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"Since I entered the business, I've had to learn a lot on my own. Nobody taught me how to work a careful cargo deal or re-wire the ion drive control circuits using parts of a tredwell droid. I learned the hard way the best places to stash contraband and how to misdirect inquisitive Imperial Customs officers. I made my own connections, usually after making a few enemies… I learned quickly that smuggling isn't one of the galaxy's easiest professions."
―Platt Okeefe[src]

Platt Okeefe, nicknamed Oakie, was a famous Brentaalan smuggler, entrepreneur and freedom fighter. Raised in one of Brentaal's prominent trading houses, Okeefe abandoned her comfortable life at an early age to journey among the stars. She soon became a smuggler for the Klatooinian Trade Guild only to be later sold into slavery. Escaping with the help of Tru'eb Cholakk, a fellow slave, Okeefe continued her smuggling career. She was later pursued by the Imperial Security Bureau who temporarily captured her before Okeefe escaped them as well. In response to this attention, she sought a quiet planet to base her activities on. To this end, she investigated the planet Dagobah, only to encounter Boba Fett there.

With growing contacts with the Rebel Alliance, Okeefe began working with the mercenary Dirk Harkness, even rescuing him from Imperial custody on the planet Zelos II. After this, she frequently worked with his mercenary group, the Black Curs. Together they reconnoitered the Core Worlds for the New Republic. This attracted the attention of Imperial Advisor Bregius Golthan, who captured Okeefe on the planet Canyon. Rescued by the Black Curs, Okeefe got her revenge when they blew up Golthan's flagship over Wroona.

Okeefe was a legend among smugglers, writing a number of popular guides. She frequently helped out other smugglers, providing advice through Smuggler's Logs and other channels. Okeefe was even rumored to be responsible for the infamous Cynabar's InfoNet.



Okeefe looks to the stars.

Platt Okeefe was born into House Okeefe, a prominent merchant house of the planet Brentaal IV. Members of her family could be found in prestigious positions such as Lord Barthos Okeefe, financier and director of Brentaal's orbital HoloNet relay station.[7] Her aunt was the early resistance fighter Sirona Okeefe.[8] However, Okeefe was not content to follow in her family's footsteps. Growing up, she spent her afternoons at the starport just watching the freighters depart.[2] And so, on her twelfth birthday, she ran away from home, signing up as a cabin steward aboard a Sullustan starliner, the Starlite Cloud.[1] This is likely where she learned to speak Sullustese.[9]

She stayed on the Starlite Cloud for about two years. Her next important crew berth, between the ages of about fourteen and sixteen, was aboard a tramp freighter, the Ravelev, working the Anarid Cluster under Captain Kassler. There, she developed a taste for fast starships and living on the fringe of the law.[1] Okeefe made some lasting friendships during this time, such as one with the Mon Calamari Mussat Nasrabi.[10] After working on the Ravelev for two years, Okeefe parted ways with the crew on Boztrok, determined to get her own ship.[1]

She had previously encountered the Hutt-owned Klatooinian Trade Guild on Voorlach, and had been impressed by the high spirits and decent living conditions of its workers. Hearing that the Guild provided its pilots with ships in exchange for a few years work, she was convinced it was the path for her. Owning her own ship had become Okeefe's greatest desire.[1]

Klatooinian Trade Guild[]

"My name's Oakie. I hear you're hiring freighter pilots."
―Platt Okeefe speaks to Pok Nar-Ten[src]

At the Guild's local tower, Okeefe met Pok Nar-Ten, a flashy Nimbanel who was the Guild's local representative. While initially laughing at her offer, Nar-Ten accepted Okeefe as a pilot, loaning her her first starship on a form of hire-purchase. The ship was an aging Ghtroc 720, which Okeefe named the Brentaal Princess. Though old, the ship was well maintained by the mechanic, Nazrita Villache, who had added some special modifications. Perhaps the most significant of these was a proton torpedo launcher installed beneath the cockpit. Along with the ship, Okeefe also acquired Bee-Zerobee, a WED Treadwell repair droid that would accompany her for many years. She was immediately sent on her first supply run, smuggling ryll spice into the Imperial enclave on Gall in the Zhar system.[1]

Okeefe trades with Tulagn.

Okeefe subsequently made a number of spice runs for the Guild, using various aliases for herself and her ship (such as Platt's Dream[11]). She was stopped by Imperials on a number of occasions, causing her to lose cargoes and fall behind on her ship payments to the Guild. Then, above Wroona, while using the alias "Palata," Okeefe was boarded by the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Sentinel. She had stashed ryll spice among cold crated frella fish in her hold. With Bee-Zerobee distracting the Imperials, Okeefe was able to avoid discovery of her cargo by claiming some of the fish had gone off—a trick she'd prepared earlier with a false tox detector.[1]

Once she reached the surface, Okeefe worked her charms on the customs officer Allia to ensure her spice got through undetected. Allia was often amendable to flirtation or a few drinks at the Spacer's Rest, weaknesses that Okeefe often exploited. She then used her growing network of contacts to set up a few new deals before visiting Starship Outfitters. On a previous trip to Wroona, the proprietor, a Rodian by the name of Tulagn, had promised to trade her some high quality Gruvian Tovash. Despite his attempt to rip her off with an inferior product and then to spike the price, the experienced Okeefe got the alcohol off him at the prearranged price, with a small favor thrown in for good measure. The Tovash was to be a gift to Pok Nar-Ten, a concession to her late shipment payments.[1]

