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"Nobody move. This is a holdup."
"Oh, right, my mistake. Nobody move, this is a coup."
Han and Leia Organa Solo[src]

Plan Delta was a coup in 44 ABY against Chief of State Natasi Daala by the New Jedi Order so as to end her increasingly tyrannical rule over the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. It was invented and presented by Jedi Master Corran Horn and it ended up with Daala being deposed and arrested as well as the institution of a ruling Triumvirate introduced.



Since the end of the Second Galactic Civil War, Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala had spread a wide sentiment of anti-Jediism, convinced that the Jedi were no better than the Sith. This had led to a war of wills between Daala and the Jedi Order, especially as a mysterious illness had started to make many Jedi go mad and had often ended in destructive rampages.

Another arising problem in the galaxy stemmed from the slave revolts. Since the Klatooinian uprising against their Hutt masters, many other revolts had occurred. Despite widespread support for the abolition of slavery and a growing support for the Jedi as Daala's regime grew even more draconian, Daala was intent on crushing the slave revolts, feeling that order and stability were more important than freedom for the slaves. For that purpose, she assigned Mandalorians to end the revolts. This controversial action led the Jedi to take side with the slaves and send a fleet of StealthXs as well as many Jedi Knights to assist the slaves against the Mandalorians, such as during the Blaudu Sextus slave revolt. The Jedi's action led Daala to suspect that the Jedi themselves were responsible for the slave revolts and for her to brand them as her sworn enemies and declared that she was at war with them. The Jedi decided it was time to end her reign before more crimes were committed. Acting Grand Master Kenth Hamner wished to try and convince Daala about the misunderstanding on Blaudu Sextus, but Saba Sebatyne felt that it's time that the Jedi stop kowtowing to Daala. In the midst of the argument, Han Solo revealed that Hamner had made a deal with Admiral Nek Bwua'tu in hopes that he could convince Daala to be reasonable, and was purposely stalling his fellow Masters, lying to them, in the vain hope that the admiral would awaken from his coma. This outraged the Jedi Council, who forwarded a vote of no-confidence and relieved Hamner of his position. Nonetheless, Hamner tried to stop the Order from launching StealthX to assist Luke Skywalker but died in the attempt. As a result, the Council elected Sebatyne to lead them until Skywalker returned.

The Imperial-Alliance conspiracyEdit

Unbeknownst to both Daala and the Jedi, a large number of highly powerful political and military officials of both the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant had plans that also involved removing Daala from power. Led by Kuati Senator Haydnat Treen and Moff Drikl Lecersen, they wanted to unite the Remnant and the Alliance so as to reform the Galactic Empire. However, for their plan to succeed, they needed to remove Daala as Chief of State of the Alliance. In a bid to have their people in position, they organized an assassination attempt on Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, the Head of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet, so as to have him replaced by Admiral Sallinor Parova who was also in charge of Fleet Security. As a bid to get her close to Daala, the conspirators staged a poisoning of conspiracy members Lecersen and General Merratt Jaxton so as to discredit Galactic Alliance Security so that Daala would have Fleet Security insure her safety.

Plan DeltaEdit

Jedi Knight Seha Dorvald was sent in undercover by the Jedi Council to gain access to the Senate Building as a pilot named Sela Dorn. There, she seduced GAS Lieutenant Javon Thewles so that she could unload her cargo, supplies as well as Masters Kyp Durron and Octa Ramis. The two would therefore be able to act as sleeper agents for Plan Delta.

Meanwhile, the Imperial-Alliance conspirators used these turn of events to their advantage. Blowing Dorvald's cover, they made Daala believe that this was the beginning of a Jedi attack against her. Daala called for the arrests of both Thewles and Dorvald. In case of Dorvald, Daala thought Dorvald become another mad Jedi, while in fact she was safely in the Jedi Temple. Acting Grand Master Saba Sebatyne then asked Organa Solo to persuade Dorvald to turn herself to Daala. Unbeknownst to both the conspirators and Daala, this was another part of the Jedi plan: getting an agent in the lower levels of the Senate Building, namely the detention blocks. Thewles's supposed involvement led to Daala assigning her protection to Fleet Security and Admiral Parova, who were both a part of the conspiracy. To throw Daala even more into paranoia and madness, the conspirators used recently captured Klatooinian terrorist Grunel Ovin, allowing him to escape and allowing him to cause the explosion of the CC-7700 frigate Fireborn in the planet's orbit. In response, Daala ordered the eradication of the gathering of freedom fighters on Klatooine by way of the Mandalorians.

Upon learning this and unwilling to let Daala's megalomania have other massacres occur, the Jedi immediately executed Plan Delta. Using the Solos and the Millennium Falcon to infiltrate the Senate, Saba Sebatyne, Corran Horn and Jaina Solo made their way to the Senate chamber where the Senate was gathered. The Solos themselves headed for Daala's office in guise of having a meeting with them. As a way to distract Daala, Sebatyne had Bandy Geffer rescue Dorvald from her cell and cause a simulated attack in the detention block. At the same time, Parova and Fleet Security were about to have Daala deposed when the Solos took the waiting room hostage when they were refused access to Daala's office. During this time, Sebatyne, Horn and Solo reached the Senate chamber where they intend to inform the Senators of Daala's arrest.

Senator Treen realizing that their plan had failed, talked privately to Sebatyne and offered to form a coalition transition government. Realizing that this would win support in the Senate, Sebatyne agreed.

During this time, Daala attempted to escape with her Fleet Security escort only to have them stun her in the back. Parova then surrendered to the Solos and presented Daala, claiming that she had accidentally been stunned by one of Solo's bolt.

The Senate suspended the office of the Chief of State and instituted a new transition government, a Triumvirate comprising of Sebatyne, Senator Treen and General Jaxton so as to uphold the interests of the Jedi, the Senate and the military. They had Daala imprisoned in the Armand Isard Correctional Facility and Wynn Dorvan was charged with finding a world that would give Daala a fair trial.

The coup also ended Luke Skywalker's sentence, so he could return to the Jedi Order and Coruscant whenever he desired.

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Not long after the coup, Daala, with help from Boba Fett, escaped from prison and set about having revenge against those who deposed her.

Jaxton was soon relieved as Triumvir and replaced by Wynn Dorvan. The abolition of slavery was also accepted.


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