Rings of Phelbos

The rings of Phelbos

Phelbos was a celestial body in the galaxy surrounded by several rings[1] of asteroids.[2] Vizsla Keep 09, a military installation constructed and utilized by the[1] Mandalorian terrorist group[3] Death Watch, was hidden in the rings of Phelbos during the Clone Wars.[1]

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Phelbos was first mentioned in the Databank entry for Vizsla Keep 09, which went up[1] after the Keep appeared in[4] the third episode of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels' third season, "The Holocrons of Fate,"[5] which aired on October 1, 2016, on Disney XD.[6] While Phelbos itself has yet to be shown, its asteroid rings appeared in the third issue of the comic series Star Wars: Darth Maul—Son of Dathomir,[2] released on July 16, 2014,[7] as well as "The Holocrons of Fate."[4]


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