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"You know, I've been thinking about all of this. Thinking about the fight. I don't think it's about heroes. I used to. Got that idea burned right out of me. It's not about Jedi or the best pilots in the galaxy winning against impossible odds. It's not about saving the galaxy. It's about saving your galaxy. The one within reach. You choose right over wrong. When it's dark, you try to bring some light. You end your journey knowing you made things brighter. If everyone made that choice… Well… I think everyone can. Maybe they just need to see how you do it. I think that's the fight. We've lost a lot. Almost everything…but we can still do what needs to be done. We can still win. In fact in some ways…the Resistance has just begun."
―Poe Dameron, to Black Squadron[13]

Poe Dameron was a human male who originally served as a member of the Spice Runners of Kijimi, before becoming a pilot in the New Republic and eventually joining the Resistance, rising to become acting General of the Resistance, during the Cold War and subsequent war with the First Order. The son of Lieutenant Shara Bey and Sergeant Kes Dameron of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Dameron followed in his late mother's footsteps in becoming a pilot, serving the New Republic Defense Fleet as the commander of Rapier Squadron, but grew disillusioned with the Republic's inaction to the First Order's violations of the Galactic Concordance. Dameron defected to the Resistance, where he became one of General Leia Organa's most trusted operatives. Dameron flew under the callsign of Black Leader while piloting his specialized T-70 X-wing starfighter, Black One.

As the conflict with the First Order grew more desperate, Dameron was sent to find Lor San Tekka on Jakku, who had a data chip containing part of a map to locate Organa's brother, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Though Dameron entrusted the map to his astromech droid BB-8, he was captured by the First Order and interrogated for the location of the map, eventually being forced to hand over the information. He escaped with the help of a defecting stormtrooper, whom Dameron nicknamed Finn, and returned to the Resistance base on D'Qar on his own. He aided Finn, Rey, Han Solo, and Chewbacca with air support during the Battle of Takodana, and he later flew during the battle to destroy the superweapon known as Starkiller Base. During the battle, after the base was damaged by Solo, Finn, Rey, and Chewbacca, Dameron fired the shots that destroyed the Starkiller weapon, saving the Resistance from certain destruction.

During the subsequent battle of D'Qar, Dameron disobeyed orders and led an attack on the First Order Dreadnought Fulminatrix, but his reckless actions caused him to be demoted from Wing Commander to captain. As the First Order pursued the Resistance by tracking them through hyperspace to the Crait system, Dameron did not approve of the passive strategy of Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo and worked with Finn and mechanic Rose Tico to break into Supreme Leader Snoke's flagship, the Supremacy, and disable the First Order's hyperspace tracker before eventually staging a mutiny against Admiral Holdo in an effort to buy Finn and Rose time.

However, Dameron and the mutineers had not realized that Holdo's plan was to discreetly transport the Resistance to an abandoned Rebel base on the nearby planet Crait, and his group's actions caused the First Order to discover the Resistance's escape vessels and destroy many of them. Even so, General Organa gave Dameron command after Holdo sacrificed herself, and he led a last-ditch counterattack against the First Order during the Battle of Crait. The counterattack was unsuccessful, but Dameron was able to lead the surviving Resistance fighters while a Force projection of Luke Skywalker distracted Kylo Ren and the First Order, where they found their way to Rey and the Millennium Falcon, allowing them to escape.

After the escape, the group took the brief moment of peace to catch up on recent events, and as he left for the Battle of Grail City, the ace was promoted back to commander. After that, he reflected on what it truly meant to be a member of the Resistance, and how he believed it was about bringing light to dark and saving one's galaxy.

Serving the Resistance over the next year, Dameron continued the fight against the First Order on countless worlds, soon obtaining knowledge that Kylo Ren had been in contact with the resurrected Darth Sidious. Bringing this knowledge back to the Resistance, Dameron, Finn, Rey, and Chewbacca departed from their newly established base on Ajan Kloss and went to Pasaana to the search for the Sith wayfinder. There, they found the retired general Lando Calrissian, who directed the heroes towards the Bestoon Legacy, where his search went cold years back. Poe and his friends then encountered the First Order and Kylo Ren, and Chewbacca and the Falcon were captured. Dameron brought his friends to the Spice Runners' Den on Kijimi to visit Babu Frik to uncover newly read forbidden Sith translations from C-3PO's memory banks. Rey, having sensed Chewbacca's presence on the Steadfast, alerted the others, and they boarded the destroyer to rescue their friend, finding the unexpected help from the traitorous Hux. The Resistance crew then traveled to Kef Bir, the ocean moon of Endor, to visit the wreckage of the second Death Star, while meeting Company 77, a group of First Order deserters.

