"Only person to look out for in this awful universe is yourself, Han. Don't forget that."
―Pjolan, to Han Solo[src]

Pjolan was an Ithorian who made deliveries for several criminal syndicates, including Black Sun, the Hutt Clan and the Pyke Syndicate, stealing cargo from all of his jobs. Pjolan was an acquaintance of Han Solo, and occasionally visited Corellia. Solo met with the Ithorian on a Pantolomin cruiser, hoping to hear information about Qi'ra. However, his friend betrayed him, having heard that Proxima had placed a bounty of two hundred credits on him. Solo had expected this, and had tipped the Black Sun guards on the cruiser off to Pjolan's theft. The guards caught Pjolan and took him away, allowing Solo and his fellow Imperial cadets to escape.[1]

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