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"For we—we few! We cunning! We bold!—we are the Coalition for Progress! We—are public relations."
―Pitina Voor[4]

Pitina Mar-Mas Voor was a human female born in 44 BBY. Her family married her off to a senator when she was eighteen but she was able to later orchestrate his suicide and inherited his position. Serving as a minister in the Galactic Empire, Voor founded the Coalition for Progress, the propaganda division of the Empire, and served as chair.

When a live feed of Chelli Aphra and 0-0-0 on Milvayne caused disturbance amongst the planet's citizens, Voor ordered Captain Okma of the Enduring Pride to fire on Milvayne City. Aphra's actions, however, were able to convince the citizens to riot against the Empire and the Milvayne Authority. Voor recorded the events on tape later, and met with the Emperor shortly after. Although Aphra went into hiding after, Voor flushed her out by hiring her for a job. After this job, Aphra was on the run from the Empire, and Voor hired three bounty hunters on her, only for one of them to rescue her.

Shortly after, Aphra decided to return to the Empire and sent a broadcast out detailing a plot by the Rebel Alliance to assassinate the Emperor. Voor soon traveled to Usk Minor to meet Aphra as she turned in a stolen artifact. The minister then took her to the Coalition for Progress headquarters and, in private, revealed to Aphra her own plot to kill the Emperor. As Voor explained it to Aphra, however, she did not realize that she was being recorded. By the time Aphra revealed the recording was being broadcast to the public, Darth Vader intervened and beheaded the minister.


Early life[]

"My family married me off to a bloviating senator on my eighteenth birthday. He was useless at anything except saying 'yes,' so the Empire's rise was quite the making of him."
―Pitina Voor, on her husband[5]

Pitina Voor was married off to a senator when she was eighteen

Pitina Mar Mas Voor was born[5] in 44 BBY[1] to a life she described as privileged and comparatively devoid. On her eighteenth birthday, Voor's family married her off to a senator, who Voor thought was useless at anything. When she was twenty-five, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine reorganised the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, becoming Galactic Emperor in the process. Voor's husband got an advisor's office for his loyalty to the new government and would order genocides when he was not sleeping. But as the Empire invaded more and more planets, Voor noticed that it was costing thousands of troops and billions of credits every time and deduced that the Empire was being murdered by its own expansion.[5]

Voor decided to trick her husband into thinking Vader suspected him of sedition, prompting the man to hang himself from fear of the Sith Lord. She further altered his succession documents for her benefit, which Voor thought the Emperor might have suspected, though approved of if he did. Within a year Voor came to establish the Coalition for Progress (CFP),[5] the Empire's propaganda division[6] and a sub-bureau of their Commission for the Preservation of the New Order.[7] She also coined three guiding tenets of Imperial Outreach, her solution for the efficiency of the Imperial conquest. Voor showed them how perfect their worlds could be under the Emperor's embrace, and eventually, the CFP became good at making false smiles look natural.[5]

Propaganda campaign[]

"First we show people the face of chaos. The pirates, the raiders, the mobsters and the monsters…some are real--most we invent, anything to make the dumb natives beg for a garrison to save them."
―Pitina Voor explains how she convinced planets to accept Imperial rule[5]

Voor bows to the Emperor

Voor convinced many Imperial worlds to accept the Empire's rule by first showing their people the face of chaos, like pirates and raiders. Some were real, though most were invented to give the citizens something to fear in order to beg for an Imperial garrison to protect them. One such planet was Arbiflux, where the CFP had raiders attack the inhabitants[5] until the Empire were formally invited to intervene[6] in 16 BBY.[8] Eventually, thanks to Voor, two out of three conflicts were resolved without a single blaster shot, ensuring that the Imperial Army would not waste its troops.[5]

Despite Voor's propaganda campaigning, she believed the Emperor and his enforcer, Darth Vader, were ruining this through the genocides and superweapons like the Death Star. She concluded that he felt no need to promote the myth of prosperity that she was trying to put across to the public and was simply not lovable. Thus she began plotting to replace him, mustering allies in the court to prepare for a coup. Knowing that the Emperor could sense and predict an assassination attempt, she decided that her solution in killing him lay in a chain of consequences that she could predict. For this she began looking for the most predictable person possible. She also liased with the Empire's enemy, the Rebel Alliance in preparation for her chain of consequences.[5]

