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Sidon Ithano wearing a red Kaleesh mask made of plasteel

Plasteel was a hard material that had a variety of uses. For example, interior doors could be made of plasteel.[1] The red Kaleesh mask worn by Sidon Ithano was also made of plasteel,[2] as were certain parts of Darth Vader's helmet.[3] The Knight of Ren Cardo wore plasteel-armored greaves. Plasteel was also used for treads, such as the 125-Z treadspeeder bike.[4] The material could also be used in reconstructive surgery; by placing a plasteel sleeve over a fused bone segment, a surgeon would lend it enough strength so it was as sturdy as the original bone. Similarly, a plasteel mask could be attached over newly reshaped facial muscles.[5]

The young rebel Ezra Bridger sometimes referred to Imperial stormtroopers as "plasteel pigs,"[6] although their distinctive white armors were actually made of plastoid.[7]

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