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"None of this was my choice! I never asked to be ripped away from my home! From…my family. You'll never know what it's like."
"I wish I didn't…but I do."
―Pluma Sodi and Asajj Ventress[2]

Pluma Sodi was a female Kage and sister of Krismo Sodi, the leader of the Kage Warriors. During the Clone Wars, the leader of her homeworld Quarzite, the Belugan Lord Otua Blank, sought her as his bride, and was captured. As Kage Warriors attacked the subtram that was being defended by a group of bounty hunters led by Boba Fett, the box she was tied up in tipped over and the hunters, who were not told what they were transporting, learned that they were defending the girl. Fett promised Pluma he would protect her from Krismo, not realizing she had been kidnapped and wanted to be rescued, and was promptly slapped on the face by Pluma. However, Krismo was defeated by Asajj Ventress and Pluma and her brother were both tied up.[2]

As Boba and Ventress, the only two hunters remaining, guarded the tram, Pluma begged Ventress to set them free, and when she didn't, accused her of only caring about the money and not valuing their lives. When Ventress sneered and told her that they were just another job to her, Pluma told her that she had no idea what it was like to be ripped away from her family. This struck a chord with Ventress, who had just witnessed the Nightsisters be slaughtered. She betrayed Boba, delivering him to Otua Blank's stronghold and collecting the payment before Blank realized he had been deceived. Pluma and Krismo were then given back to the Kage Warriors in return for a payment. Pluma thanked Ventress for saving her as she rode away on a milodon with her companions.[2]

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