Jakku, an atrocity which eventually inspired a First Order stormtrooper named FN-2187 to defect to the Resistance.

Following the Hosnian Cataclysm, Phasma was ambushed by FN-2187, alongside the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca, at Starkiller Base and was subsequently forced to let down the base's shields, eventually resulting in the base being obliterated. Surviving the subsequent battle, Phasma framed Lieutenant Sol Rivas for the base's destruction and led a mission to hunt him down after he had discovered the truth. During the pursuit of the Resistance fleet, Phasma once again fought FN-2187, now named Finn, aboard the First Order flagship Supremacy, which had recently been devastated by a hyperspace ramming. During the battle, Finn and his companion, Rose Tico, were able to overpower Phasma, resulting in her falling to her death, plunging into a fire that was consuming the stricken ship.


Early life[]

"We were attacked. By the Scyre. Mother and Father and all the rest…are gone."
"But you stabbed me. My leg."
"No, Keldo. The Scyre did that. They caught you on watch, and I threw you into the Nautilus. I saved your life. We are lucky that they've invited us to stay here, to live among them. All we have to do is fight for them and contribute. And then we can stay here, in the Nautilus. It will still be ours. What say you?"
―Phasma and Keldo[1]

Keldo, Phasma's brother who later became co-leader of the Scyre and an enemy

Phasma was born in 6 ABY[2] on the desolate[1] Unknown Regions[8] planet Parnassos. Prior to joining the Scyre clan, Phasma and her older brother Keldo were part of a small and weak family that resided directly around the Nautilus, the clan's ancestral home. Phasma and Keldo grew up having to defend the family's territory from raid from the Scyre and the Claw. One day, Phasma orchestrated the deaths of her clan including her father and mother in order to ensure both herself and Keldo survived while still being able to live in the Nautilus.[1]

In order to do this, she stabbed Keldo in the foot with a knife and pushed him into a cave, thus disabling him, claiming that the family was under attack and that she had saved his life. Following the battle, the Scyre leader Egil gave Phasma and Keldo the choice of joining his tribe. In order to survive, Phasma and Keldo pledged their allegiances to the Scyre by painting themselves with oracle salve prepared by Siv and her mother Vala from the remains of their parents. In truth, Keldo and Phasma knew that the latter had conspired with the Scrye to murder their own family.[1]

Time on Parnassos[]

Co-leadership of the Scyre[]

"We accept your surrender, but you know such wounds never heal. Phasma and I will rule now. You must find your own way to contribute. Anyone else who wishes to challenge us may come forward and be treated the same as Porr. That is: fairly, and according to the law."
―Keldo announcing that he and Phasma would lead the Scyre[1]

Siv, one of Phasma's most loyal warriors who grew disillusioned with her leader.

Due to Parnassos' harsh environment and lack of technological advancements, Phasma spent her days wearing protective gear and scavenging crashed starships for weapons and supplies. By the age of sixteen, Phasma was considered an accomplished warrior. She also became the leader of the Scyre clan's warriors and believed herself to be the strongest warrior on Parnassos. Her followers included Torben, Carr, Siv, and Gosta.[1]

When she was sixteen, a young upstart named Porr fatally wounded the Scrye leader Egil and claimed leadership of the clan. He also demanded that Siv bring the detraxor to extract nutrients from the dying Egil. Porr was opposed by Keldo who condemned him for attacking their leader without challenging him to combat. When Porr defied Keldo, Phasma supported her brother.[1]

Porr offered to make Phasma his deputy if she submitted to him. However, Phasma and her loyal warriors refused to accept Porr's leadership. Phasma and Porr fought for leadership of the Scrye, with Phasma wielding a spear and Porr a long dagger. Eventually, Phasma managed to knock Porr to the ground. Before Phasma could finish him off, Keldo sliced the tendons of Porr's ankles, permanently hobbling him.[1]

Keldo forced Porr to submit to him and his sister Phasma. Porr accepted defeat and Phasma ordered Siv to use the detraxors on the fallen Egil. Together, Phasma and Keldo became co-leaders of the Scrye. While the crippled Keldo served as the clan's political leader, Phasma served as their military leader.[1]

Conflict with the Claws[]

"You are too fond of peace."
"I am a leader, and a leader does what is best for the people."
"I am a fighter. I do what I must to survive. And making peace with Balder will not save us."
―Phasma and Balder arguing about waging war against the Claws[1]

Frey, the youngest member of the Scyres and their sole child

Two years later, the Scyre clan had a five year old child named Frey, the daughter of Ylva. Frey helped scavenge for frogs, urchins, and eggs for the clan. Phasma also taught Frey how to fight and crafted a child-sized ax out of stone and driftwood. Due to the high infant mortality rate, children were prized by the people of Parnassos. Frey drew the attention of the Claws, who were led by the Dug Balder.[1]

On a moonless night, Balder and the Claws attacked the Scyre territory. Following a fierce fight, the Scyre under Phasma's leadership repelled the Claws, killing twelve of them. Phasma also fought with Balder and wounded the Dug by slicing off one of his ears. After the fight, Ylva thought that Frey had gone missing. However, Phasma untied her bulky coat to reveal that she had carried Frey for the duration of the fight.[1]

Despite the victory, tensions erupted between Phasma and Keldo. Keldo was upset that Phasma had withheld her secret toxic lichen weapon from the rest of the clan. When Phasma advocated attacking the Claws and wiping them out for good, Keldo objected on the grounds that they only used military force for self defense. Following a vote, most of the Scyre with the exception of Phasma and her warriors voted in favor of Keldo's proposal to negotiate a peace settlement with Balder. Phasma regarded this as a betrayal, sowing the seeds of enmity between the two siblings.[1]

Encountering the First Order[]

"I am Phasma, and I am the greatest warrior of Parnassos."
―Phasma, to Brendol Hux[1]
Young Phasma on Parnassos

Phasma witnessed the First Order ship crash on Parnassos.

Following Keldo's truce with the Claws, an escape pod crashed near the border with the Claw territory. Phasma advocated traveling to the crash site to salvage the supplies but Keldo was unwilling to break the truce with Balder. Keldo acquiesced to Phasma leading a party to recover supplies on the condition that Phasma did not provoke a resumption of conflict with the Claws.

Upon reaching the borderlands however, Phasma told her warriors to disregard Keldo's orders. Under Phasma's orders, Gosta killed a Claw sentry. Upon reaching the Claws' encampment, the Scyres found the Claws gathered to receive five strangers. These turned out to be the First Order General Brendol Hux, three stormtroopers PT-2445 ("Pete"), LE-2003 ("Elli"), and HF-0518 ("Huff"), and the droid DDM-38.[1]

Hux introduced himself as an officer for the First Order, who had been on a mission to recruit the strongest warriors in the galaxy to the First Order's military when his ship had been shot down by Parnassos' automated defense system. Needing help to reach his ship, Hux promised to give them a life of glory and wealth in the First Order.[1]

Seizing her opportunity to get offworld, Phasma stepped forward and unmasked herself, introducing herself and offering to help Hux find his crashed ship. Balder objected to Phasma's presence as a violation of the truce. As reparations, he demanded that the Scyres surrender Frey. Phasma pretended to seek dialogue with Balder but instead stabbed him to death, provoking a fight. During the fight, Phasma convinced Hux and his stormtroopers to follow her and the Scyres back to their territory.[1]

Leaving the Nautilus[]

"…Brendol Hux is our greatest hope for the future. With his help, we can become the most powerful band on the planet and keep our people from going extinct. There are better lands beyond the sea, Brendol tells me, lands where buildings still stand and the ground is solid and yields crops and fruits and beasts. He can take us there in his ship, relocate us and all our treasures to a safe place. This will be our reward for returning him to his people. He need only call them, and they will appear."
―Phasma trying to reason with Keldo[1]
Brendol Hux

General Brendol Hux, Phasma's benefactor whom she later betrayed and murdered.

While traveling back to the Scyre territory, Phasma took the opportunity to ingratiate herself with General Hux. Phasma and Hux also talked about the unknown calamity that had reduced Parnassos to a post-apocalyptic state. Phasma was intrigued to learn that Hux's troops had numbers instead of names. She was also fascinated by the First Order, a political and military organization far larger than her clan.[1]

Returning to the Nautilus, Phasma tried to placate Keldo with a leg from Hux's disintegrated droid. She also told Keldo about the offworlders and the technological and material opportunities that would come from helping Hux reach his ship. However, Keldo was angry with his sister for violating their peace treaty with the Claws. Though Phasma was enamored with the First Order's technology and wealth, Keldo was skeptical of the First Order's powers, deriding their ability to immobilize Parnassos' orbital defensive system.[1]

Despite Phasma's efforts, Keldo refused to grant ascent for her and her warriors to accompany Hux and his people to find their ship on the grounds that it lay beyond Balder's territory and because they had sustained casualties during their confrontation with the Claws. Unable to reason with her brother, Phasma stole the tribe's food, tools, and water supplies. She then departed that night with Hux, his stormtroopers, and her four closest warriors Torben, Siv, Gosta, and Carr.[1]

A dangerous journey[]

"Carr was strong and I trained him well, but he was unlucky, and how he's gone. Those who survive must move forward."
―Phasma reflecting on the death of Carr[1]

Torben, one of Phasma's followers and the group's heavy muscle.