However, Tulagn's trickery was not the only challenge Okeefe faced that night. In the back alleys of the starport, she was confronted by the Human bounty hunter Zo'Tannath. Zo'Tannath had been hired by Nar-Ten who had grown sick of the smuggler. Okeefe tried to get the jump on the hunter, rapidly drawing her blaster. However, the hunter was quicker, knocking the blaster aside with her Force pike. This was followed by a swift knock to Okeefe's gut, dropping her to the ground. Unable to resist, the smuggler was trussed up and handed over to her former employer.[1]

Slavery and escape[]

"Well, from one slave to another, how's about we try and escape?"
―Okeefe, to Cholakk[src]

Okeefe soon found herself sold to the infamous Sludir slaver Quintik Kahr, also known as "Big Quince". Kahr operated from an immense slaveship, Quincey's Girl, that plied the Outer Rim Territories with his living goods. There she was kept with a number of Twi'lek women that Kahr sold or used as bribes for Imperial officials. Okeefe was selected by Kahr's personal servant, the Twi'lek Tru'eb Cholakk, to be a gift for the Imperial Moff Antoll Jellrek. Cholakk was a slave himself, having been sold into slavery by a cousin who coveted his position as a future clan leader. He took Okeefe up to Kahr's quarters to clean her up before being handed over to the Moff. While Okeefe bathed and got into a fashionable dress, the Twi'lek confided his own dreams of escaping slavery to her.[9]

Okeefe was to be only one part of the bribe Kahr was giving the Moff. The rest included a number of large crates of blue ryll spice, and eying these, Okeefe formulated a plan for escape. The skeptical Twi'lek agreed to help her so long as it produced his own emancipation. With that consent, Okeefe took a bottle of Gruvian Tovash from Kahr's liquor cabinet, opened it, and attached it to the inside lid of one of the crates using a wad of Sludir soap. Tying Okeefe's hands together in a loose knot, the pair then went down to the Quincey's Girl's docking bay.[9]

Okeefe and Cholakk fight to escape Big Quince.

In the docking bay, Okeefe was presented to the Moff, along with the crates of ryll which were inspected for quality. When the crate Okeefe had tampered with was opened, the Gruvian Tovash poured onto the spice, reacting violently and producing columns of blue smoke. In the ensuing chaos, Okeefe and Cholakk made their bid for freedom; Okeefe strangled a nearby stormtrooper with her hand tie, while Cholakk kicked another trooper. Then they bolted for the Moff's personal shuttle, and boarding it, fired its guns into the hangar bay. Okeefe then piloted the Lambda-class shuttle out of the bay while Tru'eb activated its communications jammers. Despite swift pursuit from Quincey's Girl, Okeefe successfully jumped the shuttle to hyperspace and freedom.[9] Together they hid out on the planet Tatooine until things cooled down, in a canyon they named Dead Bantha Gulch.[10]


"So, did Oakie teach you anything about starships?"
"Everything I know."
―Starter and Cholakk on Okeefe[src]

Platt Okeefe on a layover on Tatooine

Their close escape was the start of a long friendship between Okeefe and Tru'eb. Okeefe took the Twi'lek under her wing and gave him a gentle initiation into the galactic underworld. She soon taught him "all he knew" about operating on the fringe, and helped him to purchase his own ship, the Luudrian Star. Cholakk turned to gunrunning, often supplying the Rebel Alliance. He later returned the favor to Okeefe and helped secure her funding for a new ship, which she ambitiously named Pok's Demise.[12]

Restarting her smuggling career, Okeefe made a number of smuggling runs, including one to the desert world of Tatooine. Her "cargo solicitor," Sovar, had only managed a particularly poor cargo run: virtually worthless glaze cakes. To make some small amends, Sovar bought her a few drinks in a local Mos Eisley cantina. However, while there, a group of bounty hunters tried to capture Okeefe. Even before they could get off a shot, Okeefe bolted from the cantina, back to her ship in Docking Bay 86.[12]

She hurriedly took off, neglecting to run a full diagnostics check. Two minutes later, her maneuverability jets abruptly cut out, followed by her ion engines, and finally her shield generators. Okeefe did what she could to ensure a smooth crash, but nevertheless her ship smashed into the Dune Sea. The crash destroyed her loyal droid, Bee-Zerobee, who she'd recovered since her slavery, but miraculously, her cargo was still intact.[13] Okeefe soon realized that scurriers were the cause of the crash. The native vermin had boarded her ship, drawn by the smell of the glaze cakes, and wreaked havoc on her ship's systems by gnawing through numerous components. While she waited out a gravel storm, Okeefe resolved to sell her ship as scrap to Jawas. She was aided in returning to Mos Eisley by a stray ronto that had also sat out the gravel storm.[12]

Tru'eb Cholakk aids a wounded Okeefe while on a layover at Port Haven.

