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"I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy."
―Rey gazing down on the planet Takodana[src]
Plants growing

Green plants on Temple island on Ahch-To

Plants were a wide variety of organisms, including familiar types such as trees, herbs, bushes, grasses, vines, ferns, mosses, and green algae. Plants made up an important part of many a planet's total amount of living matter. Anaxes, for example, was covered in stunning red-colored plant life.[1] The humid world of Felucia housed immense primitive plants, including enormous pitcher plants and leafy growths.[2] Although the planet situated in the heart of the galaxy seemed to be barren, its heart contained floating islands teeming with luminescent plants.[3] Plants drew sustenance from sunlight.[4]

Some plants, like the carnivorous reeksa, could be used for their medicinal properties.[5] The herbs of Maridun were also used as medicine by the Lurmen healers. They helped mend Anakin Skywalker's injuries when he arrived on their planet.[6]

Certain plants were grown for ornamental purposes. For example, the Lars family used to grow purple blossoms in the courtyard of their homestead.[7] They could also be picked in the wild and displayed at home. Rey, a scavenger on the barren desert planet Jakku, made a hobby of collecting spinebarrels and nightblossoms to display in her home in order to remind herself that there was beauty even on Jakku as long as you looked hard enough.[8]

Plants could also be used to make plastoid. On the planet Nakadia, farm crops were processed into armor-grade polymers and synthetic resins at plastoid factories.[9]


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Takodana plantlife

Green flora on the planet Takodana.

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Dried flowers

Dried flowers in a vase

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