After departing the Nautilus, Phasma and her companions took care to avoid traveling through the Claw territory. The group climbed and scaled down a mountain and ended up on a sandy desert where the sand was half mineral and half volcanic ash. Upon reaching the sandy ground, Carr was bitten by a gold and green beetle. After avoiding more of the beetles, Phasma convinced Hux's stormtroopers to coat their armor with volcanic ash as camouflage.[1]

As the group continued the journey, Carr's condition deteriorated and his body began to swell up. The group was then attacked by a marauding party riding sleds drawn by large lizards. After killing the marauders and their lizard mounts, Phasma and her party proceeded to loot their equipment and to harvest their minerals and liquids. Before they could evacuate Carr on a sled, his body disintegrated and exploded into water, leaving behind shriveled organs, tubes, and bones. The beetles then emerged from the ground, feasting on his remains.[1]

While examining the looted equipment of the marauders, Phasma found that they wore carved wooden boxes around their necks containing the venomous beetles. Phasma realized that they could be used as a weapon to kill unsuspecting enemies. Continuing their journey through the dunes, Phasma and her companions were attacked by a pack of skinwolves that had been feasting on a dead creature.[1]

Phasma and her companions managed to fight and kill the skinwolves with their weapons. However, Brendol was bitten in the arm and wounded. As the group made camp, Brendol praised Phasma for her skills as a warrior and thought that the First Order would find her useful. During the night, Brendol's condition worsened due to the skinwolf's venomous bite. That night, the group were visited by the protocol droid TB-3, who came from Con Star Mining Corporation's Terpsichore Station, their former primary mining facility on Parnassos.[1]

Indentured servitude[]

"We need to find the control room. And quickly."
"Tonight. They're least attentive at night. I've made several forays and encountered no droids."
―Phasma and Brendol hatching their escape plan[1]

TB-3 led Phasma, Brendol, and the other travelers into Terpsichore Station. Inside, Phasma and the others consented to the droids treating Brendol in the station's medbay. While Brendol was being treated, TB-3 requested that the group pay Brendol's medical bill. Since the group lacked credits to pay for Brendol's bill, TB-3 pressed them into working for the next sixty days to pay it off. Phasma convinced the stormtroopers and her warriors to comply with the droid's request while promising that she would plan their escape.[1]

TB-3 then played a ConStar video promoting Parnassos as a lush, mining colony. From the video, Phasma and the others learnt about the history of Parnassos before the planet's cataclysm. While the others were curious about Parnassos' history, Phasma insisted that they focus on getting out of here and completing their mission. When another droid called D473 led Phasma and the others informed the group that they would be working as miners, Phasma and her compaions tried to overpower the droid, the group were incapacitated by a sleeping gas.[1]

After awakening, Phasma and the others were put to work as miners. Taking charge in Brendol's absence, she told the group to comply with the droids until Brendol had recovered and they would then turn the tables on the droids. As Brendol recovered, Phasma briefed him about the situation. Brendol devised a plan to disable the droids by finding the control room.[1]

After two work shifts, the group put their plans into action and managed to gain access to the control room. Hux disabled the main power generator and shut down the droids. While the group were chatting about droids, Phasma expressed a curiosity about learning how to operate these machines if they got to join Hux's people. The group then salvaged a Ground assault vehicle and several speeder bikes from the Terpsichore Station garage.[1]

While searching through the station's clothes and boots, Phasma obtained a helmet but tossed aside most of the clothes and boots since they were unsuitable for the harsh desert climate. When Siv expressed curiosity about their ancestors and their clothes, Phasma countered that the planet was dying and promised that they would make a new life in the stars. Since the group was lost, Phasma took a gamble on the next direction they should travel.[1]

Prisoners of the Arratu[]

"We will not stay here."
"You will. You're the Arratu. The people have chosen you, and it can't be helped. You might control the arena but I can control the gates."
"I can change that."
―Phasma arguing with Vrod before stabbing him to death[1]

While traveling through the desert, the group approached a city which was built around Arratu Station. While approaching the city, they found their path blocked by a ditch full of pikes. One of the stormtroopers Elli crashed her speeder bike into the ditch and sustained a broken neck. Following a brief struggle, the group were captured by several warriors calling themselves the Arratu, who used abandoned Con Star technology.[1]

Phasma and the others were imprisoned in a crowded cell by their captors. Lacking the modern technology needed to treat Elli's broken neck, Brendol decided to abandon the comatose woman and allowed Phasma to don her helmet. The group were also befriended by a bearded man named Vrod, who was in charge of the prison. He informed that Arratu Station was a former fabrication plant and that the city's ruler, the Arratu, regularly staged arena fights as a means of rewarding the prisoners with food and freedom.[1]

The following day, Phasma and Torben were forced to fight a large man named Wranderous and a pack of skin-wolves without weapons. Under Phasma's leadership, the group defeated the skin-wolves, impressing the Arratu who rewarded them with food. On the second day, Phasma, Torben, and Siv managed to defeat Wranderous in combat, mortally wounding him. Phasma ordered Siv to kill Wranderous but the warrior took pity on the broken man, leaving him to die of his wounds.[1]

Using Torben as a springboard, Phasma then catapulted herself into the Arratu's box and killed him and his men. Phasma's actions drew applause from the crowd. Vrod tried to convince Phasma to serve as the next Arratu but she was determined to continue her mission and rejected his offer. With Vrod unwilling to reason with her, Phasma stabbed him to death with her sword. After obtaining supplies, Phasma, Brendol, and the other travelers fought through the Arratu sentries and escaped into the desert on several stolen GAVs.[1]

Into the dead lands[]

"I know what I am, Keldo. I always have. That's the difference between us. I am willing to finish what I've begun."
―Phasma before shooting Keldo dead[1]

Phasma's fellow Scyre Siv, Frey, and Torben

After escaping into the desert, the group, which was now down to seven, rested for the night. The following day, Brendol confronted Phasma about how her decision to lead the group towards the toward had cost them time and their lives almost. Phasma countered that they escaped and that the Sentinels were unlikely to pursue them into the desert. Brendol reminded her that he had the power to get her offworld and warned her to submit to her superior's will. While Brendol reasoned that she would not make a good soldier, he reassured her that she had potential as a leader and trainer of troopers.[1]

Sensing another party following them, the group continued their journey. They encountered a Gand named Churkk, who lived with hundreds of Parnassos beetles. Churkk warned them not to enter the "dead lands," telling them that the lands were radioactive due to a great accident in the past. Brendol convinced the group to proceed by telling them that the First Order had medbays that could cure every disease, including radiation sickness, and that he could summon reinforcements within hours.[1]

The group was then attacked by Phasma's brother Keldo, who had rallied all of the Scyre and Claws to hunt down Phasma. The group fled through a fence but the wounded Gosta was unable to escape and was killed along with several of the pursuers when Brendol's stormtroopers opened fire on them. As they fled deeper into the Dead lands they passed by an abandoned amusement park. While sheltering in the amusement park, Phasma and Brendol speculated that ConStar had abandoned Parnassos following a nuclear disaster in what became the dead lands[1]

Struggling against the effects of radioactive sickness, the group finally reached Hux's wrecked ship. While Brendol contacted the First Order for help, Phasma and her warriors along with the two stormtroopers fought off Keldo's combined Scyre and Claws. Phasma and her companions defeated the attacking force but at the cost of Torben and the two stormtroopers.[1]

In the end, only Keldo remained with Frey, the sole Scyre child. Keldo blamed Phasma for destroying the peace they had with the Claws. However, Phasma countered that he had thrown away his chance to save their people by not helping Hux reach his ship. Realizing he was wrong, Keldo pleaded with Phasma to call the First Order for help as he began to succumb to radiation sickness. However, Phasma shot Keldo dead, killing the last member of her family. Phasma and Siv also retrieved Frey, with Phasma and Brendol agreeing that the First Order could use "strong children."[1]

Journey to the stars[]

"Do you see now the power of the First Order? What we do to those who oppose us? Even those who inconvenience us?"
"Powerful indeed."
―Hux demonstrating the First Order's power to Phasma by bombing Scyre and Arratu from orbit[1]

Following the skirmish, Phasma and the others took shelter inside Brendol's wrecked ship while fighting off the radiation sickness. After some time, the First Order arrived with a Star Destroyer and an Atmospheric Assault Lander. A First Order landing party led by Brendol's son Armitage Hux emerged from the troop lander and greeted Hux, Phasma, Siv, and Frey. Brendol permitted Phasma and Frey to join them but barred Siv, regarding her as "too soft" for the First Order.[1]