The Milvayne disaster[]

Unauthorized broadcasting[]

"The viewing figures are in the billions already. Hm. It won't stand, captain. It won't stand at all."
―Pitina Voor, to Captain Okma[4]

Voor consults Okma regarding the fugitives on Milvayne

Meanwhile,[5] around 1 ABY,[8] a broadcast from the eyes of the assassin droid 0-0-0, who was on the run in Milvayne City, became viral across the planet Milvayne. Voor contacted Captain Okma, who was aboard the CFP's IGV-55 surveillance vessel Enduring Pride in Milvayne's orbit. Voor questioned the duration of the broadcast so far and found it unacceptable that billions were watching 0-0-0, alongside Doctor Chelli Aphra, causing trouble. Although Okma reminded her that, due to an agreement with Milvayne, the Empire could not intervene, she reminded him of what he was working for.[4]

Voor then inquired on tracing the signal of the broadcast, which they needed to capture 0-0-0 for, and the current "public mood" from the video feed, which was containable. However, she was informed immediately after of 0-0-0 and Aphra's capture by the Milvayne Authority. Okma predicted that the problem would solve itself and Voor had the Enduring Pride use its audio scanners to listen in on public opinion of the matter. Shortly after, Aphra and 0-0-0 were able to escape and Voor listened as various civilian watchers expressed their opinions on the events unfolding. Aphra took 0-0-0 to a repair rig at a fuelstop to repair his damaged legs. Voor continued to listen closely as Aphra's claims about people trusting each other began to move their audience, especially as Aphra managing to fix him brought joy them a sense of joy.[4]

Imperial intervention[]

"Does it look like anyone's safeguarding our reputation down there, idiot?! The invisible touch has failed. Arm the rail gun."
―Pitina Voor, to Captain Okma[4]

Voor advises Okma to take action on Milvayne

Soon after Aphra fixed 0-0-0, they were pursued and captured by the monster hunters Winloss and Nokk. Voor was informed of an increasing amount of public disrespect due to this as the residents of Milvayne had gained a liking for the former pair. She then reminded Okma of Milvayne's importance to the Empire and how it was failing to safeguard its reputation. Thus Voor ordered him to arm the railgun. Okma complied and the Enduring Pride fired on Winloss and Nokk's starship, which was carrying Aphra and 0-0-0, causing it to fall[4] into the undercity of Milvayne and crash.[9]

Okma went down to the crash site to stop the broadcast from 0-0-0's eyes and negotiate with Aphra, who had survived the crash. Aphra, though, activated a seismic pulse from 0-0-0, knocking away both parties. 0-0-0 then interrogated Okma and murdered him alongside his stormtroopers.[9] After reuniting with the young scavenger Vulaada Klam, Aphra and 0-0-0 traveled to the upper levels on Milvayne City, where they were confronted by the Milvayne Authority, backed by stormtroopers sent by Voor, as the public relations strategists had concluded the force was needed. In the ensuing firefight, Aphra jumped in front of a blaster bolt for Klam, inspiring the watching civilians to start rioting within minutes.[3]


Voor reflects on the Milvayne events

Following the riots, Voor studied the details of Aphra's actions that day in detail. On Coruscant, she added to her personal log about the events which unfolded that on Milvayne. After recounting the Empire's final confrontation with Aphra and 0-0-0 in detail, Voor concluded that the perfection of Milvayne was lost and speculated on how she could keep herself from being blamed. After finishing her recording, she was called upon to meet with the Emperor and his advisers.[3]

Plot to assassinate the Emperor[]

Working behind the scenes[]

"Madam doctor, I require you to steal a particular artifact from one such temple."
―Pitina Voor, in a recording left for Chelli Aphra[10]

