Pizztov was a Human who drew the ire of both Boba Fett and Sintas Vel, both of whom disliked him with much intensity.


Pizztov owned a canister which both were seeking, yet wanted to sell it off unless they paid him what he wanted.

He possessed the canister with images of Boba Fett and Sintas Vel with their child, but both hunters decided to fight over it and kill him in the process. Pizztov meant to shoot Fett with a blaster, but being greedy and hasty, did not learn how to shoot well and thus lost to Fett, who returned fire, killing the villain with a single shot to the chest. While he was clever and not without his better ideas, he was shown to not be very bright, in fitting the canister with a death seal which could only be deactivated with Pizztov's eye pattern. Fett opened the canister, revealing the images and taking Pizztov's corpse to auction off.

He also possessed a girlfriend, although he was shown to be very abusive to her. He also didn't really have any genuine care for her, as evidenced by his using her as a human shield to save his own life, and later nearly killing her by throwing her at Sintas.

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