This was not Okeefe's only run in with bounty hunters. Returning to the planet Wroona with Cholakk, Okeefe interceded for the inexperienced Blaine Hansom. The man was being apprehended by the Rodian bounty hunter Tolga. Drawing her own blaster, Okeefe scared off the hunter and invited the smuggler for a drink. When an Imperial stormtrooper patrol later entered the cantina, Okeefe, Cholakk and the smuggler fought them off before escaping out a back door of the cantina.[14] Okeefe also had encounters with the bounty hunter Beylyssa, on one occasion sustaining significant injuries to her arm, leg and side. Cholakk took her to the smugglers' retreat known as Port Haven, where he nursed her back to health with aid from Mister Mxil. Access to Port Haven was a closely guarded secret, and Okeefe's access was a sign of her growing prestige in the underworld.[2] Despite her experiences, Okeefe wasn't antagonistic to all bounty hunters, occasionally doing favors for the hunter Tirog.[14]

Okeefe soon acquired a replacement ship, a YT-1300, which she gave the name Last Chance. With this, she continued her smuggling career, gaining immense experience in the fringe world and developing an extensive network of contacts. She became friends with the Sullustan Loro Ecls, unofficial administrator of the Gelgelar starport, often playing sabacc with him. She also made use of his sister's Repair Bay Services, known for its reliable work. During her layovers on Ryloth, Okeefe befriended Mal'aa, patron of Mal'aa's Kitchens, an eatery that welcomed offworlders. Mal'aa aided Okeefe when a small group of Twi'leks tried to abduct her. Knowing her association with Tru'eb Cholakk, they believed Okeefe intended to help him claim leadership of his clan. Mal'aa hid Okeefe in the secret passages behind her kitchen until the danger had passed.[2]

Okeefe often faced such dangers from the underworld. However, she embraced the risks, even sneaking onboard the notoriously anti-Human Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport. It was run by Omze'kehr Kahr, the brother of Big Quince, and he had placed a bounty on Okeefe after she escaped from his brother. Rumors abounded that Big Quince—or even Moff Jellrek himself—had been killed in the escape, however even Okeefe was uncertain of the final outcome of the encounter. She took precautions to avoid detection aboard the ship, dying her distinctive hair and masquerading as rogue Corellian nobility.[2] On another occasion, she encountered the notorious Dread Pirate Mendel Cutter.[15] Some risks, however, were not worth running: Okeefe drew the line at offending the criminal syndicate Black Sun, making sure never to break the rules of the Sisar Run.[16]

Okeefe and SeeVee

While civil war developed across the galaxy, Okeefe kept busy smuggling and offering advice to other smugglers. She made suggested profitable runs, such as FLR Logger replacement parts to Pii III,[17] and passed on warnings to fellow smugglers, such as reporting rumors of Khuiumin Survivors activity in the Elrood sector to Treidum.[18] While the Rebel Alliance was destroying the first Death Star over Yavin 4, Okeefe was running SE4 servant droids out to Sarka. "Just for fun," she activated some of the droids to clean her ship, but found them annoying and so gave the worst ones to the most pernicious of her clients.[19] A number of her comments made their way into Cynabar's Droid Datalog. She also made runs to Gallisport,[20] Essowyn,[21] Bonadan,[10] Zirtran's Anchor,[15] the Corporate Sector,[22] the Rampa Rapids, Kelada (occasionally making use of secret exits from Lorana's Labyrinth),[23] Darknon Station, Kuat and Byblos,[2] as well as an additional twenty-three Shadowports.[24]

While she did not commit herself to the Rebellion, Okeefe had her own problems with the Empire. At one point while smuggling Imperial-issue heavy blasters, TIE fighters shot her down over the planet Dorajan. Crashing in the jungles, Okeefe had to work running repairs on her ship, aided only by her ASP-7 droid, SeeVee. Acquired to replace B-0B, destroyed on Tatooine, the droid was a cheap model and of little practical help. Nevertheless, Okeefe managed the repairs and evaded the Imperial picket.[25] Okeefe also aided seven siblings of the Suuliem family escape from the tyrannical Imperial government of Sullust; they frequently helped her in return.[23] Occasionally one of the siblings even joined her as co-pilot.[2]

She aided the Alliance in some small ways, such as transporting Thella, Huffreys, and their Rebel team through the Imperial blockade of the planet Kelada and onto Gelgelar. While this was done to pay back a favor from the Twi'lek infochant, known as the "Finder," it nevertheless brought her into contact with the Rebel Alliance.[26] Through this and other meetings she developed a number of contacts within the Alliance and ended up running half of her cargoes for them. She got caught up in direct action when she aided a group of Rebels to escape from Kuat Passenger Port. This brought her to the attention of the Imperial Security Bureau who assigned Major Birket to track her down.[10]

In 1 BBY, Okeefe visited Kwenn Space Station, where she was approached by an individual, who bought her a number of ebla beers. Okeefe told the individual about how to make a career as a starhopper, explaining the workings of the Imperial Space Ministry and the Bureau of Ships and Services.[27]

Imperial Double Cross[]

Birket toys with Okeefe on Tatooine.

