The Pika Oasis was an oasis located on Tatooine, between the Mospic High Range, the Great Mesra Plateau and the Jundland Wastes.[1]


The Pika Oasis was the commercial center of the farming country west of the capital of Bestine. It was home to Dannar's Claim, the center of local society in the oasis. Apart from Dannar's Claim, much of the territory on and around the oasis is owned and farmed by the local businessman Orrin Gault.[2]


In 0 BBY, Nebit's clan Jawa sandcrawler was intercepted by Imperial sandtroopers while traveling from Bestine to Pika Oasis. However C-3PO and R2-D2 were already sold to the Skywalker family.[1]



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