"For years, Captain, we have patrolled this sector—seeing few battles—gaining fewer glories. But I have a feeling about this...!"
"As do I, Nizzon. As though discovery of what lies beyond that rent will bring us all the glories of a lifetime.
―Nizzon and Plikk[1]

Captain Plikk was a Human female officer in the Imperial Navy who commanded a fleet operating in a remote, backwater sector. Along with her First Officer, Lieutenant Nizzon, Plikk quietly patrolled this sector for years without seeing much action, before stumbling upon a curious dimensional rift in 3 ABY. Plikk led her fleet through the rent to find the City of Dreams, a utopian dreamscape psychically created by Cody Sunn-Childe, a former Rebel hero who had mysteriously disappeared years earlier.[1]

Desperately wanting the glory that been denied to her for so long, Plikk ordered her ships to attack and destroy the city, using the last of the remaining power in their hyperdrives to fuel the assault. However, this left Plikk and her fleet stranded in Sunn-Childe's pocket dimension, with no way out.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Plikk first appeared in Star Wars (1977) 46, written by John Marc DeMatteis and released in 1981. In the issue, Plikk was illustrated by Carmine Infantino.[1]



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