Plasticine Thermite Gel

Plasticene Thermite Cube

"They can defend all they want against a frontal assault—they hardly ever expect you to come at them through the walls."

Plasticene thermite gel was an unorthodox demolition device produced by Gatrellis.[1]

It consisted of a greyish-white, putty-like substance capable of burning silently through heavy reinforced blast doors. The gel came in one kilogram cubes, covered in protective wrapping, each costing 1,000 credits.[1]

Once unpacked, a single kilogram could be molded to cover an area of twenty square centimeters. Ignited by an electronic detonator, the thermite gel burned at a constant temperature of 5000 °C, defeating most locking mechanisms and, in sufficient quantities, able to burn through even a ship's hull.[1]

Plasticene thermite gel was sometimes used by Rebel SpecForces to burn through bunker defenses, though it required a significant amount of skill with demolition devices.[1] Gunman, a member of Churhee's Riflemen, also used it for this purpose, allowing his unit to attack opponents from unexpected places.[2]


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