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"Take a moment and look around this glorious city of yours. It wasn't long ago this was all plasma mines."
Sheev Palpatine[1]

The blade of a lightsaber was made of plasma.

Plasma was naturally present in the porous crust of Naboo,[2] a pastoral planet[3] located near the border of the Outer Rim Territories.[4] Both the native Gungans[5] and the human colonists of Naboo mined plasma from their homeworld's depths.[6] The city of Theed itself, capital of the Nabooian humans, had once hosted many plasma mines.[1] Prior to its Invasion of Naboo, the Trade Federation had a long-running dispute with Naboo over exports of the planet's plasma.[7]

Refined plasma was often used in technology. The blades of lightsabers, the signature weapons of the Jedi Knights, were made of pure plasmic energy.[8] At the time of the Clone Wars, many weapons of Umbaran make, including the MHC tank[9] and the hover tank, made use of plasma-based technologies. Thanks to its electromagnetic plasma cannon, the latter could decimate entire platoons of enemy soldiers with one blast.[10] Plasma could also be projected over a chasm to form a drawbridge capable of sustaining the weight of people, ground vehicles, and landspeeders.[11] The Wookiee bowcaster made use of quarrels that were charged with highly energized plasma when fired.[12]


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