Voor tasked Chelli Aphra with stealing from a Slinani Migration Shrine

Aphra survived being shot on Milvayne and attempted to go into hiding.[10] Voor subsequently began tracking down Aphra's enemies to learn more about her. Those of which were interrogated said the same thing, that Aphra always betrayed them and felt guilty afterwards. Voor ultimately decided that Aphra was the predictable individual that she must use for her plot to kill the Emperor. She first wished to use the criminal to steal an artifact she had learned of years before called the Farkiller,[5] a sniper rifle made with lightsaber technology.[10] Around 2 ABY,[8] the minister reached out to Aphra with a job, and left a recording of herself in a spacer bar for Aphra to pick up. This recording detailed the owners of the Farkiller, the Slinani, and their temples.[10]

Knowing Aphra would line up rival buyers to extort her,[5] Voor instead offered her 200,000 credits to steal an ancient cape from the same Slinani temple, the Red Mist[10] so that she could stumble upon the Farkiller instead and be greedy. Aphra did exactly what Voor predicted and stole the Farkiller out of greed[5] during her heist on the Red Mist.[10]


Krrsantan was hired by Voor to hunt Aphra

Following the heist, Voor informed the Rebel Alliance of Aphra and the Farkiller and they captured her and her accomplice Vulaada Klam on Unox, taking the Farkiller away from them. In cooperation of Voor, they staged to Aphra their own plot to assassinate the Emperor. Refusing to help the Alliance,[11] Aphra took Klam to hide on Arbiflux, where she had lived with her mother years before. The Empire, however, had tracked her there, and Voor hired three bounty hunters to hunt Aphra down. Luckily for Aphra, one of the bounty hunters was Krrsantan, of whom Aphra had a mutual friendship with. The black Wookiee killed the other two bounty hunters and helped Aphra escape. Krrsantan also told Aphra about Voor, and she realized that the minister was the one who hired her to infiltrate the Red Mist.[12]

Collecting Aphra[]

"You know, that was quite the trick you pulled-- your little message to the officer class. My plans didn't require your survival, but you contrived matters so your death would gave been a PR disaster."
―Pitina Voor, to Chelli Aphra[6]

Keen to get the Empire off her back, Aphra pretended to side with the Alliance and stole the Farkiller back in the process,[6] which the Alliance had predicted regardless thanks to Voor.[5] She then sent a broadcast around detailing the Alliance's plan to kill the Emperor and traveled to the Imperial Communication Relay on Usk Minor to give back the Farkiller to the Empire. While Emperor Palpatine's enforcer, Darth Vader wished for Aphra to be killed, Voor cut off communications to the relay to prevent him giving orders to them and traveled there to collect Aphra.[6]

CFP headquarters

Voor with Aphra, Klam and Krrsantan at the Coalition for Progress Headquarters.

Voor took Aphra back to the Coalition for Progress headquarters Coruscant's third moon Centax-3. The next day, the minister had her, Klam and Krrsantan on camera, showing them the Gallery of Peace, where many artifacts were stored. While Voor spoke highly of the Empire's conquests, Aphra tried to mention their threats of annihilation on planets, and Voor deleted this from the recording. She continued by reminding Aphra of her decision to expose the rebel plot to kill the Emperor and showing her the Farkiller, which was now under the guard of the Emperor's Royal Guard.[6]

After ending the recording, Voor asked Aphra and her cohorts what they wanted as a reward. Aphra asked for a pardon and safe travel to the Outer Rim Territories, as well as a large sum of credits to pay off Krrsantan, of whom she owed greatly. Voor had Krrsantan payed and escorted to a spaceport. She then took Aphra and Klam to speak to in private, where she began to explain how she came to learn of Aphra through her actions on Milvayne. Aphra asked why Voor had been influencing things around her recently. That's when Voor revealed she was plotting to kill Emperor Palpatine.[6]

The betrayal[]

"F-f-for revenge? Revenge for one pointless nobody?! You'd throw away the chance for a bold new galaxy--on her?"
"Didn't predict that, did you?!"
―Pitina Voor and Chelli Aphra[5]

