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Pirik was a temperate planet that was located in the Pirik system, in the Divis Arm of the galaxy.

The planetary capital of Corint City was divided into districts, including Overtown District, which was the seat of the planetary government; Talamp District, the industrial section; and Lowtown District, the seedier area of the city that included most of the local criminal underworld. Corint City was approximately nine miles from the Uloitir Sea.

The planet was best known for the natives who mined Corintium ore as well as Ytterbium.

Rebel infiltrator Shroud Team, under the command of Dutra Zeneta, made the planet an axis of rebellion during the days of the Galactic Civil War. In reprisal, the Galactic Empire tried to attack Pirik, but the planet defeated the Imperials mainly thanks to the efforts of Ma'w'shiye.


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