"You're worse than I was at your age. Tell you what—I'll take you on, sort of an apprenticeship type of arrangement. I'll teach you the ropes, you do what I say. When you're ready to move on, no problem…But let's get one straight, kid… I'm the boss. I call the shots. I give the orders."
―Platt Okeefe to Darrik[src]

Four months after the Battle of Yavin, Okeefe and Cholakk met on Brentaal to arrange a gunrunning deal. Cholakk was to buy guns off his contact Tharrand and then meet Okeefe on Tatooine where she would trade them for tibanna gas obtained from her contact Mussat Nasrabi, a friend from her days aboard the Ravelev. However, while Okeefe conferred with the Twi'lek, a 14-year-old Brentaalan stowed away on her ship. She quickly found the boy, who had fallen asleep in his hiding place. Suspecting him to be either an Imperial agent sent by Major Birket, or a crony of Pok Nar-Ten, she interrogated him. It was soon apparent that the boy—Darrik—had no sinister agenda. Rather, he was just a bored kid, struck with star-lust. He reminded Okeefe of her own childhood, and she soon offered to take him under her wing as a form of apprenticeship. Together, they continued onto Bespin.[10]

However, unknown to Okeefe, Major Birket had been busy. His agents were aware she was heading to Bespin, and now that she had "kidnapped" Darrik, he personally hired some bounty hunters to apprehend her. His choice was Boddu Bocck and his associates Beylyssa and the Rodian, Tolga. Birket had previously experienced their brutal efficiency when they killed his own assistant. The major offered them 30,000 credits each for the capture of Okeefe and Cholakk, and the rescue of Darrik, an offer they gladly accepted.[10]

Arriving on Bespin, Okeefe landed on platform 177. While she went into Cloud City to make her arrangements, she ordered Darrik to stay behind aboard the ship. Okeefe then visited her contact at his casino, The Floating Fish. Darrik, however, disobeyed Okeefe and trailed her into the city.[28] There, he noticed a suspicious looking Rodian following Okeefe. Keeping a safe distance, he followed the hunter down to Cloud City's under-levels. There, while Okeefe was trying to slice a lock and get her cargo, the Rodian lined her up in his blaster sights. Okeefe was oblivious to the presence of Tolga behind her and Darrik knew he had to act or the smuggler would be captured or worse. While specific resolution of the encounter was unclear, Darrik and Okeefe defeated Tolga, and also the hunter Beylyssa, who had earlier boarded Okeefe's ship, destroying SeeVee in the process.[10]

Okeefe rescues Cholakk.

Loading their tibanna gas cargo onto the Last Chance, the pair left Bespin behind and made for Tatooine to catch up with Cholakk. Okeefe had arranged to meet him in Dead Bantha Gulch, an isolated ravine the pair had found on earlier adventures. However, Tru'eb had his own problems on Tatooine. After being tailed by a Kubaz spy, he fled back to his ship where he was apprehended by Bocck and Birket. Word of the failure of Beylyssa and Tolga had already reached Tatooine and so they used Cholakk's ship to set a trap for Okeefe. The trap was initially a success, with Okeefe landing in the ravine and boarding Cholakk's ship. There, stormtroopers arrested her, but Darrik managed to escape. The boy held off the Imperials long enough to allow Okeefe and Tru'eb to turn the tables on Major Birket and his troops. Together they destroyed the Imperials' AT-ST walker and recovered both their ships. Taking the wounded major as a prisoner, they fled the ravine for a safer location. Touching down briefly in the desert to exchange cargoes, Okeefe convinced Cholakk to let her have the major. The Twi'lek had planned to sell him into slavery, but agreed to let Okeefe turn him over to her contacts in the Rebel Alliance in exchange for a later favor.[10]

A new beginning[]

"Bravery doesn't count if you're dead."
―Platt Okeefe[src]

While Okeefe had growing links with the Rebel Alliance, she preferred to retain her independence. If her actions hindered the Empire, she considered it a bonus, but she did not actively seek to thwart them. As rebellion continued to grow across the galaxy, increased Imperial activity and competition from other smugglers made it harder for Okeefe to make a credit. As such, around 12 standard months after the destruction of Alderaan, Okeefe and some of her smuggler friends decided to set up a new base of operations. They opted for a planet unknown to the wider galaxy and so to achieve this, Okeefe, Cholakk, and six others traveled to the planet Koaan. Koaan was home to the Galactic Research Academy, a huge repository of scouting data. Particularly under the Empire, newly scouted planets could remain unprocessed for months, and the smugglers hoped to steal the coordinates of such a planet.[29]

Breaking into the facility, Okeefe stunned the Imperial supervisor Strey, and entered the lower levels of the facility. There, Okeefe and her companions encountered the Shi'ido anthropologist, Mammon Hoole, and the two Humans under his protection, Tash and Zak Arranda. Hoole was at the facility for the same purpose, and had conveniently already selected an ideal planet to hide on. With Imperial pursuit hot on their trail, Okeefe stole Hoole's data and deleted it from the database. Preparing to flee the facility, Okeefe was forced to take Hoole and the Arrandas along with her, after Hoole threatened to reveal the new planet's coordinates to the Imperial forces on the planet. Fighting off pursuing stormtroopers, the group made their way back to the Last Chance and fled Koann; their destination—the swamp planet Dagobah.[29]

Zak and Tash Arranda are attacked by a swamp slug.

