Plant Surge, also known as Consitor Sato in traditional High Galactic,[3] was a light side Force power that was based around drawing on the Force and channeling of life energy into plants.


Plant Surge, or Consitor Sato, was a light side Force power which allowed the user to improve the plant's rate of growth and even affect the manner in which it grows. In battle, the ability to control a plant's growth with the Force could be used to cause plants to grow with incredible speed directly under the user's control, causing plant life to grow and twist around opponents, ensnaring anyone who wasn't quick enough to avoid it.[3] Once ensnared, the victim would find it difficult to dodge and fight, and nearly impossible to move unless they escaped through force or finesse. The Jedi used this to end conflicts with minimal violence.[3]

Notable uses[]

Kar Vastor, Lor pelek to the people of Haruun Kal, often used this power subliminally during his travels across the vast jungles of the planet, clearing plants and vines from his way to avoid harm from the many dangerous flora species. Vastor also used this power actively during a confrontation with fellow Korunnai, and Jedi Master, Mace Windu, binding the Jedi with a variety of vines in an attempt to restrain him. This attempt would ultimately backfire, as Windu used the vines' momentum to continue his attack on Vastor.[4]

Fellow Master Shaak Ti used this technique in conjunction with animal friendship against Galen Marek during their duel on Felucia, commanding the local sarlacc to lash out at the Sith apprentice with its feeding tentacles. Marek ignored or knocked away most attempts at attack in this method.[5]

The Jedi Master known as the Dark Woman used this power on Cophrigin V to restrain Darth Vader while dueling in order to strike him down. Vader proved too difficult to contain, however, and cut himself free in order to kill her.[6]

Abeloth, Bringer of Chaos, could control the plants on her home planet, using them to her advantage against those who would enter her domain.[7]

This ability is among one of the favorite Alter-abilities of Jedi Seer Sabla-Mandibu.[3]



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