"The Alliance is bleeding systems... the ones who sit out the war or who actively join the Empire! We need a decisive move to achieve victory while we still can!"
―Piers Petan[src]

Piers Petan was a Human Rear Admiral of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet during the Sith–Imperial War. He was tricked by Imperials in the Battle of Caamas and defeated causing the fall of the Galactic Alliance.


In 130 ABY, he proposed a plan to the Triumvirate, of performing an attack with the goal of killing or capturing Emperor Roan Fel, who was rumored to meet with representatives of the Chiss Ascendancy and the Hapes Consortium.

Even though the plan was rejected by Triumvir Gial Gahan, Admiral Gar Stazi and Jedi Master Kol Skywalker, all of whom rightly suspected a trap, Ithorian Triumvir Nu Toreena and Petan convinced the third Triumvir, Bail Antilles to go ahead with the strike. As Stazi had not supported his plans, Petan sent Stazi and his fleet to the back of the strikeforce.

In the resulting battle, the Galactic Alliance fell to the Imperial trap and was soundly defeated. Petan accepted Grand Admiral Morlish Veed's terms of surrender, and ordered the entire fleet to follow his example. However, Admiral Stazi refused to surrender and escaped to continue the fight as the leader of a resistance movement.

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In the original preview for Legacy issue 20, Petan was originally named Borasco.


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