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Plasteel cylinders

Plasteel cylinders in the Sith Base on Taris

Plasteel, sometimes called plastisteel, was a material that combined acrylic polymers and metal alloys. Plasteel retained the elastic strength of plastics while benefiting from the strength and heat resistance of metal. However, it was not a miracle substance. Pressed thin enough for comfortable armor, plasteel would not impede a blaster bolt, or even an old-fashioned slug. Plasteel was most commonly used in armor, spaceship components, containers, and construction. It was capable of yellowing with age.[1]

The Scarab Droid's body casing was made of plasteel.[2]

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The word plasteel is a portmanteau of plastic and steel. The term appears in Frank Herbert's Dune series and may have been coined by Harlan Ellison, who used it as early as 1956.



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