When Siv pleaded with Phasma, Phasma chastised her for disobeying her order to kill Wranderous. Taking pity on Siv, Phasma told her to travel to the nearby Calliope Station, which had medical supplies. Siv reached Calliope Station where she had her radiation sickness treated by medical droids and later gave birth to a child named Torbi. After boarding the First Order shuttle, Phasma comforted the frightened Frey, reassuring the child that they were going into space to become "good soldiers" for the First Order.[1]

Once the shuttle had reached the space above Parnassos, Brendol unleashed the ship's laser cannons on the Scyre territory and Arratu, destroying the two settlements as a display of the First Order's power. Brendol then warned Phasma about the First Order's power. Phasma was shocked and horrified but maintained her composure and responded that the First Order was powerful indeed.[1]

Rise of the First Order[]

Brendol's new protege[]

"Oh, no. Like you, she is a special case. She will also require an armor fitting. I've already had her assigned a special suite. We've had a long journey, so we will rest today. You will begin training her tomorrow morning. And now I must go make sure our other new recruit starts out on the right foot. I have great expectations for these warriors of Parnassos."
―Brendol Hux introducing Phasma to Cardinal[1]

Cardinal, a rival of Phasma within the First Order

Due to First Order medical treatment and technology, Phasma along with Brendol and Frey recovered from radiation sickness. Phasma and Frey traveled with General Hux to the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Absolution, which served as a mobile base and academy for training the First Order's stormtroopers. Realizing Phasma's potential as a military leader and trainer, Brendol split the First Order's stormtrooper training program between her and his protege Captain Cardinal. Once her training was complete, Phasma was placed in charge of the teenage and adult trainees while Cardinal would continue to handle the new and young recruits. Brendol also made Phasma his new personal guard, replacing Cardinal.[1]

A year after joining the First Order, Phasma traveled back to Parnassos in her TIE fighter. Traveling to the site of Hux's ship, she collected a Parnassos beetle and harvested the chrome plates of Hux's ship, which was once Palpatine's favorite yacht. She then flew across the ocean in her TIE fighter to Cleo Station where she used a synthicator to forge her unique chromium armor.[1]

Phasma's fellow Scyre Frey also became the stormtrooper trainee UV-8855 and trained under Cardinal. She performed well and when she came of age graduated from the junior program to enter Phasma's training program. As the years passed, Phasma rose to become Captain and featured heavily in the First Order's propaganda posters. Her identity and background remained a mystery to much of the First Order apart from Brendol and his son Armitage Hux.[1]

However, a rivalry developed between Phasma and Cardinal, who never forgave the Parnassos warrior for supplanting him as Brendol's protege. This rivalry was aggravated by their different training methods. Phasma disagreed with Cardinal and the elder Hux's dependence on simulator training programs and advocated live combat. In return, Cardinal opposed Phasma's harsher indoctrination and feared that she was turning his recruits into mindless killers. Cardinal sought to remove her but found little evidence of any wrong doing to convince his superiors to do so.[1]

Eliminating loose ends[]

"Unless you know another way that people casually turn into big bags full of water and explode."
"But this is Captain Phasma we're talking about. Why would she kill General Hux? He was her savior, her superior. He made her what she was."
―Vi and Cardinal discussing Phasma's role in Brendol Hux's death[1]

Captain Phasma conspired with General Armitage Hux to murder her former benefactor Brendol

Captain Phasma later conspired with Armitage to kill his father and her benefactor Brendol Hux.[1] Armitage despised his father, who had abused and mistreated him as a child.[9] Under Armitage's orders, Phasma assassinated Hux by poisoning him with a venomous Parnassos beetle. Hux became ill and swelled up, exhibiting the same symptoms as her former warrior Carr. After several days of excruciating pain, Hux imploded while being immersed in a bacta tank, leaving behind only hair, shrunken organs, and translucent bones. Following his death, General Armitage Hux assumed command of his father's training program and forces. Brendol's death was kept a state secret and First Order records listed it as an unknown malady.[1]

To conceal her past, Phasma also eliminated Frey, who was a cadet in her training program. Frey died in what appeared to be a weapon malfunction during a training exercise. However, Cardinal disputed Phasma's official account and believed that Phasma had killed Frey. Despite Phasma's efforts to eliminate all those who knew her past, Siv unbeknownst to her had survived their separation and was living with her child Torbi at Calliope Station. Siv later recounted Phasma's origins to Vi Moradi, a Resistance spy who posed as an independent trader. Siv also uncovered evidence of Phasma's role in the older Hux's death.[1]

Uncovering Phasma's secrets[]

"They should write MURDERER under your poster, not EXEMPLAR. Those children look up to you, Phasma!"
"As well they should!"
―Cardinal confronting Phasma for her crimes[1]

Vi Moradi, the Resistance operative who discovered Phasma's dark past

Ten years after Phasma had joined the First Order, an opportunity for her rival Cardinal to eliminate Phasma emerged in the form of Vi. The Absolution had captured Vi and her ship. Cardinal secretly interrogated Vi and demanded incriminating information that would bring about the downfall of Phasma. Vi recounted Phasma's life story to Cardinal and presented circumstantial evidence linking Phasma to Brendol's death.[1]

Cardinal presented this information to General Hux only to learn that the younger Hux was complicit in his own father's death. Having gain a respect for Vi, Cardinal sought Vi's help in killing Phasma. After Vi recounted Phasma's role in killing her parents and crippling her brother Keldo, she supplied him with one of Phasma's poisoned knives and a Parnassos beetle inside a plastoid case. Despite turning down Vi's offer to join the Resistance, he left the interrogation room unlocked, allowing her to escape.[1]

Cardinal attempted to present these items as evidence to Hux and several senior officers at a high level assembly. However, Armitage changed the door code, denying Cardinal access to the meeting. Phasma attended the meeting with Armitage and the two discussed Cardinal's "break with reality," which Armitage "blamed" on his simulator training program. While Armitage did not reveal that Cardinal was aware of her role in Brendol's death, he hinted to her that Cardinal had become a liability to their position in the First Order.[1]

Blood and chrome[]

"I've fought too hard and lost too much getting to where I am to risk everything by killing you. But if you were to bleed out after this terrible training accident, I doubt General Hux would investigate the incident too closely. We had a little talk about you at the assembly. You, and your recent... what did Armitage call it? Break with reality..."
―Phasma taunting her opponent Cardinal[1]

The following day, Cardinal made his move against Phasma while she was practising in the simulation room. Upon seeing him, Phasma derided Cardinal's simulations and Armitage's automated regimens as inferior to live combat. When Cardinal accused her of wanting to send their trainees to kill civilians and each other, Phasma countered that she was fulfilling the First Order's demand to train her recruits into killers.[1]

When Cardinal denounced her as a murderer, Phasma labeled him a coward. Overcome with rage, Cardinal attacked Phasma with a Z6 riot control baton but she dived out of his way and fought back with her own baton. As the two parried, Cardinal denounced her for murdering Brendol and her own brother and questioned her loyalty to the First Order. Since Phasma was a seasoned fighter who had studied all of Cardinal's programs, she was able to match his moves.[1]


Phasma's unique chromium armor (pictured) protected her in her battle with Cardinal.

Cardinal managed to distract Phasma by throwing his baton at her head and tackling her to the ground. Cardinal attempted to stab her with the knife but was unable to pierce her chromium armor. Phasma then trapped him in a necklock, blocking Cardinal's attack. Phasma taunted Cardinal about his "break from reality" and suggested phasing out his game room once he was gone. Phasma then flipped Cardinal onto his back and knocked off his helmet.[1]

Mocking Cardinal for his devotion to Brendol, Phasma then stabbed him beneath his shoulder pauldron. After learning that Vi had obtained a knife from Parnassos, Phasma remarked that she would make another visit to see who had survived. She also boasted about deleting recordings while pushing the knife deeper into his body. Phasma also shot Cardinal's droid Iris, eliminating a witness to their fight. While Phasma was distracted with killing the beetle he had smuggled, Cardinal tried to reach for his blaster but Phasma kicked his hand away.[1]

As Cardinal began to succumb to the effects of the laced knife, the two traded insults. Phasma then removed her helmet, showing her face to Cardinal. Before leaving the room, Phasma told Cardinal that she embraced her identity as a monster and murderer. She then exited the room, intending to make it appear that Cardinal had died in a training accident. However, Cardinal was rescued by the Resistance spy Vi who smuggled him to safety.[1]

The levers of power[]

Captain Phasma 4 Charretier textless

With Cardinal out of the way, Phasma cemented her power in the First Order.

