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"Welcome to Pijal! Until our princess grows up, we're ruled by a regent. Meet our lord regent."
Selbie introducing Rael Aveross[1]

Pijal was a planet located in the Pijal system of the Inner Rim. Some time prior to the year 40 BBY, the planet's throne was inherited by the six year old Crown Princess Fanry. The Jedi Rael Averross was then sent to the planet to serve as its lord regent until the time when Fanry would be old enough to lead her people.[1]

As a part of his duties, Averross was in charge of negotiating a new Governance Treaty that would change the planet's monarchy from an absolute one to a constitutional one. The treaty would also end Pijal's isolationism from the rest of the galaxy by allowing the planet to enter legally binding agreements with offworlders, thus opening the door for a new hyperspace corridor to pass through the Pijal system.[1]

Throughout their many years of isolation, the Pijali people were left to soak in their culture and traditions. The prospect of opening their planet to the wider galaxy thus made some citizens weary of the changes that came with it. The most prominent voices against the treaty was the Opposition, a group of performers who made their thoughts known through various public stunts that they regarded as artistic but many Pijali saw as acts of terrorism.[1]

Pijal was, before the signing of the treaty, financially reliant on the business of Czerka Corporation who, over the years, amassed enough influence over the planet so that their regional supervisors had places on the Royal Court.[1]


"Now allow me to present to you the happily obscure world of Pijal."
Pax Maripher[1]

Pijal was a pleasant world with a warm climate that hosted a variety of geographical features. Rolling hills were a lush green in the summertime, forests of conifer trees waved in the breeze, and mountains towered over the landscape with their assortments of caves. The Royal Palace was built inside one of these mountains and was nearly unnoticeable from the outside save for the shapes cut out of the rock that held its windows. Pijal also had vast blue oceans separating its relatively small green and gold continents.[1]

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