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"They say that Zeltrons have these pheromones, like, we radiate something—a smell or a feeling that makes people like us. I mean, more than we're already likable."
Lorica Demaris[src]

Pheromones were substances exuded by some life forms that could influence the behavior of others. The Zeltrons secreted soothing pheromones that also made people find them likable or attractive.[1] The Falleen used theirs to attract mates for sex.[2] Dor Namethians could exert pheromones at will that could have a powerful influence in helping them to extract information from individuals. Extended use, however, was rather exhausting. There were several species which were entirely unaffected by these pheromones, including the Gamorreans. They also had a powerful sense of smell that allowed them to detect the pheromones of others.[3] The Nautolans of Glee Anselm used pheromones to add meaning to their spoken language.[4]



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