Following the elimination of Cardinal, Phasma gained complete control of the First Order's training program,[1] and worked alongside Armitage Hux as a leader of Project Resurrection, the Order's program to capture infants to train them into soldiers. As such, Phasma and Hux recruited Jinata Security to help the project.[10] Despite her rank of captain, Phasma's true power was higher than her title suggested.[11] She was a member of the unofficial commanding triumvirate, alongside the dark enforcer Kylo Ren and Hux.[5]

Phasma was assigned to Starkiller Base, where she oversaw training of the First Order military and the stormtrooper ranks, in particular. Phasma sought to have only the best soldiers don the First Order's stormtrooper armor, and endeavored to keep politics out of the ranks to guard against a lack of effectiveness.[11] Phasma also believed that a stormtrooper's loyalty was to be first and foremost to the First Order, not to any individual or comrade,[12] despite her personal philosophy of putting herself first.[1]

Managing Agent Terex[]

"The First Order is not the Empire. We are purer. We have been through the crucible and emerged stronger."
―Phasma to Agent Terex[13]

Phasma had a difficult relationship with the showy and unorthodox Agent Terex

Shortly after the events of Operation: Sabre Strike, which saw the capture of the First Order colluder Senator Erudo Ro-Kiintor by members of the Resistance, Phasma contacted Agent Terex aboard his corvette Carrion Spike, assigning him a mission to track down pilot Poe Dameron and retrieve Ro-Kiintor's information. Appearing to Terex via hologram, Phasma expressed her exasperation at the agent's predilection for keeping nonhumans as his personal slaves, and discussed Terex's mission with him once he dismissed his servants. She complimented Terex's sources, surprised that he knew the term "Starkiller," and threatened him not to fail his mission to find Dameron.[13]

Terex's search led him to Megalox Beta, where Dameron slipped through his grasp after escaping the Megalox prison. Phasma contacted him after learning the Carrion Spike had left the Megalox system with significant damage, and ordered the agent to return to First Order space for debriefing. Despite Phasma's threat of extreme disciplinary measures, Terex switched off her hologram and refused to report in.[14] Phasma continued attempting to contact the rogue agent, demanding an after-action report, but still Terex refused to obey and disabled the ship's communications, engines, and weapons systems.[15]

After Terex and his Ranc Gang associates took over the Carrion Spike, Terex told the disapproving First Order corporal that Phasma, Supreme Leader Snoke, and Kylo Ren regarded him as a criminal but that he would prove them wrong by destroying the entire Resistance.[16] After Terex contacted her, Phasma objected to his actions and objected to his unfamiliar attire. Terex responded that he was wearing the armor of the Lord-General of the Ranc Gang and that she knew that when she recruited him. Phasma then reminded Terex that he had been ordered to report to First Order Space to report for his failure to obtain the information from Grakkus the Hutt. She warned Terex that Ren had taken an interest in his "missteps."[17]

Terex was undaunted and responded that he had once met Darth Vader, whom he described as a "terrifying magical strongman." Terex then briefed Phasma about his plan to trick Dameron into delivering a droid that was purportedly carrying crucial First Order intelligence to the Resistance base. Terex planned to track Dameron and the droid there and destroy the Resistance with his fleet. Phasma immediately objected to Terex's plan on the grounds that the Supreme Leader had forbidden any open hostility between the First Order and any forces aligned with the New Republic. Terex retorted that he was not solely a First Order officer and that the Ranc Gang answered solely to him. He vowed to do what Phasma, Hux, and Ren could not do.[17]

Phasma responded that this "errant action" was the reason why Terex had not been given the status in the First Order which he believed he deserved. She warned him that the consequences of pursuing this action would be dire. Terex mocked her for doing nothing but making threats and boasted that his plan would hand them the Resistance. Terex told Phasma to go and polish her armor before terminating the transmission. Phasma tried to protest but the transmission was severed.[17] The First Order subsequently dispatched forces under Commander Malarus who destroyed Terex's flagship Carrion Spike and the Ranc Gang fleet. Terex was then handed by Dameron to Malarus.[18] As a result of his failure, Phasma had the operative given cybernetic control implants.

Some time later, Terex and Malarus managed to secure Lor San Tekka. Terex, having grown tired of the implants controlling him, temporarily disabled them and contacted Phasma via hologram in order to bargain for their removal.[19]

Stint aboard the Silencer[]

"I am Captain Phasma of the First Order. Cooperate, and you will survive this encounter. Waste my time, and you will not."

At some stage shortly before the outbreak of war between the First Order and the Resistance, Phasma was dispatched aboard the Star Destroyer Silencer to patrol a hyperspace transit point between the Core Worlds and the Unknown Regions. Phasma and the forces under her command were assigned to search for Resistance spies trying to travel to the Unknown Regions to spy on the First Order. During the mission, the Silencer encountered a group of adventurers who had fled the planet Jakku aboard the ship Sunstrider, and Phasma attempted to capture the adventurers.[20]

Interest in Colossus[]

"When Major Vonreg and Commander Pyre first proposed the idea of collaborating with pirates, I was skeptical. Since then, you have done little to prove me wrong."
―Phasma, to Kragan[21]

Phasma working with Major Vonreg

When the First Order took a interest in taking control of the Colossus refueling station on Castilon, Phasma, along with Major Elrik Vonreg, arranged for Kragan Gorr and his pirates to attack Colossus. The attack would test Colossus' defenses. Following the attack, Phasma and Vonreg spoke with Gorr about the attack.[21]

Phasma was contacted by the Colossus' captain, Imanuel Doza. She believed that Doza had accepted the First Order's offer, but Doza wanted to know why the placed a large bounty on two children. Phasma told him that the children were from very privileged family that belonged to the First Order. Doza told Phasma that the children were on his platform. She was then shown a symbol worn by the children by Doza that was not of the First Order. Phasma told him that they were not military and came from a wealthy family. Doza allowed her to send a detachment to retrieve them but to remind that it his station.[22]

Phasma was then contacted by Commander Pyre, who informed her that the children jumped to their deaths. Phasma was pleased with the results and believed that the Resistance would not find out about their plans and the Massacre on Tehar.[22] Later, after the First Order appeared to resolve Torra Doza's abduction,[23] Pyre arrived at the station to oversee security preparations. Phasma prepared to send him a garrison in order to secure the whole station for their use.[24]

Intruders at Station Theta Black[]

After receiving an intruder alert from a First Order sentry droid, Captain Phasma departed with Vonreg and several stormtroopers and TIE fighters to demolish Station Theta Black, an abandoned First Order dedlanite mine and processing station in the Unknown Regions. The Resistance pilots Poe Dameron, Kazuda Xiono, and BB-8 had discovered the station.[25]

Phasma landed inside the station's hangar with a contingent of stormtroopers. A stormtrooper reported that the hangar was empty and speculated that the intruders had left. However, Phasma disagreed and said there were life signs moving to the upper level. She ordered her troopers to spread out the explosives throughout the station and to search for the intruders.[25]

Four of Phasma's stormtroopers soon encounter Poe and Xiono in the control room. A gun battle broke out, causing several explosives to go off. A stormtrooper informed Phasma that the intruders were on Level Two and were heading back to the main hangar. After fighting off stormtroopers, Poe and Xiono arrived in the main hangar only to encounter Phasma and her troops. Following a prolonged chase through the space station, Poe and Xiono managed to escape on their T-70 X-wing starfighters.[25]

Vonreg and his TIE fighters engaged in a dogfight with the Resistance pilots. However, Phasma ordered Vonreg to break off the pursuit. Despite Vonreg's protests, Phasma managed to assert her authority by warning him that she was going to blow up Station Theta Black. Phasma and her remaining stormtroopers evacuated the station in a shuttle. They were accompanied by Vonreg and his wing mates. Despite the explosion, Poe and Xiono survived to warn General Leia Organa that the First Order was building weapons.[25]

Training the FN Corps[]

"While I am entirely in support of unit cohesion, General, a stormtrooper's loyalty must be higher, as you know. It must be to the First Order, not to one's comrades."
―Captain Phasma to General Armitage Hux, regarding FN-2187[12]
Phasma FN Corps training

Phasma personally oversaw the stormtrooper training of the FN Corps, including FN-2187.

Phasma herself oversaw the training of the stormtrooper FN-2187 and his FN Corps squadmates, FN-2000, FN-2003, and FN-2199. After a training simulation, Phasma noted to Hux that FN-2187 and his class had the potential at becoming the best stormtroopers the First Order had ever produced. However, she also noted that FN-2187 was potentially too empathetic, despite having trained him and his class since their induction into the First Order, after he strayed from his objective to save FN-2003 prior to completing the simulation. Phasma later expressed these concerns to FN-2187 himself, ordering him to leave those who could potentially weaken the First Order behind, speaking of FN-2003.[12]

After the previous training session, Phasma accelerated FN-2187 and his fellow cadets' training sessions, at times praising FN-2187 in front of many members of the First Order for his successes. However, Phasma once again reprimanded FN-2187 after watching his performance in a melee weapons exercise, during which the cadet once again expressed sympathy for FN-2003. Following this, Phasma sent FN-2187 and his squadmates on their first deployment to an asteroid field in the Pressylla system, giving them a short briefing in which she explained the cadets were to restore order. At the asteroid's mining facility, collectively known as Pressy's Tumble, Phasma stationed the cadets on guard duty. In the meantime, she gathered a group of stormtroopers with her and awaited to negotiate with the mining facility's miners that were on strike, whom had allegedly been riled up by infiltrating New Republic agents and had caused delays to the First Order's mining operations.[12]

Phasma FN-2187

Phasma reprimanding FN-2187 for showing sympathy to FN-2003

Once ready, Phasma called FN-2187 and the cadets to her, informing them that they would be accompanying her for the negotiations. However, immediately in response to the miner's requests, Phasma ordered FN-2187 and the rest of the cadets to open fire on the miners. FN-2187 did not fire his weapon, but the rest of the squad did so, killing all of the miners. Despite his hesitation, FN-2187 and the cadets were officially promoted to full-fledged stormtroopers, but Phasma remained disappointed in FN-2187's lack of fulfillment. Phasma decided to give FN-2187 one last chance to show his worth by choosing him to be deployed on the First Order's next mission to the Western Reaches planet of Jakku, hoping a real battle would show him what it meant to be a stormtrooper.[12]

Battle on Demir[]

"For glory! For the First Order!"
―Captain Phasma claims loyalty to the First Order[26]

Captain Phasma speaks to her troops on Demir, proclaiming them to merely be guns in her hand.

