Baron Pitareeze was the grandfather of Nak Pitareeze and the owner of Pitareeze Inc. He was also the temporary owner of C-3PO and R2-D2.


Baron Pitareeze insignia

Baron Pitareeze's insignia

When Baron Pitareeze was trying to get his shipbuilding business off the ground, he became the business partner of Olag Greck. Greck betrayed Pitareeze, stealing the plans for the Pitareeze Cruiser while the Baron slept and producing cheaper versions of it. He sold these claiming that they were his own original designs.

Years later, Pitareeze opened the Kalarba Safari, which was ran by himself and his family. When key components of Greck's ships failed, he begged for the Baron's help in fixing the flaws, but the Baron refused. Olag Greck then kidnapped the Baron's grandson, Nak Pitareeze and forced him to fix his ships. Fortunately, Greck's plans were foiled by the two droids.



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