Plasma Torpedoes

A BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighter firing plasma torpedoes.

"Firing all plasma torpedoes now, Captain!"
"Heh, heh…Just like shooting acid rats in a crater!"
―The two heads of a Dyclops pirate[src]

Plasma torpedoes, also known among pilots as shieldbuster torpedo or rotten eggs, were a special type of weapon specifically configured to overwhelm a vehicle's shields. They were plasma-based and upon impact they released a burst of radiation that was designed to interfere with shields. They were considerably less effective against armor and other protection.[1]


Circa 15 BBY, the flagship of the Red Fury Brotherhood pirates, the Blood Brother, used plasma torpedoes during an attack against a diplomatic convoy near Armath.[2]

By the time of the Black Fleet Crisis, New Republic K-wing starfighters were equipped with two T-33 plasma torpedoes.[1]



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