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"When the rain forests have all been destroyed, we'll find the entrance to the Lost City easily. We'll be able to locate the round wall of green marble from the air."
―Grand Moff Hissa[src]

The attack referred to as Plan Number Two was led by the Imperial Warlord Trioculus in an effort to find the location of the Lost City of the Jedi on the fourth moon of Yavin Prime.


Hissa: "Someone on Yavin Four must know where the Lost City is. The question is, who?"
Trioculus: "Perhaps Luke Skywalker or SPIN knows."
―Grand Moff Hissa and Trioculus[src]

After hearing about the supposed Lost City of the Jedi on the moon Yavin 4, the Imperial Warlord Trioculus first attempted to spy on the Senate Planetary Intelligence Network (SPIN) meeting held by the New Republic, however after being exposed, he led an attack on the moon hoping to find the location of the city himself.

The battleEdit

"Proceed to Plan Number Two. The search and destroy mission!"

The Treaded Neutron Torches fired neutron blasts into the jungles burning away sections to help find the location of the hidden city.

The Millennium Falcon, piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca, led the assault whilst squadrons of Y-wing starfighters bombed the Imperial stormtroopers, the Treaded Neutron Torches and the Imperial base camp. The Millennium Falcon was shot down and made a safe crash landing in the jungles.


"It's regretful that we didn't find the Lost City of the Jedi, my Emperor. But if we send enough spies to Yavin Four, they'll keep looking for it until they find it—and perhaps they'll find the Jedi Prince as well."
―Grand Moff Hissa[src]

Unsuccessful in finding the location and most of the Imperial forces either damaged or destroyed, Trioculus with Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa and the rest of his forces fled the moon.

The fires in the jungles were put out by the rainstorms created by the underground City's Weather and Climate Command Center.


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