Fode: "Any chance Sebulba might regain his title on Malastare?"
Beed: "Well, with the loss of his giant Collor Pondrat Plug-F Mammoth Split-X racer, its unlikely he'll..."
Sebulba: "Choke on it, Beed!"
Fodesinbeed Annodue and Sebulba, after the Boonta Eve podrace[src]

The Plug-F Mammoth was a Podracer produced by Collor Pondrat and used around the time of the Invasion of Naboo and was still seen in the galaxy during the Galactic Civil War.


The Plug-F Mammoth was an intimidating Podracer developed by Collor Pondrat to favor thrust over aerodynamics. One of the first factory builds created, the Mammoth was notable for its Split-X turbojet engine, which was chem-boosted to make it one of the fastest turbines used in the sport. Extremely fragile and dangerous, the engines were fueled by tradium pressurized with quold runium, activated with ionized injectrine, to give the pod an extra speed boost. Because of these attributes, the pod had a loud, unique, fast-paced, high-pitched engine rumble.[2]

The maneuvering jets and advanced variable control surfaces allowed the Mammoth to fly easily in the air, making it one of the top five best-selling factory customs for decades. During the Galactic Civil War, the Mammoth declined in sales as Collo Pondrat debuted the Plug-2 Behemoth and Plug-G Gargantua.[2]


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