Voor tells Aphra and Vulaada Klam about her plans

In order to explain to Aphra why she wanted to assassinate Palpatine, Voor recounted her early life and her eventual ascension to minister and chair of the CFP. She also detailed how the Emperor was too unlovable to be in charge and mentioned how she had allies ready to support her. Aphra and Klam doubted an assassination attempt would be successful, knowing that Palpatine could sense people's intentions before they could act. Voor knew that the Emperor likely knew of some assassination attempt and explained how she had based her plan around a chain of consequences she could predict instead to outwit Palpatine. She explained how she had come to discover Aphra and decided to use the girl as in her chain of consequences, referencing how she used Aphra's predictable choices to control the events.[5]

Voor also revealed the involvement of the Alliance in her chain of consequences and that they had rigged the Farkiller to be a bomb, explaining that because Palpatine knew nothing of their involvement he would fall right into the trap of inspecting it. After finishing, Voor assumed Aphra was sulking about being used. To Voor's surprise, Aphra deduced that the Farkiller would actually act as a bomb, but would instead have some sort of ion pulse or stun bomb to knock out Palpatine and his people as well as disabling communications and defenses. She also deduced that an unstable synthetic lightsaber crystal would be used as a trigger as only a Force-sensitive could set the trap off.[5]

Aphra decided to infer the rest of Voor's plan herself, detailing how the Alliance Fleet would arrive to liberate Palpatine's Imperial Palace, only for Voor's allies to be waiting to defeat them. With Palpatine dead in this scenario, Aphra predicted Voor would promote herself forward as the prime candidate for succession, thus seizing power for herself. Voor asked how Aphra had uncovered the remainder of her plan so quickly, to which Aphra explained that there was too much that did not add up, like how one of the rebels let her escape with the Farkiller so easily and so Aphra had decided to let herself get used so that it did not happen to someone else.[5]


Voor is exposed by Aphra

Aphra then began to list her own predictions: she detailed how Palpatine was being taken to safety while Voor's allies were being rounded. She also predicted that the shuttle carrying the Farkiller would be shot down for safe measures and the Alliance would not be showing up because they knew they were being played. That was when Aphra revealed that Voor was being recorded and that the galaxy was watching. Realizing she had been exposed to the public, Voor asked Aphra why she had done this. Aphra revealed that her mother had been killed by raiders that Voor had ordered to attack the settlers on Arbiflux to have them beg for Imperial protection. Voor was surprised that Aphra had exposed her for revenge, and Aphra joked that she had not predicted that. As this happened, stormtroopers and Imperial officers entered the room, followed by Darth Vader, who beheaded Voor.[5]

Personality and traits[]

"I have built a culture that transcends the clenched fist. I have nursed this Empire with a lie, in expectation that it will eventually become the truth: Harmony and prosperity are the rewards of those who submit."
―Pitina Voor explains her propaganda to Chelli Aphra[5]

Pitina Voor found herself to be good at persuading, first practicing this by tricking her husband into thinking Darth Vader suspected him of sedition to have him take his own life. As the minister of propaganda in the Galactic Empire, she aspired to promote the myth of prosperity to its people in order for them to embrace Imperial rule rather than resist it. Voor's ideas were very conflicted with that of Emperor Sheev Palpatine, whom she thought only understood terror, causing her to plot an assassination attempt on him.[5]


Voor used Aphra in her plot as she felt the woman was very predictable.

Knowing the Emperor could predict an assassination attempt, she decided to orchestrate a chain of consequences that she could predict instead so that Palpatine would be unsuspecting when her final plan unraveled. After discovering Chelli Aphra on Milvayne, Voor found that she was very predictable and used her in her chain of consequences in order for the next event to be predicted easily. Unfortunately, she was not able to predict Aphra slicing a camera and exposing her plot to assassinate Palpatine.[5]

Voor was a human female with light skin, blue eyes, and gray hair. She frequently wore dark red lipstick.[5]


As a minister Pitina Voor usually wore a purple dress and had gold-color plated head dress around her head with two red ribbons protruding from the front.[3]



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