En route to Dagobah, the data file revealed that the original explorers of the planet had never returned. However, Okeefe was unperturbed, and amidst fierce buffeting storms, awkwardly landed the Last Chance in a swamp near the explorers' original campsite. Finding the dilapidated campsite, the smugglers continued to explore the terrain. Venturing into the swamps, they encountered survivors of the original scouting team, initially mistaking them for attackers. Okeefe immediately shot one dead, before the misunderstanding was clarified. Galt, one of the survivors, who called themselves "The Children," led the group back to his small village, but not before they were forced to fight off a swamp slug and a dragonsnake.[29]

Naturally cautious, Platt Okeefe grew suspicious of the villagers' behavior at their arrival, and Okeefe sent Cholakk and another smuggler to check on their ship. In their absence, it had sunk three meters into the mud, preventing its engines from firing. While they worked to rescue their ship, Okeefe's problems were further compounded when the crew's food was lost to the swamp, and the sentry she posted was killed—apparently by one of the numerous dangers in the swamp. Frustrated, but essentially powerless, Okeefe could only fume over the loss of life.[29]

However, when it was revealed that the legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett, had followed Hoole and the Arrandas to Dagobah, Okeefe took more assertive action. Believing Fett had killed her sentry, Okeefe organized her team to hunt him down, a move that surprised even her own team. Splitting her team into three, Okeefe and Cholakk each led a team into the swamp, while the remaining smugglers accompanied the Arranda siblings in search of an odd being, "the imp" that Zak had stumbled upon earlier.[29]

The smugglers' search for Fett proved fruitless, with the bounty hunter remaining elusive. However, the Arranda's discovered the imp, but not before being attacked by a swarm of spiders, with one smuggler killed and Traut heavily wounded. After Traut was sent back to the village with a local, the Force-sensitive Tash recognized the imp as a Jedi Master. While he gave her some instruction, Zak returned to the village in time to meet Okeefe and her crew.[29]

Okeefe in her typical red jacket

Okeefe checked on Traut, whose arm and leg had been amputated by the Children to prevent poison spreading. She then returned to searching the swamp, this time for the absent Tash Arranda. While she was gone, Zak discovered the truth behind the death of the sentry and Traut's amputations: the Children were cannibalistic and had killed them for food. They had learned this behavior from their parents who had been forced to resort to it after being stranded on the planet. Zak further discovered an unmasked Boba Fett held captive in a cage by the Children. When the villagers tried to kill Arranda, he was forced to fight them off and rescue Fett, and together they escaped into the swamp.[29]

Frustrated by another unsuccessful search, Okeefe, Hoole and the smugglers returned to the village to find it abandoned. Hearing a commotion in the swamp, they managed to find Fett, who had taken Zak captive, along with his sister. Outnumbering the hunter, Okeefe and her crew were able to fight him off and rescue the Arrandas.[29]

Hoole took pity on the remaining Children, and had gathered them up with gentle words of comfort. Freeing the Last Chance from the swamp, they departed the planet together, with Okeefe setting a course for the Sluis system. Hoole promised to try and find a home for the Children, to help them integrate into civilized society. Okeefe was impressed with Hoole taking on this responsibility, and after short consideration, revealed her connections with the Rebel Alliance. She offered to put Hoole in touch with them, since she felt the Alliance had "a soft spot for hard-luck cases." Hoole accepted the offer, feeling that it was time for him to stop running from the Empire.[29]

Smuggler's adviser[]

"Clever, Platt, but there is one man who is just too clever for you!"
―Andor Javin[src]

Despite her failure to find a secure base, Okeefe continued her smuggling career, running parts out to the Wookiee Chyakk clan on Lan Barell.[30] Such was her notoriety, that in 36:10, Andor Javin, a reporter of the tabloid TriNebulon News, claimed to have identified Platt Okeefe as Cynabar, the producer of Cynabar's InfoNet channel. This was an elite smuggler newsnet that was only accessible by invitation and provided news on the events in the fringe world. Javin made this claim on the basis of an analysis of Okeefe's writing style with that of Cynabar. The clincher, for him, was that Platt Okeefe, when translated into Ithorese and written in Huttese characters, turned sideways, was "Plttke."[31] However, Javin was known to employ doubtful methodology and was described by Pog as a "regular conspiracy buff."[32]

While this cast doubt on his hypothesis, it was nevertheless a plausible theory; Okeefe's comments did often end up in Cynabar's Droid Datalog. However, the infonet had already begun to shut down before Javin's announcement so it was hard to determine whether his public claim had any effect. Okeefe did publish a "Smuggler's Handbook" to help out naïve spacers, a work that became famous, along with numerous Smuggler's Logs to offer other advice. These provided information on smuggler hideouts, Imperial customs officers (who to bribe and who to obey), use of starships, the humanoid Wroonians, the Klatooinian Trade Guild and other pertinent topics.[33]


"Why are we doing this?"
"Harkness is our friend."
"So what? We have lots of friends."
"No, we don't."
―Okeefe and Cholakk discuss rescuing Dirk Harkness[src]

Around two months after the Battle of Endor, Okeefe learned of a shipment of Imperial issue weapons being transported to the planet Zelos II. Seeing an opportunity to make some credits, Okeefe arranged for some smuggler friends to make a distraction in the Zelos starport. This enabled her, Cholakk, and a new companion, Dirk Harkness, to steal the weaponry undetected. Okeefe and Cholakk were ambivalent as to the origins of the weapons, but Harkness was not. A former mercenary, he had only been working with Okeefe for a short period, but it was clear that he bore a personal grudge against the Empire. This meant it mattered to Harkness where the weapons were from, and so he contacted New Republic Intelligence to find out. His contacts there revealed that NRI was currently investigating a probable Imperial garrison on the planet.[34]

Okeefe and Cholakk encounter a walking corpse.

