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Phemis was a backwater planet in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy, within the Corellian sector. Phemis was the only planet where rubat crystals, a type of kyber crystal, could be found. The crystal was historically used by the Jedi Order to craft lightsabers during the Old Republic. Phemis was only sparsely inhabited, due to its harsh terrain. Overall, the planet only had a population of approximately ten thousand, largely made up of mining settlements and a military garrison.

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A trio of Force-sensitives make their stand on Phemis.

Phemis was first discovered by Corellian explorers early in the history of the Old Republic. However, the Jedi Order had long mined the region for rubat crystals, and had the Senate declare the crystals a protected resource, limiting future colonization and mining efforts. During the age of the Galactic Empire, the ban was reaffirmed and possession of the crystals was made illegal, but not because of the Jedi.[2]



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