Phibes was a man who served the Galactic Empire as an engineer during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Phibes served in the Imperial Corrections Service aboard the Imperial prison barge Purge and was aboard it in 1 BBY when the barge broke down while en route to the detainment moon Gradient Seven. Phibes was selected to be part of a boarding party that was to travel from the Purge to the nearby abandoned Star Destroyer Vector, to search for spare parts to try and repair the barge with. The team was led by Jareth Sartoris and it made it's way onto the Star Destroyer through a docking shaft. They then split into two, which Phibes going off with a group under the command of the Imperial Corrections Officer Armitage, along with his fellow engineer Quatermass and a pair of stormtroopers. However, Phibes and the rest of the team contracted a virus that had infected the Star Destroyer, and died.


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