While his companions arranged a deal with a local arms dealer, Harkness hired a skiff and went to investigate on his own. When he failed to return after four days, Okeefe and Cholakk began tracking Harkness. His trail led to the Bare Forest—rumored by the locals to be home to the walking dead—and a destroyed Rebel camp. Investigating further, Okeefe and Cholakk sighted some Imperial scouts guarding a mountain path. While planning their next move, the pair were startled by a Sullustan corpse that jerkily walked out of the mists, heading straight for them. Shooting the corpse with a stun blast, Tru'eb examined the body, discovering hundreds of tiny worm-like creatures swarming over it. He theorized that these caused the corpse's apparent animation, providing Okeefe with the inspiration for a plan. Once Tru'eb sneaked into position for a cross-fire, Okeefe started towards the scouts, imitating the jerky motions of the walking dead. Emerging suddenly out of the heavy mists that covered the valley, Okeefe startled the scouts, allowing Cholakk to easily pick them off.[34]

With the Imperial scouts eliminated, the pair began exploring the artificial fissure they had been guarding. After walking for 20 minutes in the growing dark, Okeefe almost fell off the edge of a steep gorge, saved only by Cholakk quickly grabbing her arm. At the bottom of the gorge, faint lights could be made out, revealing the Imperial garrison. The pair found a series of ladders and walkways that weaved down the 600 meter cliff, and began descending.[34]

The descent took virtually all night, with the pair only reaching the bottom around 0600 hours, where they decided upon a shaky plan: using code cylinders they'd obtained from the scouts, they would infiltrate the base through a droid maintenance hatch and ascertain Harkness' whereabouts via the garrison database. However their improvised plan soon fell apart, when they accidentally entered via the main entrance instead. Confronted with an Imperial patrol about to depart the base, Okeefe tried to bluff her way in, but the presence of a Twi'lek made this impossible. In the moment of the troopers' confusion, the pair raced inside the garrison. Ducking behind a computer terminal, they exchanged fire with the Imperials while Okeefe called a turbolift. When it arrived, they ducked inside, traveling deeper into the base towards the detention level.[34]

However, upon breaking into the detention level, Okeefe and Cholakk found Dirk Harkness attempting his own escape. Shooting the guard he was brawling, they reunited with Harkness, who was suffering from temporary memory loss, and failed to immediately recognize them. Dirk had been interrogated by the inept Imperials for the four days, and kept in a cell with another prisoner, Jai Raventhorn. She was a member of the New Republic team that had been investigating the Imperials, and Harkness insisted on rescuing her before escaping himself. Raventhorn had just been taken for another round of interrogation, but Harkness was unsure where to. While the three reunited friends tried to think of a plan, the garrison's troops had organized themselves. They stormed the detention center and surrounded Okeefe, Cholakk and Harkness.[34]

Jai Raventhorn holds Luana Treftite hostage.

With their rescue attempt having lost all its momentum, the three smugglers dropped their weapons. However, the situation took a radical turn when Jai Raventhorn entered the detention block, with a blaster to the head of the garrison's commanding officer, Major Luana Treftite. She had escaped her interrogation and captured the major, forcing her to call the planetary government and reveal the existence of the unauthorized Imperial base. With the major taken hostage, and an air strike imminent, the second-in-command officer chose to cut his losses and order an immediate evacuation of the garrison. Okeefe, Cholakk and the two liberated prisoners then made for the docking bay and flew off in the major's Lambda-class shuttle. With the Imperial presence revealed, the planetary governor, Galleros Nul, was convinced to join the New Republic. On that successful note, Raventhorn joined the three smugglers aboard the Last Chance, as they made for Wroona.[34]

Black Curs[]

Storms over Moorja[]

"…going down. I repeat, this is the Last Chance calling any New Republic ships in the area. We've been hit by turbolaser fire and have sustained major damage. Please assist. I repeat, we're going down…"
―Okeefe calls for help[src]

After the incident on Zelos II, Dirk Harkness convinced Raventhorn to join him in forming a mercenary group. Called the "Black Curs," it was composed of smugglers and other outlaws who wanted personal vengeance against the Empire. While not permanently joining, both Okeefe and Cholakk frequently worked with them. While the Black Curs were sympathetic to the New Republic, they remained independent, charging for the all the work they did.[6]

Okeefe relaxes.

Six months after the Battle of Endor, Okeefe and Cholakk joined the Black Curs on an extensive reconnaissance mission to the Core Worlds. While on this mission, they were noticed by the remnants of the Empire, who tasked Imperial Advisor Bregius Golthan with apprehending them. Having concluded their reconnaissance, the Black Curs fled the Core, with Golthan's forces in hot pursuit. Onboard the Last Chance, Okeefe piloted them frantically away from his forces. Their destination was the planet Moorja, where they had stashed a Y-wing starfighter before their mission began.[6]

While the forces of Golthan were formidable on their own, Okeefe and the mercenaries were also being chased by Imperial Moff Utoxx Prentioch, who desired their data file for his own purposes. And so, with four Star Destroyers chasing them, two from each faction, they entered the Moorja system. General Airen Cracken, the Black Curs's contact in the Rebellion, learned of the pursuit and dispatched a team of Intelligence operatives to aid the mercenaries. They arrived in time to hear Okeefe's distress signal after being hit by turbolaser fire from the competing Star Destroyers. Okeefe managed to crash her ship on the planet's surface with only repairable damage, but needed time to perform the needed repairs. Fortunately, an ion storm on the surface engulfed the area in which she crashed, preventing the Imperials from landing forces too close to her ship.[6]

