"Here we stand, at the extremity of our exertion, having cast behind us the idols of our fathers, to once again carry to our foe the penalties due their sacrilege. Come perdition or hard vacuum, the Republic expects that every citizen will do his duty."
―Supreme Chancellor Contispex, Fourth Inaugural Oration[src]

The Pius Dea Era was an era of time in the galaxy from 11,987 BBY to 10,966 BBY. During this time, the Contispex dynasty of Supreme Chancellors initiated the Pius Dea Crusades against outlying alien cultures, reversing a previous trend of cultural integration. Those under persecution fled to Hutt Space, transforming the Rimward Slice into a staging grounds for soldiers, as well as an area for war profiteers to operate. Also during this time, Ordnance/Regional Depots proliferated and were a constant reminder to those outside the Galactic Republic.[2]

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