Upon Rey departing and returning to Ajan Kloss, Dameron received the news that General Organa had passed away. He took this very hard, burdened with the leadership role she passed to him. In a moment of vulnerability, Dameron confessed his hopelessness in Organa's chamber, but was comforted by Lando, who returned to help the Resistance. With this newfound hope, Dameron promoted Finn to co-general and they planned their final assault on Exegol, using the course plotted by Rey in Luke Skywalker's T-65B X-wing starfighter. The co-generals launched their attack, sending Lando to the core worlds to gather support. The Resistance's initial attack was a bust, as the Sith Eternal picked off their pilots one-by-one. Dameron lost hope and felt personally responsible for the losses.

Suddenly, Calrissian arrived at Exegol with citizens from all over the galaxy in tow in a massive Citizens' Fleet, and reminded Poe that he is never alone. Together, leading the people of the galaxy, Dameron became the spark that lit the fire that would burn down the First Order. Civilian vessels began to take out the Sith Eternal's fleet of Xyston-class Star Destroyers, the Final Order, while Rey and Ben Solo fought the resurrected Sith Lord on the ground. Having briefly restored his strength, Sidious unleashed a storm of Force lightning, disabling the fleet for a short time. Rey managed to stop this however, and Dameron was able to continue leading the citizens of the galaxy.

Victorious, Dameron and the fleet returned to Ajan Kloss to celebrate. Inspired by the Resistance, the rest of the galaxy begins to rise up against the rest of the First Order. Dameron reunited with Finn, Rey, and Zorii Bliss, and embraced in their victory.


Early life

"Might as well start from the beginning! Sooo…I was born on Yavin 4. My folks were enlisted in the Rebellion, which obviously kept them very busy, so I spent my formative years with my grand-father…and then, when I was…six, I guess? My mother took me up in her A-wing. Now this was the RZ-1 model, which is way different than the early R-22's. I mean those were basically just stunt flyers, y'know?"
―Poe stalling pirates by telling them about his early life[14]

Baby Poe's hologram

Three years prior to[2] his[3] birth, Poe Dameron's voice was heard by Padawan Ezra Bridger during his mission to a realm between time and space.[15] Born in 2 ABY[2] on the tenth day of the fifth month,[16] Poe Dameron was the son of Shara Bey and Kes Dameron, who both served the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the fight against the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.[17] As an infant, Dameron rarely saw his parents due to the Alliance's continued operations against the Imperials before and after the Battle of Endor,[1] as his mother worked as a Rebel pilot for the Alliance's Green Squadron and his father was a member of the Pathfinders,[18] and Dameron was thus left in the care of his maternal grandfather.[17] Six months after the Battle of Endor,[7] after the Imperial remnant put forward Operation: Cinder,[1] Poe Dameron's parents left Rebel service to reunite with him, settle on Yavin 4 and build a house in a colony[7]—close to which they planted a Force-sensitive tree, a gift from Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker.[1]

At age 6,[19] Poe Dameron began to learn how to fly in his mother's old RZ-1 A-wing interceptor, which was part of his mother's compensation package when she mustered out of the Rebellion. She would take Dameron up in it, and he would sit in her lap, learning how to control the ship from her. Tragedy struck his family when his mother unexpectedly died; at the time, Dameron was only eight years old.[7] L'ulo L'ampar, Bey's fellow Rebel pilot and friend, helped raise Dameron, and was thus like family to him.[20]

The Spice Runners of Kijimi

In 18 ABY,[2] Dameron flew his mother's A-wing in space, but was being pursued by Yavin Four's Civilian Defense Force. He was shot down and taken to a jail cell. He woke up and was distraught to find out that he had crashed his mother's A-wing beyond repair. An upset Kes met Poe at the police station, resulting in the father and son arguing about Poe always getting into trouble by taking joyrides on ships. Poe stormed off and ran into L'ulo, who spoke to him about Shara and encouraged Poe to never give up flying.[6]


For a brief time in his younger years, Poe Dameron joined with the Spice Runners of Kijimi.