On the ground, Okeefe and Cholakk defended the ship, while Raventhorn manned the gun turrets. Their stubborn leader, Harkness insisted on setting out alone across the surface to recover the Y-wing. He took the only copy of the reconnaissance report with him. The New Republic agents finally reached Okeefe and her crew after fighting off TIE fighters in space and assorted ground forces. Okeefe, unwilling to leave her damaged ship unprotected, sent them to aid Harkness while she began repairing her ship. Okeefe successfully repaired her ship in time for the return of the operatives and Harkness, with his Y-Wing. Flying cover for Harkness, she and her companions successfully escaped the Moorja system and gave their report to the Rebel Alliance.[6]

Crystal Intrigue[]

Some months later, Okeefe departed on another mission for New Republic Intelligence, this time to the mining planet, Canyon. She was working to set up a trade agreement to transport the ores mined there to New Republic star ports. The locals had also contacted the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, reporting that crystals suitable for lightsaber construction occurred naturally there. While Skywalker was unable to make it to Canyon, he sent a team of NRI agents in his stead. On world, Okeefe met with the operatives, catching up on their whereabouts since they had aided her on Moorja. Okeefe then attended another meeting regarding the trade deal.[6]

Okeefe is held by Golthan's guards.

However, the whole arrangement was actually a trap arranged by Imperial Adviser Golthan to capture Skywalker. Despite the Jedi's absence, the trap was carried out. Okeefe herself was captured by the locals, and handed over to Golthan, despite a last minute rescue attempt by the New Republic agents who had evaded their own trap. Golthan—delighted to have finally captured one of the Black Curs—transported Okeefe offworld to his fortress on Voktunma. There, Golthan kept Okeefe in chains in his audience chamber and began starving her in preparation for interrogation.[6]

Unfortunately for Okeefe, when the NRI operatives returned to their fleet, they found that the New Republic was not prepared to expend the necessary resources to rescue her. This was due to her participation with the mercenary Black Curs. The New Republic no longer condoned the activities of mercenaries and Councilor Borsk Fey'lya in particular was concerned that Okeefe was a potential security risk. Dirk Harkness, however, was not so ready to give up on Okeefe after she had risked her life for him in similar circumstances. He recruited Cracken's operatives for a rescue mission, taking them to the Black Curs' secret base. This was a former Rebel base (likely discovered after the incident on Dagobah). There, Tru'eb Cholakk and Dirk Harkness outlined a rescue plan.[6]

Okeefe is rescued on Voktunma.

The operatives were supplied with speeder bikes, camouflage outfits and climbing gear with which to infiltrate Golthan's fortress. Evading gun emplacements and scout troopers on Voktunma's forest floor, the team successfully made it into the fortress. They then planted explosives on both the shield and sensory arrays, before freeing a virtually incapacitated Okeefe. Fleeing to the landing pad, they set off their explosives, allowing the Black Curs to attack the fortress with their X-wings. Under their cover, Cholakk flew his Luudrian Star down to the landing pad and picked up the rescue team. Together with the injured Okeefe, they escaped the system.[6]

Vengeance Strike[]

In 7 ABY, Okeefe rejoined a number of her companions from the Black Curs on Wroona. Their long time rival, Imperial Advisor Golthan was in-system, his Star Destroyer Vengeance undergoing repairs at the Wroona Stardock. While waiting for the optimal time for a strike against Golthan, the companions reminisced in the Gorkin's Rest on Wroona (including Okeefe and Cholakk relating their escape from Big Quince[9]). Moving from there to Okeefe's old contact, the Rodian arms dealer Tulagn, they obtained high powered explosives.[35] They finally retired to the Luudrian Star[4] before Harkness and Raventhorn departed to infiltrate the Vengeance.[36]

Using technician uniforms, they infiltrated the damaged ship, planting their explosives in the bridge. After the explosion went off, blowing right through the bridge, Okeefe, Cholakk, and Starter flew their starships in to continue the attack. Okeefe's mission was to fly close to the Star Destroyer, right in to its dock. There, she was to retrieve Harkness and Raventhorn. Instead, when she arrived, her friends were missing. Blasting some stormtroopers that tried to flee into her ship, Okeefe was faced with the agonizing decision of what to do. Eventually she flew away from the damaged ship, believing her friends to have died aboard. Instead, they managed to escape. They had run into complications when they encountered Golthan and the bounty hunter Beylyssa in person on the ship. Harkness managed to kill Golthan before the two escaped in his private escape pod, finally landing on the planet below. The pair were discovered by local salvagers trying to claim the wreckage who returned them to the spaceport where they reunited with Okeefe. After this close call, Okeefe kept a low profile.[36]

Personality and traits[]


"I must admit Platt, you made an alluring slavegirl."
―Tru'eb Cholakk[src]

Platt Okeefe

Platt Okeefe was a beautiful Human woman. Her most striking feature was her platinum blond hair, whose length she frequently varied. She took advantage of this by dying her hair when she needed anonymity.[2] Okeefe typically wore a red vest over a white blouse, with matching red boots, and a red and silver striped headband. Okeefe also wore pants with red piping down the side—possibly a set of Corellian Bloodstripes.[37] She kept a number of disguises on her ship, from menial tech overalls, to an Imperial Customs Officer's uniform, to evening gowns by some of the most famous designers in the Core Worlds.[10] However, even when settled in her ship, Okeefe kept a ubiquitous Spacer's chest prepared.[38]

