"Welcome to 'Planet Hoppers,' a new feature on the Star Wars Roleplaying Game website. Each month, we'll bring you a set of articles on a particular world in the Star Wars galaxy that a Gamemaster can use separately or as a linked series of events."
―Planet Hoppers introduction on Wizards.com[1]

Planet Hoppers was a web feature on the Wizards of the Coast website published weekly (skipping a few weeks) from January 2003 to October 2004, with an additional chapter in April 2005 and a few more in 2008. Each story is four to five chapters set on a single planet, along with roleplaying-game stats and info about the characters, technology, creatures, and locations in the story.


Original series[]

Morrie Mullins, then Cory J. Herndon, wrote these articles, with the final chapter by Rodney Thompson.

For the Saga Edition[]

Written by Eric Cagle, these articles shared the shortened format of the previous entry.

A set of Kashyyyk articles were planned but never published.

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