"Ever heard of a pluripleq? Fascinating little beast. Bioengineered. Only a few ever made."
―Cornelius Evazan[src]

A pluripleq was a bioengineered non-sentient tentacled creature which had the ability to change its appearance, similar to a changeling. Though they were rare,[1] at least one was held in a biofarm[2] on Thannt. Doctor Cornelius Evazan, evading his many death sentences,[1] infiltrated the biofarm[2] and stole a pluripleq, wearing it on his face to disguise himself and using the name "Lopset Yas".[1] While Evazan was a prisoner aboard Accresker Jail, the pluripleq was detected when "Lopset" and Chelli Aphra were scanned by Dek-Nil, but the extra lifeform was put down to a technological error.[3] When the shapeshifting abilities of the pluripleq were accidentally revealed to Aphra, Evazan pretended that he was a changeling himself.[4] He later used the pluripleq to disguise himself as Princess Leia Organa while hiring Nokk and Winloss to hunt down Aphra and 0-0-0, but Nokk could tell that it was a disguise.[5]

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The pluripleq first appeared—as the face of "Lopset Yas"— in the 2018 canon comic Doctor Aphra 20, written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Kev Walker.[3] It was not identified as such until Doctor Aphra 25, also written by Spurrier and illustrated by Walker.[1]


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