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Planetary governor was a position of governance that oversaw the administration of a planet. Vaxvissh Kal Ness served as the planetary governor for Durkteel in the decades after the end of the Galactic Civil War.[2]

The Galactic Empire's bureaucracy was also composed of planetary governors. After a planet was inducted into the Empire, the traditional government would largely maintain its structure, with some degree of adaptation to Imperial standards. Each Imperial world or star system had its own Imperial governor, which are usually appointed by the Emperor's advisors, and were often foreign to the local domain. Foreign individuals allowed for the separation of favoritism, although in some instances a governor could be a local, and was nearly always because of that person's unbreakable loyalty to the Empire.[1]

Planetary governors were both politicians and limited Imperial Military commanders. They had the right of authority over local Imperial garrisons but were limited to an advisory position to military, political, and intelligence operations. Although their units were not generally under the command of a planetary governor, the Imperial Navy often coordinated with them. The Diplomatic Service distributed Imperial policies for the governor to implement and were obligated to enforce orders from the sector's Moff or the Oversector's Grand Moff. Occasionally, some instances witnessed a planetary governor also being a Moff.[1]

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