Planet Defender

Planetary ion cannon firing during the Battle of Hoth.

A planetary ion cannon was a massive ion weapon that could be used to temporarily or permanently disable electrical systems and penetrate shields. Used mainly in defense, they were also used by pirates on anarchic worlds such as Lok to disable ships for looting.

Its power source was usually a dedicated reactor sunken into the ground and it could be erected in several hours.

One was seen on the planet of Hoth during the Battle of Hoth. The ion cannon fired at an Imperial-Star Destroyer leaving it non-operational, thus letting some Rebel medium transports escape the planet before the Imperial invasion commenced.

Two planetary ion cannons of an unknown model were present during the Battle of Artus Prime during the Empire Reborn Crisis.

Kuat Drive Yards was a large producer of planetary ion cannons.




Concept art by Ralph McQuarrie


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