"Plan Zero is the systematic elimination of the Republic's top military leaders. A preemptive strike that will leave the enemy headless."
―Darth Baras[src]

Plan Zero was a mysterious operation created in the years of the Cold War by the Dark Council member Darth Baras. It was created at the directive of Darth Vengean though it was Baras who was responsible for taking it forward and had spent a decade in developing it in secret. This was an elegant strategy that aimed at eliminating the Republic Military's leadership as part of a strike that would restart open warfare with the Galactic Republic.

As a result, Baras had not wielded his full strength in the power plays in the Sith Empire. Instead, he sought to strike not against the heroes of the Republic but rather at those behind the scenes and led to the Sith Lord capturing SIS agents in the Outer Rim and courting greedy Senators through his proxies.[5]

Vast resources had been spent in bringing together information on the greatest and most elusive generals of the Republic. The careful development of this operation meant that no Sith was allowed to interfere with Plan Zero and no spy of the Republic was allowed to discover it in the fear that they would eventually warn the intended targets.

In the Cold War era, Darth Baras's Sith apprentice was charged with eliminating each of the great Republic leaders until open war was declared by which point it was expected that victory was assured as a result of the actions of Plan Zero.[5]


Notes and references[]

  1. SWTOR mini.png Star Wars: The Old Republic—Jedi Knight Mission: "The Price of Victory" on Hoth General Durant is mentioned during this quest, meaning that he has not yet been killed by Baras' apprentice. Therefore, the Jedi Knight class' Act II must precede the Sith Warrior's Act II story.
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  3. SWTOR mini.png STAR WARS: The Old Republic - Question ! :) - Page 3 on The Old Republic's official website (backup link) places Star Wars: The Old Republic's base game content about ten to twelve years after the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, which is dated to 3653 BBY by Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia. The Prologue and Act I of the class storylines are assumed to take place in 3643 BBY, as they are roughly concurrent to each other and the Jedi Knight Act I storyline is dated to 3643 BBY by The Old Republic—The Lost Suns 2. Additionally, SWTOR mini.png Forums: Dear Story Team, What Year Are We Currently In? on The Old Republic's official website (backup link) and Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia establish that the Battle of Ilum and the end of Act III for the class stories occur in 3640 BBY. Additionally, Act II for all classes, while featuring conflict between the two factions, occurs prior to the official collapse of the Treaty of Coruscant, which The Old Republic: Annihilation places in the middle of 3641 BBY. Taken together, this means that base game content spans from 3643 BBY to 3640 BBY, and the class storylines extend over this period, this article assumes that Act II takes place within 3642 BBY and the first half of 3641 BBY.
  4. The Old Republic: Annihilation places the collapse of the Treaty of Coruscant 18 months prior to the events of the novel, which occur at the end of the year 3640 BBY according to The Essential Reader's Companion and additional comments from the game's head writer, Charles Boyd. Thus, Plan Zero, which ends with the collapse of the Treaty, ends in 3641 BBY.
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