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"That's the trouble with plants... Pull them up or cut them down, all they need is one tiny ssscrap in the darkness... A ssseed or a root... Hidden away, out of sssight. Out of mind. They grow back, ssstronger than before. Indomitable. Unyielding."
Sskeer, to Keeve Trennis[1]

Green plants on Ahch-To's Temple Island

Plants were a wide variety of organisms, including familiar types such as trees, herbs, bushes, grasses, vines, ferns, mosses, and green algae, which drew sustenance from sunlight.[2] They were known to grow from seeds and roots.[1] In order to thrive, they needed insects to fertilize them.[3]

Plants made up an important part of many a planet's total amount of living matter. Anaxes, for example, was covered in stunning red-colored plant life.[4] The humid world of Felucia housed immense primitive plants, including enormous pitcher plants and leafy growths.[5] Although the planet situated in the heart of the galaxy seemed to be barren, its heart contained floating islands teeming with luminescent plants.[6]

In worlds with a Type I atmosphere, plants played a crucial role in the recycling of oxygen. Without them, or some other chemical mechanisms, all the oxygen in the atmosphere would quickly be bound up to other elements and locked away in compounds such as carbon dioxide, becoming unbreathable to the life forms that depended on it to maintain life.[7]

Carnivorous plants gained nutrients through the capture and consumption of animals in order to make up for the nutrient-poor soil in which they usually tended to grow.[8]

Some plants, like the carnivorous reeksa, could be used for their medicinal properties.[9] Neeku Vozo used herbs to soothe the pain from Eila's broken leg.[10] The herbs of Maridun were also used as medicine by the Lurmen healers. They helped mend Anakin Skywalker's injuries when he arrived on their planet.[11]

Some plants evolved tentacles, which could provide many advantages, allowing a plant to collect pollen or nutrients and uproot or defend itself. Others evolved to produce light in the form of bioluminescence and thrived in spaces with limited light like caves or deep sea beds. The light allowed them to attract pollinators or prey in the darkness, and such plants were common on the planet Umbara and in the depths of Mon Cala's oceans.[8]

Watering the plants

Maarva Andor watering her plants

Certain plants were grown for ornamental purposes. For example, the Lars family used to grow purple blossoms in the courtyard of their homestead.[12] They could also be picked in the wild and displayed at home. Rey, a scavenger on the barren desert planet Jakku, made a hobby of collecting spinebarrels and nightblossoms to display in her home in order to remind herself that there was beauty even on Jakku as long as you looked hard enough.[13] The Andor family kept potted houseplants in their apartment, which they watered.[14]

Cal Kestis, a former Jedi Padawan, collected plant seeds throughout his journey to add to Greez Dritus' terrarium.[15]

Plants could also be used to make plastoid. On the planet Nakadia, farm crops were processed into armor-grade polymers and synthetic resins at plastoid factories.[16]

The Neti were a mythical species that appeared similar to trees.[17]


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Takodana plantlife

Green flora on the planet Takodana.

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