At some point, Phasma and her troops, including a trooper called KM-8713, were sent to the planet Demir in the Unknown Regions to deal with the locals. During the battle, KM-8713 helped an injured trooper called DB-7197 after an attack of a hostile spaceship. Phasma ordered KM-8713 to leave the injured trooper. When KM-8713 hesitated and a thermal detonator was thrown at them, Phasma grabbed DB-7197 and hurled him at the detonator to activate it. After that, she ordered her to meet her in her shuttle for a conversation, where she explained to her that the most important aspects of the battle are the will to survive and ambition. When KM-8713 asserted her loyalty, she promoted him to an officer and gave him the command at a base of the natives.[26]

At the next day, Phasma and her trooops were standing at the enemy's doorstep, where she emphasized that no matter what, they had to continue to fight. While KM-8713 was leading the attack, the number of casualties and wounded increased, the new officer ordered them to stay on the front, but soon realized that Phasma didn't fight with them. Shortly after Phasma commanded her to return, TIE Fighters appeared at the sky destroying both stormtroopers and enemies. KM-8713 realized that Phasma only used her troops to open up the stronghold so the TIE fighters could kill all of them. Swearing that the other troopers would get to know of her betrayal, she shot at Phasma, but her shot did not harm her. Just seconds later, Phasma killed her officer, telling her that she would be leading from where all the great leaders would do: from behind a disposable shield of patriotic idiots, that she was a survivor and KM-8713 what just another nameless gun.[26]

Assault on Jakku[]

"Sir, the villagers?"
"Kill them all."
―Phasma and Kylo Ren, concluding the assault on Tuanul — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]
Phasma Jakku village

Phasma executes the surviving villagers of Tuanul after sacking the settlement.

Under orders from Snoke, Phasma prepared an assault on Jakku to be led by Ren. The dark enforcer was on the hunt for a galaxy map that would lead to the location of the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker. Skywalker had led the Rebel Alliance in their efforts to take down the Galactic Empire 30 years prior, and destroying Skywalker was the Supreme Leader's goal in the First Order's conflict with the Resistance and, by extension, the New Republic.[4]

Prepping for their mission to the planet of Jakku, Phasma ordered the assigned stormtroopers to assemble at the docking bay. Once gathered there, Phasma provided a holographic image of their target Lor San Tekka, who was to be brought in at any cost. When asked by FN-2187 about measures to be taken to minimize and avoid casualties, Phasma clarified that there would be none, as any villagers residing there would be regarded as collaborators who knowingly aided in hiding San Tekka. Phasma then advised the troopers not to overthink it, as their belief in carrying out the First Order's objectives would be enough to bring them success.[27]

Phasma was accompanied by at least 80 stormtroopers,[28] including FN-2187 and FN-2003, to the Jakku village of Tuanul. There, the First Order sought to find San Tekka, whom they believed had found the map to Skywalker.[4]

Immediately after her stormtrooper forces touched down on the planet, a battle broke out between the First Order stormtroopers and the villagers. FN-2003, whom Phasma had commended on his latest mission to the Pressylla mining colony,[12] was killed during the assault by Dameron, which was witnessed first-hand by FN-2187.[4] After the villagers were rounded up by Phasma's forces and Dameron's X-wing starfighter was disabled, San Tekka was brought before Kylo Ren and interrogated. San Tekka, however, did not give up the location of the map and was executed by Ren, and Dameron was instead taken as prisoner. When Phasma inquired what to do with the surviving villagers, Ren ordered her to kill them all. Under Phasma's command, the surviving villagers were killed, although FN-2187 refused to fire his weapon and his conscience was awoken by the event.[4]

Phasma and Finn Finalizer

Phasma confronts FN-2187 and commanded him to submit his blaster for inspection.

Before returning to their command ship, the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer, Phasma and her forces searched the entire village for anything that could lead to the map under Ren's orders.[28] When nothing was found, her stormtroopers destroyed Dameron's X-wing and returned to the Finalizer. Once there, Phasma confronted FN-2187 and demanded he turn his blaster rifle in for inspection, as well as to report to her division for evaluation.[4] She also reprimanded the trooper for removing his helmet, which he had done so in order to vomit after witnessing the events on Jakku.[28] Phasma determined that FN-2187 ultimately needed to be reconditioned.[4]

In the meantime, Ren used the Force to probe Dameron's mind and discovered that the map to Skywalker had been hidden in Dameron's astromech droid, BB-8, which was back on Jakku. However, before FN-2187 could be reconditioned and further action could be taken by the First Order on the droid, the stormtrooper betrayed the First Order and helped the Resistance pilot escape. On the bridge of the battlecruiser, after FN-2187 and Dameron escaped, Ren determined FN-2187 had been responsible for Dameron's rescue, and Phasma noted that it had been the stormtrooper's first offense against the Order. Despite the First Order's efforts to pursue the treacherous stormtrooper and locate the droid, they escaped from Jakku with the aid of a scavenger on board the light freighter known as the Millennium Falcon.[4]

A galactic war[]

Battle of Starkiller Base[]

"You can't be so stupid as to think this will be easy. My troops will storm this block and kill you all. Whatever you're planning, it won't work."
―Phasma, to Finn, after disabling Starkiller Base's shields[28]
Phasma patrols Starkiller

Phasma patrols Starkiller Base moments before she is taken captive and forced to bring down the superweapon's planetary shield.

Following the initial failure to retrieve the droid from Jakku, Snoke approved Hux's recommendation of putting the Starkiller superweapon to use against the New Republic. Phasma, along with the might of the military force stationed on Starkiller Base, gathered for a speech to be delivered by Hux prior to the weapon's activation. Phasma stood at attention behind Hux during his speech, in which the impassioned general commended the First Order on their success in building such a massive superweapon. Phasma, along with the rest of the present First Order, then witnessed the activation of Starkiller Base for the first time as it fired its dark energy quintessence beams through hyperspace and reached halfway across the galaxy, successfully destroying the entire Hosnian system, including the New Republic's capital, Hosnian Prime, the senate, and a majority of its fleet.[4]

Afterward, the First Order received word that BB-8 was on Takodana, inside the castle of the pirate Maz Kanata. Kylo Ren led an attack that, although failed to capture the droid, led to the capture of Rey, who also had knowledge of the map to Skywalker. This led FN-2187, who had renounced his designation and now went by "Finn," to seek a way to return to Starkiller Base and free his friend. Along with the famed smuggler Han Solo and the Wookiee Chewbacca, Finn successfully infiltrated Starkiller Base and sought out Phasma to bring down the base's planetary shield. In addition to rescuing Rey, Finn, and Solo sought to make way for a resistance attack on the First Order superweapon.[4] While Phasma diligently patrolled the areas of Starkiller Base under her command,[11] Chewbacca tackled the stormtrooper captain and brought her before Finn and Solo.[4]

Phasma captured by main heroes

Phasma is captured by the base's infiltrators.

Finn taunted Phasma during her capture, expressly telling her that he was now in command.[4] When ordered to lead the group to the shield control room, Phasma initially refused, but she was convinced by having Chewbacca threaten to crush her within her armor and Finn threaten to shoot her at close range.[28] As Phasma and the group made their way to the control room, the captain realized that Starkiller's architects had never considered being infiltrated and had little security.[27] Once at the shield console, Phasma attempted one last time to thwart Finn's efforts by stating she needed a second officer to bring down the shield, a bluff which Solo called her on. When that failed,[28] Phasma reluctantly took down the shields with blasters raised at her head. She believed the group to be completely delusional, assuring them that her stormtroopers would kill them all and put a stop to their plans,[4] to which the captain was still oblivious.[28]

Phasma trash compactor

Phasma is thrown into a garbage compactor by Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn.