Poe walked into the Gully's cantina, where the Devaronian bartender Fontis yelled that he is the best pilot on Yavin 4. He vented to Fontis about his day before noticing a girl his age with wavy brown hair dancing. Walking over to the girl, she introduced herself as Zorii Wynn and told Poe that she and her crew of smugglers were in need of a pilot after their's died mysteriously. Jumping at the opportunity to finally leave his home planet, he offered to fly them off-world. It wasn't until Poe boarded their ship that he found out they were the Spice Runners of Kijimi, which he had heard was a contender for the title of most dangerous crime organization in the galaxy. Poe managed to evade the New Republic by faking his own kidnapping and flew them off.[6]

Over the next few months, Poe cultivated a relationship with Wynn, whose real name was Zorii Bliss, and found a mentor in Tomasso, Zorii's father-figure. Poe and Zorii were assigned basic grunt work such as cooking, cleaning, and keeping watch. Poe also taught Zorii how to fly. He learned hyperspace skipping from Tomasso after they escaped capture from a rival spice running gang. After a botched heist, Poe and Zorii became friends with a droid called EV-6B6.[6]

Eight months after Poe ran away, he was tracked down by his father and L'ulo. Their reunion was cut short by Zorii, who demanded to know why Kes and L'ulo traveled throughout the galaxy in order to look for Poe. Kes insisted that they were taking Poe with them. However, amphibious aliens with poisonous venom started attacking. Kes was bitten in the torso by one before a Spice Runner cruiser arrived. Poe told L'ulo to get his father off-planet and promised he would one day return home. The leader of the Spice Runners of Kijimi, Zeva Bliss, soon disembarked and killed Tomasso, much to Poe's horror, for betraying the Spice Runners of Kijimi. Then she shot EV-6B6 when Poe told her they got her from Ledesmar's cruiser.[6]


Zorii Bliss (pictured) offered Poe Dameron the chance to overthrow her mother Zeva and control the Spice Runners at her side.

Poe and Zorii's friendship was strained after he found out Zeva was Zorii's mother. They finally made it to Kijimi and met with the droidsmith Babu Frik, who rebuilt EV-6B6. During the ensuing Kijimi summit, Poe found out that Zeva planned to kill all her enemies in one fell swoop and take over the galactic criminal underworld, having tricked them into a false sense of security with the supposed summit. Poe refused to take part in Zeva's plan, only for that to make Zorii relentlessly attack him until EV-6B6 electrocuted her. Poe foiled Zeva's plan by freeing her prisoners and interrupting her battle with New Republic Security Bureau officer Sela Trune, who wanted revenge against Zeva for killing her family. Trune died in Poe's arms, telling him that she did not want the Spice Runners of Kijimi to destroy his family like they had destroyed hers.[6]

Zeva angrily lashed out at Poe, slicing him across the chest and shoulder when he tried to aim his blaster at her before stabbing him in the side as well. Zeva was about to deliver the final killing blow when Zorii shoved her mother away, saving Poe's life. However, Zorii began to offer him the chance to usurp her mother and take control of the Spice Runners with her. Tired of the life of a Spice Runner after everything he had seen, he rejected her offer and, at her urging when she angrily demanded he never return, ran off, escaping to receive medical help from someone who owed him a favor. He went on the run from the Spice Runners of Kijimi for a month before finally leaving the planet in disguise[6] to return home.[4]

Serving the New Republic

Entering the Navy

Eventually, Poe Dameron joined the New Republic Defense Fleet.[7] Upon entering the New Republic's service, he was trained by legendary pilot and Rebel veteran, Wedge Antilles and was considered to be one of Antilles' best students.[11] Poe also began to learn the true scope of his mother's heroism, and he himself rose through the ranks, becoming a commander for the New Republic.[7]

Earning a reputation of being extremely skilled,[21] Poe would be given command of Rapier Squadron, a group of T-85 X-wings, Dameron also met the spherical astromech droid BB-8, who would go onto assist him during his flights as Rapier Leader and become a steadfast friend from then on.[7]

Commander of Rapier Squadron

"Rapier Squadron...Punch it!"
―Commander Poe Dameron[22]

At one point in his Navy career, Rapier Squadron was deployed to Brooksdion space station, where Dameron declared that he was "owned by the stars." They then received a scramble alert to chase down a starship whose occupants had just stolen the head of a droid assigned to an admiral. They gave chase in their X-wings, but it fled into the Lost Souls asteroid field. Dameron ordered his wingmen to hold, but he continued the chase.[22]