She was considered quite beautiful by many, and the notorious womanizer Lando Calrissian was known to be an admirer, once giving Darrik a bejeweled brooch to give to her.[10]


"The worst enemy a smuggler can face is boredom."
―Platt Okeefe on Gelgelar[src]

Okeefe in a firefight

Platt Okeefe considered herself to be a legendary entrepreneur in the smuggling world. On all her travels she recorded all that she saw, aided by a photographic memory. She also cultivated extensive contacts so as to keep her information accurate and up-to-date.[2] She offered this advice freely to others as well, both on the newsnet boards[32] and in her own Smuggler's Log,[33] and took both Tru'eb Cholakk and Darrik under her wing. However, her concern for her fellow smugglers didn't stop her using numerous tricks to get ahead in her career, such as when she paid a squatter on Darknon to sit outside a competitor's room all night, keeping them awake.[2] She was also known by the nickname "Oakie", although only her closest friends used the name.[9]

Okeefe thrived on action, preferring adrenaline charged situations to the boredom of mundane activity. It was this attitude that first led her to look beyond her comfortable homeworld of Brentaal to the stars. Okeefe could be impulsive, often improvising and thinking up plans on the fly such as the rescue of Dirk Harkness.[34] Even when pursued by the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett, Okeefe attempted to turn the tables on him, trying to hunt him down in the jungles of Dagobah, rather than wait for him to pick off her crewmembers.[29] Throughout her many escapades, Okeefe developed finely tuned reflexes, developing a quick and accurate draw with her blaster.[29]

Despite her cavalier attitude to adventure, Okeefe nevertheless took precautions when it came to her ship. She always carried a hotbox with emergency equipment, and regularly used breath masks when working around engines or in unusual atmospheres. She also carried at least six medpacs on her ship, as well as a more comprehensive medkit. Okeefe also practiced emergency drills to keep in shape. Similarly, no matter how credit-strapped she became, Okeefe never sold her escape pods as was common among some starship captains.[38]


Nazrita Villache introduces Okeefe to her starship.

"Brentaal Princess? That's pretty pretentious."
―Nazrita Villache[src]

The Brentaal Princess was Okeefe's first ship, a Ghtroc 720 freighter that she obtained from the Klatooinian Trade Guild. The ship had received numerous modifications from the Guild mechanic, Nazrita Villache. The ship was adorned with extra hull armor, the double laser cannon was given a power boost and the shields overhauled. On top of this, the ship was outfitted with a concealed proton torpedo tube, capable of holding up to five torpedoes. The ship also came with the Treadwell droid, Bee-Zerobee.[1]

Okeefe lost this ship when she was sold into slavery. When she returned to smuggling, she replaced it with a new freighter which she named Pok's Demise. This ship was short-lived, crashing on Tatooine.[12]

The Last Chance

Okeefe replaced it with the Last Chance, which would become her most notable starship. It was a Corellian YT-1300 freighter, which she heavily modified. Okeefe removed two of the extra chairs in the cockpit and installed extra guidance equipment and control computers. Its engines were kept especially well tuned, producing a soothing hum. The stowaway Darrik was lulled to sleep by this sound,[10] while the mercenary Dirk Harkness was comforted by recollections of it while under interrogations on Zelos II.[34]

While already equipped with two quad laser cannons, Okeefe also beefed up the ship's armament. While on Kelada she got the "Finder", a Twi'lek infochant to arrange the installation of a concussion missile tube, similar to that she had on her first ship.[26] Okeefe also modified her escape pods so that the distress beacon could be shut off from inside if she needed to avoid being picked up by an Imperial patrol.[38]

Beyond merely engineering modifications, Okeefe made the ship hers. She installed a large and ornate nashtah-skin throne in the lounge. Other souvenirs of her career littered the room, such as ornamental masks, curled animal horns, and a musty divan from Wroona. Her own bedroom was opulent, with a rare greel wood wardrobe and some shag rugs.[10]

Behind the scenes[]

Platt Okeefe was created by Peter M. Schweighofer, an editor and author at West End Games,[39] and she has appeared in a significant number of West End Games products. She was first mentioned in Cracken's Rebel Operatives as a companion of Tru'eb Cholakk but soon graduated to her own appearances. She appeared in a number of consecutive stories in the Star Wars Adventure Journal, retelling the histories of a number of characters related to the mercenary group, the Black Curs. The retelling of her story was combined with that of Cholakk.

Okeefe was also used by West End Games to disseminate information to players of the role playing game from a pseudo-in-universe perspective. In this manner, she wrote a column in a number of Journals, called the Smuggler's Log. These featured information on ships, characters, locations, and other information that could be integrated into campaigns. She continued to act as a player's guide in the revised and expanded version of the Second Edition rulebook, cast as one of a number of characters to narrate various sections of the book. Okeefe also starred in a pair of sourcebooks that featured her name: Platt's Starport Guide detailed seven planetary locations, while Platt's Smugglers Guide detailed the various components in a smuggler's life.

Okeefe had cameo roles in numerous other West End Games products, such as the Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook, Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids, and Planets of the Galaxy, Volume One. Along with her steadfast companion Cholakk, Okeefe starred in the pick-a-path adventure, Imperial Double-Cross. She also appeared in Gathering Shadows, a story originally written for the canceled Star Wars Adventure Journal 16, which was later published in the Tales from the New Republic anthology.

Okeefe's first name is said to be of Corellian origin, although she is Brentaalan herself.[40]


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