"We have lost many along the way, but today is not a look back at what we've sacrificed but a look forward to the future. A future that we now possess thanks to those liberated from the Imperial black-site prison: heroes like Garel's once-governor, Jonda Jae-Talwar; the surgeon consul of Hosnian Prime, Plas Lelkot, who helped hide Imperial refugees in his own château; the radio operator Brentin Wexley from Akiva, who single-handedly transmitted our message across the Outer Rim and whose own wife, Norra, led the team to rescue him and all these others…"
―Mon Mothma mentions Plas Lelkot[src]

Plas Lelkot was the surgeon consul of the planet Hosnian Prime during the reign of the Galactic Empire. He was arrested by the Empire for hiding Imperial refugees in his own chateau and sent to the prison of Ashmead's Lock on the planet Kashyyyk. There, the prisoners were held in stasis and a control chip was forcibly implanted into Lelkot and the others to turn them into a drone of Imperial Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax.[1] In the year 5 ABY,[2] Lelkot and all the other prisoners of Ashmead's Lock were freed during the Liberation of Kashyyyk and brought to the New Republic's capital Chandrila. Lelkot was amongst those whose names were listed by the Republic's Chancellor Mon Mothma during a celebration on Liberation Day; however, during the festivities Rax activated the control chips and forced the former prisoners to attack their allies.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Plas Lelkot was first mentioned in the novel Aftermath: Life Debt, which was written by Chuck Wendig[1] and released released on July 12, 2016.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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