Phelar Port was a spaceport located in the city of Phelar, on the planet Eriadu situated alongside the Phelar Floe. It contained the Eriadu Planetary Security Launchport and the main facilities of Eriadu Manufacturing. Phelar Port was the most notable spaceport on Eriadu and in the entirety of the Seswenna sector. Like most inhabited regions of Eriadu, Phelar Port was a gloomy, heavily industrialized region that featured blocky, utilitarian architecture and buildings.[1]

Having been a popular transportation hub for centuries, Phelar Port saw increased recognition and fortune in the last decades of the Galactic Republic due to the rise of Trade Federation, Corporate Alliance, military, smuggler, and private venture traffic in the region. Although crime rates began to increase at the Port, the EPS's presence helped keep individuals in line. The Jedi Order established a starfighter base at this port, hoping to bolster security in the Seswenna sector. The spaceport was administrated by the Republic Navy and heavy policed by soldiers of the Republic, until the rise of the Galactic Empire which saw stormtroopers replace Republic soldiers.[1]

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