However, instead of killing Phasma, Solo asked Finn—who had worked in sanitation on the base as a cadet[12]—if the base had a trash compactor, to which Finn replied that it did.[4] Once the trio blasted the consoles in the room beyond repair, they dumped Phasma down a chute into Starkiller Base's sewage system.[27] Ultimately, what Phasma assumed was impossible proved to be true; bringing down the planetary shields allowed Resistance forces to attack Starkiller Base and—with extra help from the saboteurs—destroy its thermal oscillator, crippling the superweapon and causing the icy planet that hosted it to collapse upon itself.[4]

Escaping Starkiller Base[]

"Now we complete our mission. To hunt and kill the traitor that allowed Starkiller Base to be destroyed…Lieutenant Sol Rivas."
―Captain Phasma, lying to TN-3465[29]
Hunt for Rivas

Phasma framed Rivas for the destruction of Starkiller Base.

However, Phasma did not stay in her prison for long. Having managed to set herself free by using an anti-armor acidic compound to dissolve the door of the compactor,[30] she returned to the console she had used to lower the shields to erase all traces of her treason. Upon realizing that Lieutenant Sol Rivas had accessed the very same computer mere minutes before her, Phasma decided to frame him. Spotting her scapegoat on Level Two, the captain attempted to shoot him at a distance, but missed due to the many explosions throughout Starkiller Base.[29]

While pursuing her quarry, Phasma caught sight of Kylo Ren in lightsaber combat with an unknown assailant in the southeast woods. She took aim at Ren's opponent, but before she could pull the trigger, a chasm created by the disintegrating planet occurred beneath her feet. She narrowly avoided falling in and so had to make a leap for the other side.[29]

Phasma followed Rivas to an auxiliary hangar but was unable to stop the lieutenant from escaping in a TIE/fo space superiority fighter. At the auxiliary hangar, Phasma enlisted the TIE fighter pilot TN-3465 and the BB unit BB-K8 in the pursuit of Rivas. The three escaped Starkiller Base on a TIE/sf space superiority fighter moments before the planet exploded from the stored stellar energy.[29]

Once in space, Phasma started recording notes on the final moments of Starkiller Base, rewriting history in her own favor.[29]

Landing on Luprora[]

"He was here. He headed out on foot, but there's evidence of a fight here. A creature of some kind, not human."
―Captain Phasma, discovering that Rivas had been taken prisoner by the R'ora[31]

While TN-3465 flew the fighter, Phasma manned the starfighter's laser cannons but was unable to shoot Rivas' fighter down since BB-K8 had not yet finished repairing the ship's weaponry. After kicking BB-K8 in frustration, Phasma ordered TN-3465 to keep a distance from Rivas. Shortly later, Rivas' TIE/fo fighter ran out of fuel and landed on the remote rocky, oceanic world of Luprora. After landing their TIE/sf fighter, Phasma ordered TN-3465 to carry BB-K8 with straps due to the droid having difficulties navigating the terrain. Next, Phasma and her team tracked down Rivas' stolen fighter. They discovered evidence of a fight and noticed that whatever had captured him was not human. As a precaution, Phasma disabled Rivas' fighter's communications, navigation, and distress beacon to prevent him calling for help.[31]

Phasma and TN-3465 discovered an abandoned dwelling where they changed into civilian clothes. While TN-3465 adopted the nickname "Pilot," Phasma donned a helmet and called herself "Captain." After spotting a nearby village with her blaster rifle gunsight, the three waded through a lake. However, the group were attacked by a Tsw'ells, a giant tentacled monster. The creature dragged Phasma underwater with its tentacles but the captain was able to kill it with a knife. The trio were then greeted by members of a humanoid species called the Lupr'or.[31]

Phasma was able to understand the locals, who spoke a variation of Lupre'en. The First Order visitors were brought before Jair'i, the leader of the Lupr'or peoples, who was impressed by Phasma's valor against the Tsw'ells. From Jair'i, Phasma learnt that the Lupr'or were the descendants of offworld migrants who shunned technology in favor of a primitive lifestyle based on farming and fishing. However, they had lost most of their lands due to rising sea levels and a deteriorating climate. The Lupr'or lived in terror from the Tsw'ells as well as other terrible sea monsters and an aquatic people known as the R'ora.[31]

Jair'i also told Phasma and her team that Rivas had been taken captive by the R'ora. However, Phasma was unwilling to abandon her mission of eliminating Rivas. In response, Jair'i sent his guide Dar'en to show Phasma and TN-3465 the R'ora stronghold in an attempt to convince them of the impossibility of their mission. While examining the site, Phasma discovered that the water in the lake was less salty and learnt from Dar'en that the Tsw'ells slept at dawn. Despite the odds against them, Phasma was determined to continue with her mission.[32]

Mission impossible[]

"I will lead you to victory. I have been sent here to lead you to this victory."
"Ph'asma! Ph'asma! Ph'asma! Ph'asma!"
―Captain Phasma rallying the Lupr'or to attack the R'ora stronghold[32]

The Lupr'or, a humanoid species that had colonized Luprora

Returning to the Lupr'or village, Phasma questioned a young Lupr'or girl about where she got her necklace. The girl brought Phasma, TN-3465, and Dar'en to her great-grandmother Ali'ane, the oldest Lupr'or in the village. She told Phasma and her great granddaughter that the necklace came from an abandoned Lupr'or ship, which the Lupr'or regarded as forbidden and as a "soul killer." The girl agreed to show Phasma and her companions the way to the ship in return for not telling her great-grandmother.[32]

Guided by the Lupr'or girl, Phasma along with TN-3465 and Dar'en climbed a high mountain to where a Lupr'or starship rested on the summit. In order to salvage the technology aboard, Phasma and her team returned to the village to recruit the villagers. Captain Phasma managed to impress the villagers by donning her armor and blaster rifle. She claimed that she had been sent to lead them to victory. Since the Lupr'or were facing extinction, she urged them to take up arms and use the technology their ancestors had built. Under her leadership, the villagers salvaged several generators from the abandoned ship.[32]

While assembling the generators, Phasma briefed TN-3465 about her plan to kill the tsw'ells surrounding the R'ora stronghold by using generators to electrocute the water. Phasma told TN-3465 that the Lupr'or assault on the R'ora stronghold was a distraction that would allow them to hunt and eliminate Rivas. When TN-3465 complimented Phasma for her oratory skills, the captain responded that she was merely using them as cannon fodder.[32]

Confronting Rivas[]

"I can't confess! I didn't do anything... It was you. You lowered the shields. You're responsible for the destruction of Starkiller Base. Y-you can't pin this on me."
―Sol Rivas confronting Captain Phasma for her malfeasance[33]

Phasma pretended to help the Lupr'or in their fight against the indigenous R'ora in order to reach Rivas

Three days later, Captain Phasma led the Lupr'or assault. After electrocuting the tsw'ells in the lake, Phasma, TN-3465 and the Lupr'or rowed across the lake. While climbing the cliffs beneath the R'ora stronghold, Phasma briefly experienced a flashback of climbing on Parnassos with Torben, Frey, and Siv, causing her to mistakenly refer to TN-3465 as Siv. When TN-3465 asked who Siv was, Phasma said that she was someone who was no longer of concern to her and told TN-3465 to move faster.[32]

At the top of the cliff, Phasma and TN-3465 looked down as the R'ora gathered to meet their assault. Phasma and TN-3465 plunged into battle with the R'ora but were quickly overwhelmed. Fortunately for them, the Lupr'or force joined the battle. While the two armies raged, Phasma and TN-3465 headed towards the tower at the middle of the R'ora stronghold. While Phasma went inside to confront Rivas, she told TN-3465 to keep watch over their exit. When TN-3465 asked about the battle, she reminded her that they were here for Rivas only.[32]

Inside the tower, Phasma encountered a bruised Rivas, who had sustained a black eye and several scratches. He pretended to be overjoyed to see her and tried to get her to free him from his shackles. Phasma demanded that Rivas confess to having caused Starkiller Base's destruction. However, Rivas instead pointed out that she was the one who had lowered the shields, making her responsible for the superweapon's destruction. Rivas pleaded for Phasma to spare his life in return for keeping her secret. To cover up her malfeasance, Phasma instead executed Rivas with her blaster.[33]

However, Rivas' execution was witnessed by a horrified TN-3465. When Phasma resurfaced, TN-3465 claimed that she had been fighting a group of R'ora to keep their exit clear. When she tried to feign concern for the Lupr'or, Phasma dismissed her former allies as colonists who were trying to take Luprora from its indigenous population. She also argued that the Lupr'or were unsuitable to the planet's evolution and that their intervention had merely advanced the species' imminent extinction. With the sea levels rising, Phasma believed that the Lupr'or would be supplanted by the R'ora, who were more capable underwater.[33]

Eliminating loose ends[]

"All this time we've spent together, have you really learned nothing? I'm a survivor. No matter what the cost. Today the costs is loose ends."
"What loose end? I'm not a loose end!"
―Phasma, before killing TN-3465[33]

