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Picutorion was a planet which rebelled against the Galactic Empire during the Kwymar Suppressions.

Stormtrooper Sergeant Major Beilert Valance was involved in the Imperial assault on the world, which forced the Rebels to evacuate. Commodore Bevven was stationed on the planet and in charge of the TIE Fighters used in the attack; the ground forces were commanded by High Colonel Theol Drost.

Imperial Security Bureau Agent Mar Barezz recommended to Drost and Bevven to sacrifice Captain Ganig and Sergeant Stecker in the assault, since both men were suspected Rebel sympathizers, despite being heroes of the Battle of Sagma.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The Hunt Within: Valance's Tale unequivocally placed the planet Picutorion in Kwymar sector, but a Senex Lord named Vensell Picutorion appears in Children of the Jedi, suggesting that Barbara Hambly might have intended the planet to be in Senex sector.

Since Kwymar and Picutorion are shown on opposite sides of the galaxy on recent maps, possibly explanations for the paradox would include the family giving their name to the distant planet, or originating there before moving to Senex.



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