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Phu was a world inhabited by the Phuii species of aliens.[5][3] It was located in the Colonies,[1] near the Aur system.[6] Phu was a planet famous for its gambling industry.[7]


"I am here to… a recent incident in the Phu system. We are still analyzing the data from the attack, but we can confirm that General Ares Nune's task force did encounter enemy forces on patrol."
A Republic admiral[src]

Phu was colonized millennia ago by the Bardottans of Bardotta.[3] Bardottans from Phu were known as Phuii.[5] They were known to be not as secretive or isolationist as those from the species’ homeworld.[3] Phu was the homeworld of podracer pilots Mars Guo[8] and Chros-filik.[9]

The planet remained neutral during the Clone Wars.[10] During the Clone Wars, a Republic fleet, under command of Phuii Jedi General Ares Nune, was patrolling the system when it was attacked and destroyed by the Confederate superweapon Malevolence.[11]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the revised first draft of The Phantom Menace this planet was called Ophuchi, a name dating back to the earliest incarnations of the script to the original movie. The name "Phu" was created by deleting a few letters.[12]

The planet Phu was originally created as the Phuii species homeworld.[5] However, after the release of The Clone Wars TV series, Phuii were eventually identified as Bardottans and Phu retconned as a colony of Bardotta.[3]



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