"It's Slide Paramita, in his modified Pizer-Errol Stinger. Very sharp."
Fode Annodue, a Troig race announcer, commenting on a Pizer-Errol Podracer[src]

Pizer-Errol was a company that designed Podracers, including the Stinger 627 S, a Podracer notable for its maneuverability and acceleration, though it was lacking in overall speed.[1] During the year 32 BBY,[2] the Ciasi pilot Slide Paramita favored the Stinger and owned a yellow one that he was known to modify. The vehicle was notably fragile, and could not sustain the same kind of damage larger pods could.[1] However, that did not stop Paramita from occasionally using his Stinger as a weapon out of desperation.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Pizer-Errol was first mentioned[1] in the 1999[4] video game Star Wars: Episode I Racer, where it acted as the manufacturer for the Stinger 627 S Podracer.[1] It later received mentions in both of the game's strategy[3] guides[5] and under Slide Paramita's entry in the 2008 release of The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[6] However, the company's background was not expanded on in any of these sources.



Notes and referencesEdit

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