Phyrstal Island

A map of Phyrstal Island.

Located 40 to 50 meters away from the resort city of Le Yer on the planet Abregado-rae, Phyrstal Island was a small part of land known for its population comprised mostly of eccentric artists and entertainers. It had approximately 3000 residents. It was home to numerous establishments such as the Lost Loves Casino, the Starlight Theater, and Njinska's Tavern. It was once a popular resort/amusement park area, but fell on hard times and ended up as run-down and seedy.

The waters near Phyrstal island were known to be home to pirates which would raid stray ships or yachts. Visitors could use a Hydrobike to get to the island, and there was also a ferry that left every morning from Le Yer which was considered safer. Once there, one could visit one of the numerous pawn shops, gift shops, and restaurants.


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