Nod Kartha Planet

Planetary Defense Platforms over Nod Kartha.

A Planetary Defense Platform was a type of space station used by the Trade Federation as part of their defense network over the planet Nod Kartha shortly before the Clone Wars.


Each Planetary Defense Platform had a shield generator that could project an energy shield that was highly resistant to attacks. Each station was also armed with four laser turrets and two missile launchers.


The Trade Federation set up a defense network of Planetary Defense Platforms and Planetary Defense Cannons in the space above Nod Kartha to protect their Trihexalon factory on the surface. In 22 BBY, the combined forces of the Lok Revenants and the Mere Resistance attacked with the goal to destroy the factory and prevent the Federation from using the illegal Hex weapon to devastate their system. The allied force was able to take out the Defense Cannons but couldn't get past the shields of the Defense Platforms until a dying Captain Orsai rammed a platform with the damaged cruiser Kethor. The destruction of a platform caused the shields on the other Defense Platforms to fail, allowing the attackers to destroy two more platforms and thus create a hole in the defense network to reach the surface.


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