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Phoenix was a BFF-1 bulk freighter that bore a load of communications satellites, stolen from the Imperial base on Orron III.

The Imperials attempted to recover the satellites, sending a force of shuttles and transports to capture the fleeing freighter. However, the Rebel Alliance, worried about the rumors concerning a new Imperial secret project, planned to capture some of the Empire's own communication satellites to help them intercept transmissions and dispatched the shuttle Wilsey escorted by Keyan Farlander in a BTL Y-wing starfighter to capture the freighter.

Farlander defeated the Imperial forces, allowing the Wilsey to board and capture the Phoenix. The Phoenix escaped into hyperspace shortly before the arrival of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Intrepid.

A week later, Phoenix was due to be recovered by the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Maximus in a quiet sector, away from Imperial interests. However, when the Maximus was delayed, Farlander was sent in a lone R-22 Spearhead to protect the Phoenix until the Maximus arrived. When Farlander emerged from hyperspace, he was surprised to discover the Intrepid in the area, already launching TIE starfighters against the Phoenix. Coming under immediate attack, Farlander fought off the TIEs until the Maximus arrived with the freighter Ojai. The Maximus launched X-wings from Blue Squadron but the Intrepid fled quickly leading the Rebels to wonder if it was suffering from a shortage of pilots or starfighters. The Ojai then docked with the Phoenix to recover the satellites.

The satellites were later deployed by the CR90 corvette Jeffrey and proved essential in discovering the Death Star I project, intercepting an Imperial transmission and relaying it to the Rebel outpost AX-235.



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