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==External links==
[[Category:Dulok food]]
[[Category:Dulok food]]

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A piece of pie stolen from a spacer


Teek overindulges on pie.

"Look what we've been picking. We can make a pie."
Cindel Towani, to Noa Briqualon[src]

Pie was a general term for a variety of foodstuffs.

Pie was normally a disc-shaped baked good, which could be classed as a main course or a dessert based on its content.

In 1 ABY, a spacer on Tatooine embarked on a quest to kill a number of Tusken Raiders after they stole his pie. This type of pie was not explicitly named, but strongly resembled a food called air cake.[1]

Ewoks were known to partake of several different types of pie.[2][3][4]

Super Star Destroyers were sometimes referred to as "pie-shaped."[5]

Throughout the galaxy, there were many different types of pie:



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