BB-K8, whom Phasma destroyed to hide her role in Starkiller Base's destruction

Returning to their TIE/sf fighter, Phasma ordered TN-3465 to ready the ship. While watching the sea engulf the Lupr'or, she fired upon BB-K8 with her blaster, disintegrating the droid. Phasma then ordered a shocked TN-3465 to raise her hands and turn around. When TN-3465 feigned ignorance, Phasma countered that the younger woman had not realized that she was a survivor who was determined to eliminate all loose ends. TN-3465 said that she had no way of threatening her, but Phasma was unconcerned and shot her in the chest with her blaster.[33]

While laying TN-3465 down, Phasma reassured the dying pilot that she had given her a quick death but that one loose end was too many. Before traveling back to join the First Order fleet, Phasma filed a report claiming that she had delivered justice to Rivas for his alleged "treason." Phasma also alleged that TN-3465 and BB-K8 had perished during the course of the mission. Arriving aboard the Finalizer, Phasma landed her TIE/sf fighter and reported to General Hux.[33]

When Hux asked why she had ignored protocol, Phasma reassured him that her recorded notes from her journey were being downloaded from the fighter. Phasma then informed Hux that she had personally hunted down and eliminated the "traitor" Rivas for lowering Starkiller Base's shields. Satisfied, Hux allowed Phasma to return to her division following a full debrief. Unaware of Phasma's true loyalties and motivations, Hux remarked that even an exploding planet could not impede her devotion to the First Order. Phasma then observed the gathering First Order Navy.[33]

Battle of Castilon[]

At some point around this time, Phasma contacted Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny and ordered them to destroy the Colossus to keep it out of the hands of the Resistance's leader General Leia Organa. She warned them that the consequences of failure would be their execution, which she would personally oversee.[34]

Service aboard the Supremacy and death[]

"You were always disobedient. Disrespectful. Your emotions make you weak."
―Phasma, to Finn during their confrontation[35]

Phasma later commanded troopers aboard Snoke's command ship, the Supremacy. She stood in one of the hangars as the Supremacy destroyed the Resistance medical frigate Anodyne, during which she issued an order to her second-in-command, ordering him to maintain high alert.[35]

Later, Phasma was notified by BB-9E that there was a suspicious group of individuals in a nearby section of the ship. She led a squad of stormtroopers and officers to the location of hacking, where Finn, Rose Tico, and DJ were about to sabotage. She welcomed Finn back as she and the squad surrounded the rebels.[36]

Captain Phasma Stormtrooper Leader SWD

Phasma preparing to battle Finn aboard the Supremacy.

Phasma held both Finn and Rose in the hangar bay of the ship, revealing to them that their accomplice DJ had traded information with the First Order that allowed the escaping shuttles from the Raddus to be targeted and destroyed. Phasma brought out executioner troopers, believing that death by blaster was too painless. She was about to order their execution when the harbor bay suddenly exploded in light and fire, killing most of the personnel stationed in the hangar.[36]

During the aftermath of the Supremacy being split by Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo sending the Raddus into hyperspace at the ship, Phasma recovered, marching through the flames with a squad of stormtroopers, blocking the two rebels' way to the Xi-class light shuttle. Finally giving up on the executioners, she and her soldiers drew a bead on the rebels. But before they could open fire, suddenly, an AT-ST piloted by BB-8 began attacking them.[36]


Phasma stares at Finn hatefully moments before falling to her death aboard the Supremacy.

While her stormtroopers were preoccupied by the rogue walker, Phasma confronted Finn, calling him a "bug in the system." Finn attacked her with a Z6 riot control baton, and after a short duel, Phasma knocked Finn into an open pit to his apparent death. Turning her attention to Rose, Phasma fired at her with her blaster, pinning the Resistance mechanic down, only for Finn to reappear on an elevator which occupied the open pit, and delivered a debilitating blow to Phasma's helmet, knocking her to the floor and rendering one of her eyes visible through the damaged helmet. Phasma glared at Finn and told him that he was "always scum," to which he proudly replied that he was "rebel scum," before the floor beneath her gave way, sending the captain plummeting[36] to her death[3] into the burning remains of the ship's interior.[36]


"She's dead now, you know. Phasma is gone."
"I don't think Phasma can die."
―Vi Moradi and Siv, en route to Batuu[37]

Some time after the Battle of Crait, Vi Moradi returned to Parnassos to retrieve Siv and Torbi as she'd promised. Upon informing them of Phasma's death, Siv was skeptical of her fate.[37]

By 35 ABY,[38] General Amret Engell of First Order High Command had taken over Phasma's responsibilities and commanded a large portion of Hux's stormtrooper training program.[3] Engell succeeded in doubling recruitment in that time.[39]

While escaping from the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Steadfast with Chewbacca and Poe Dameron with the aid of General Hux, who had betrayed the First Order to ensure Supreme Leader Kylo Ren's defeat, Finn reflected that he didn't enjoy killing Phasma or anyone else when Hux asked him to shoot his arm to make it look they had coerced him to help them escape.[39]

Personality and traits[]

"Because it makes it clear that you can't win against Phasma. Not you. Not anyone. No one will go as far as she will to survive."
Vi Moradi, to Captain Cardinal[1]

Phasma helmetless

Phasma was a human female[1] who stood at 2.0 meters tall.[5] She had pale skin, blue eyes, and soft gold hair. Cardinal regarded her as "deadly attractive." While she was a member of the Scyre clan, she had dark green stripes painted under her eyes. Phasma was a fearsome and skilled warrior who excelled as a military leader and trainer.[1]


From a young age, Phasma only cared for her own survival and was even willing to betray her own family and clan. However, Phasma spared her older brother Keldo, whom she looked up to for his intelligence and leadership. While Keldo led the Scyre clan, Phasma commanded the tribe's warriors. Their relationship soured after Keldo refused to support Phasma's plan to eliminate the rival Claw clan and instead signed a peace treaty with them. Phasma later broke with Keldo after he refused to support her plan to help Brendol reach his ship in return for a better life offworld.[1]

While Phasma had a loyal band of warriors, one of her underlings Siv came to doubt Phasma's leadership due to her willingness to break a truce and murder Balder, defy her brother Keldo, and abandon her tribe. Phasma eventually abandoned Siv after the latter disobeyed her order to execute the enemy gladiator Wranderous. Phasma's determination to seek a better life offworld from her barren homeworld of Parnassos led her to travel through the radioactive dead lands and to kill members of her clan, including Keldo.[1]

First Order[]

"I am no coward. I am not afraid to do what needs doing. Nor am I fool or a zealot. I do not lead from the front. I lead as all great leaders do…from behind a disposable shield of patriotic idiots."
―Phasma to KM-8713[26]
Captain Phasma 3 Textless

Phasma was only outwardly loyal to the First Order.

After joining the First Order, Phasma professed outward loyalty to the First Order.[1] She believed that a stormtrooper's loyalty was only to be given to the First Order as a whole, not to any group or individual. Phasma saw herself and her stormtrooper divisions as extensions of the will of Supreme Leader Snoke and looked down on sympathy in her ranks.[12] Phasma, privately, also believed that the meddling of politics ultimately led to ineffective ranks among the past stormtroopers of the former Galactic Empire, and sought to ensure herself that only the best soldiers were worthy of joining the stormtrooper ranks.[11] She believed that the First Order was stronger than the Empire, and was proud of the crucible of tests she and her compatriots endured to achieve that strength. Phasma disapproved of Terex's indulgences, which included keeping alien slaves and drinking Wookiee-brewed brandy with Kessel spice.[13]

However, in spite of her outward loyalty to the First Order and to her unit, she in truth had zero loyalty to anyone except for herself, and her past was wrought with betraying anyone that placed trust in her, including her own family and clan.[1] As such, she was perfectly willing to exploit her reputation as the "mother" of the Stormtrooper Corps of the First Order to ensure her own survival,[29] and she used her knowledge of memorizing all of the serial numbers of the stormtroopers under her direct command to know which ones she should eliminate in the future.[11][1]

Captain Cardinal even speculated before his disappearance that, once the First Order's aims differed from Phasma's own aims, she would not hesitate to betray the organization.[1] This was best demonstrated with the destruction of Starkiller Base, where she proceeded to not only deactivate Starkiller's shields before then—though she doubted the Resistance's chances of success[4]—but also promptly proceeded to kill anyone who might have deduced her to be the one responsible,[33] and even framed another officer, Lieutenant Rivas, for the deed.[29]

Captain Phasma was also a skilled orator who was able to manipulate the Lupr'or colonists on Luprora into attacking the aggressive indigenous R'ora species in order to fight for their survival as a species. In private, Phasma regarded her Lupr'or followers as cannon fodder who would enable her to distract the R'ora so that she could eliminate Rivas, whom the R'ora were holding captive.[32] Phasma also despised the Lupr'or as colonists who were trying to supplant the indigenous R'ora. She also believed that the Lupr'or were unsuitable to Luprora's evolution since they were unable to adapt to the rising sea levels unlike the aquatic R'ora.[33]

Caring only for herself, Phasma regarded the TIE fighter pilot TN-3465 and the BB unit BB-K8 as instruments during her campaign to hunt down and kill Rivas in order to hide her secret role in lowering Starkiller Base's defenses. After eliminating Rivas, Phasma eliminated TN-3465 and BB-K8 in order to eliminate any lose ends. By presenting herself as a diligent member of the First Order who had eliminated a traitor, Phasma was able to avoid arousing General Hux's suspicion. Unaware that Phasma was primarily a survivor, Hux wrongfully believed that Phasma was wholly committed to the First Order even in the midst of crises.[33]

Captainphasma-2-wijngaardvariant textless

Phasma was a skilled and ruthless warrior.

If there was one thing that Phasma valued over survival, it was possibly revenge. She wanted to make Finn pay for forcing her to participate in Starkiller Base's destruction.[40] She took the young stormtrooper's defection as a personal insult and felt humiliated due to their encounter on Starkiller Base.[10] Phasma could not resist a faux-greeting to Finn upon his capture about the Supremacy. When the time came for the traitor's execution, she wanted to see him feel the pain and terror of the BL-155 Laser ax before the beheading.[36]

Kylo Ren noted that despite the fact Phasma usually sided with Hux, he was glad that she hadn't met her demise on Starkiller. He also noted that if the rumors about her being thrown into a trash compactor by saboteurs on Starkiller were true, a trash compactor would have never ended the career of a soldier of Phasma's stature.[41] Her death would leave a void in the First Order in terms of who would recruit new personnel, only for Amret Engell to fill that hole and excel in it.[42]

Skills and abilities[]

Ruthless Tactics EaW

Phasma was ruthless in executing her duties

As the military leader of the Scyre clan, Phasma was a skilled warrior who slew numerous foes. She was also a fearsome military leader who commanded her clan's warriors. Phasma was shaped by the harsh environment of her barren homeworld of Parnassos, where there was little to eat and constant fighting for limited resources. Phasma's martial prowess and leadership led General Brendol Hux to recruit her into the First Order.[1]

The captain considered herself a perfectionist and kept herself in peak physical shape. She routinely walked dozens of kilometers while on patrol on Starkiller Base in any typical day and was an expert in combat, particularly with all First Order small arms. Phasma also always insisted on fighting alongside her stormtroopers on the forefront instead of remaining in the comfort that could have come with her elevated rank.[11] As well, Phasma took it upon herself to memorize all of the serial numbers of the stormtroopers under her direct command,[11] such as FN-2187.[4] Terex complimented her on always being accurate to a fault.[14]


"Even a Wookiee can't crush First Order armor."
―Phasma in response to threats from Chewbacca[28]

Captain Phasma, in her chromium armor, carried a customized F-11D blaster rifle.

As the Scyre military leader, Phasma wore a rust-read war mask made of hardened pinniped skin painted with black slashes and surrounded by scavenged feathers and fur. The eyeholes were covered with fine mesh, giving her mask a monstrous appearance. Her gloves and boots were tipped with climbing claws which also gave her an edge in combat. She also wore leather and spikes. Phasma also laced her knives with a toxic lichen. While accompanying Brendol on his journey to his ship, Phasma also donned stormtrooper armor.[1]

Phasma wore armor coated in chromium salvaged from a Naboo yacht once owned by the Galactic Empire's Emperor Palpatine. Its polished finish helped reflect harmful radiation and was capable of deflecting weak blaster bolts but couldn't hold against a hit from a riot baton, although the chromium served primarily as a symbol of past power. Phasma also believed that stormtrooper armor provided anonymity to an individual's gender, paying little heed to the antiquated belief that female stormtroopers were something new.[11]

Phasma also wore a traditional First Order command armorweave cape in black and red, the colors of the First Order. Her primary weapon, a personalised Sonn-Blas F-11D blaster rifle, was also polished in chromium.[11] She was also known to wield a command staff and a sliver backup SE-44C blaster pistol, again also with a chromium finish, which she used in her duel with Finn aboard the Supremacy.[36]

Behind the scenes[]

"She's Star Wars' first female villain. It's incredible, it's timely, and I'm very proud to be a part of it."
―Gwendoline Christie on her portrayal of Phasma[43]

Gwendoline Christie portrays Phasma, the first leading female villain in a live-action theatrical Star Wars film.

Phasma was portrayed by Gwendoline Christie in the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.[4] The character was originally intended to be played by a male actor, but Christie was cast in response to internet backlash against a perceived lack of female cast members.[44] Phasma became the first leading female villain for the Star Wars theatrical film franchise,[43] as well as the third female villain in live-action Star Wars films overall after Charal in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor and Zam Wesell in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. According to J.J. Abrams, Phasma was named after the Phantasm horror film franchise, due to her armor's reflective chrome status resembling that of the Tall Man's spheres.[45] President of Lucasfilm Ltd. Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that Christie was slated to reprise the role of Phasma in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, which was released in 2017.[46][47] Later reports confirmed that the Phasma character would be back in a "bigger role," which Christie expressing that she hoped that the role would lead to more opportunities for other women like her in such films.[48] In her own words, she "campaigned hard" to be in The Force Awakens; the role interested her due to Phasma being a female character who was defined by her actions rather than her flesh. Christie was pleased that Phasma wore armor which wasn't sexualized and that her face was never revealed, which she felt was a modern and exciting concept.[49] She has called Phasma a very progressive female character, which she believes is a large part of her appeal to fans.[43]

The character of Phasma was first revealed in the second teaser trailer for The Force Awakens on April 16, 2015.[50] Phasma's costume was created by Michael Kaplan, who felt it would be a good idea to have the character in silver armor.[51] He initially intended the silver armor for Kylo Ren, whom he pitched as "Lord of the Stormtroopers." Abrams felt the costume design was wrong for Ren, and the artwork remained pinned to the costume department's wall until Kathleen Kennedy saw it and decided to use it for Phasma.[52] Dermot Power created some of the concept art for Phasma, which was featured in the reference book The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens as "Stormtrooper Cloak Front Red Stripe."[53] The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams stated the costume design reminded him of the 1979 horror film Phantasm, in which the antagonist used a murderous silver sphere as his weapon, and as such believed it sounded "really cool" to name the character Phasma.[54] Phasma has been compared to the bounty hunter Boba Fett, of the Star Wars original trilogy, for appearing as an armored and masked villain in a supporting role.[43][46]

For Phasma's role in The Last Jedi, Christie and director Rian Johnson discussed the character, exchanging ideas.[55] In fact, Phasma was originally meant to not be part of the film's story, as she was supposedly killed-off in The Force Awakens, but Marvel Comics' comic book series Star Wars: Captain Phasma brought her back in order to use her in the film. Johnson originally wrote a line for Finn's battle with Phasma in which Phasma was to reveal that she spent three weeks in the Starkiller Base's trash bin, so Finn was to ask her how she ate, but the line was cut because it would have been impossible as the base exploded the same day in which Phasma was thrown into the garbage.[56] Daisy Ridley suggested the idea of Phasma's eye being exposed by her fight with Finn in the film, and Johnson agreed, feeling it would be disturbing to show that someone as cruel as Phasma was actually physically beautiful. Costume designer Michael Kaplan originally wanted to take off Phasma's entire helmet, but Johnson insisted to only show Phasma's eye, stating that Phasma's face was showing too much, needing to be mysterious.[57]

The duel between Phasma and Finn was to originally end differently: Finn ended up revealing in front of her surviving stormtrooper escort that Phasma "squealed like a whoop hog" about the base defenses for Starkiller Base, thus making her responsible for the base's destruction. The stormtroopers show doubt in their Captain when confronted with evidence of her treason, causing her to kill them, while Finn capitalized on the distraction by cutting her hand off. Phasma would have met her end when Finn blasted her with one of the stormtroopers blasters after the "scum" exchange between the two.[58] Despite the character's death, Johnson, Kaplan, Mark Hamill and Christie implied the possibility that Phasma might have survived her duel with Finn and could return in Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, with Johnson jokingly adding that "Phasma is the Kenny from South Park of this series."[59] However, Christie then began to worry about not being able to explore Phasma's backstory in the ninth installment given the strong possibility that Phasma would not return.[60] The casting list for Episode IX released on July 27, 2018 didn't report Christie as returning.[61]

In an interview conducted with J.J. Abrams regarding The Rise of Skywalker, Abrams was asked what the most surprising thing Johnson did in the The Last Jedi. Abrams responded by stating "No one wants a character to die, and yet, I know that when we had Kylo Ren kill Han Solo, that was done because Harrison always knew that there needed to be utility for the character, and he had famously always wanted Han to die and serve that purpose. But it felt like this was a way to begin to define Kylo Ren, not just a way to kill a character. So I can see why Rian chose to do that with some of these characters. But I guess for me the biggest surprise, weirdly, was Phasma dying the way she did."[62]

Ellen Dubin voices Phasma in the LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises series.[63]

Captain Phasma was introduced as a playable character of the same name in the 2015 mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2015, which features characters and ships from both the canon and Legends continuities.[64]


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