His squadron was stationed at the Mirrin Prime Republic base, under Major Lonno Deso. In time, Dameron came to be aware of the threat the First Order represented and the leeway they were given by the Republic, but he and his squadron were merely deployed to patrol trade lanes in the Mirrin sector and protect ships from piracy.[7]

The Yissira Zyde

"It's going to happen again, you realize that, don't you?"
"If it does, it'll be dealt with then."
"So we do nothing? That's the solution? An emerging threat, and we do nothing?"
―Poe Dameron and Lonno Desso, discussing the First Order[7]

After four weeks of inactivity, Dameron's scanner picked up a distress call from the Yissira Zyde. Once BB-8 pinpointed its exact location above Suraz 4, Dameron and his fellow Rapiers—Karé Kun, Iolo Arana, and Muran—made the jump into lightspeed, expecting to find the Zyde under pirate attack. However, they found the freighter sieged by eight First Order TIE fighters, which proceeded to attack them. Breaking them into two elements, Dameron and Kun attacked the TIE fighters, while Arana and Muran broke off the shuttles attacking the Zyde. Though during the skirmish Dameron fell five enemy ships, and Kun the other three, the squadron lost Muran.[7]

OR-Kappa-2722 skirmish

Dameron engages the First Order near OR-Kappa-2722.

Afterwards, Dameron tried to convince Desso to contact the Resistance or investigate the attack, but as Republic Command had ordered not to take action against the First Order, Dameron's request was denied. When they were sent on a patrol once again, Dameron split up from Kun and Arana to do a reconnaissance mission of the Yissira Zyde's hyperspace trajectory alone with BB-8. Together, they made it to OR-Kappa-2722 where they found a First Order staging point and Dameron was forced to engage and avoid two dozen TIE fighters while BB-8 located the Zyde's ID transponder aboard one of the Star Destroyers. When they were ready to leave, Dameron made a "L'ulo Stand" and managed to escape back to Mirrin Prime. Upon his return to the planet, Dameron met Major Caluan Ematt and was then made to enter a briefing room alone to meet General Leia Organa, who requested that he tell her everything about the Yissira Zyde.[7]

Pilot of the Resistance

Joining Organa's forces

"I'm a Republic officer, General. I swore an oath to protect the Republic, to—"
"No, you misunderstand. I like it. It was rash of you, as I said, it was foolish. But we could use some rash these days, and foolish and passionate are often confused, and passion is something we desperately need."
―Poe Dameron and Leia Organa[7]

Upon ending his account of the skirmish, Organa realized that Dameron reminded her of her brother Luke Skywalker—for being passionate, an outstanding pilot and dedicated to doing what was right—and offered him the opportunity to join the Resistance in its conflict against the First Order. Dameron immediately accepted, as did Kun and Arana. Retaining the rank of commander and now in charge of his own fighter wing, Dameron was transferred to the Echo of Hope, and in the next few months, he went onto helping in recruiting efforts to find additional pilots, scouting missions, long-range reconnaissance, and searching for signs of First Order movement and positions.[7]

In his service to the Resistance, Dameron became one of Organa's most-trusted operatives,[23] and quickly rose through the ranks of the understaffed Starfighter Corps, earning the command of both Red and Blue Squadron―the latter of which served as the primary line of defense for the Resistance base on D'Qar. Under the callsign of Black Leader, to denote his customized, dark-hulled T-70 X-wing starfighter Black One,[19] Dameron was assisted during his flights by BB-8.[24]

Operation: Sabre Strike

"Captain Kun is an exceptional pilot, without question, as is Captain Arana, for that matter. But it's a rare pilot who engages one frigate and two Star Destroyers and lives to tell the tale."
―Leia Organa to Poe Dameron[7]

Dameron, wearing a Resistance flight suit.

Eventually, Dameron was recruited by Organa for Operation: Sabre Strike to steal navicomputer data from the Hevurion Grace, which belonged to First Order sympathizer and Republic senator, Erudo Ro-Kiintor. Dameron, in turn, recruited Kun and Arana and acquired three Z-95 Headhunters for the operation. Forced to leave BB-8 behind, Dameron and his team went to the Uvoss system and awaited for the Pinnacle-class luxury ship to arrive. When it did, Kun and Arana disabled and escorted the ship as planned, while Dameron used an EVA suit to board Ro-Kiintor's Grace. Inside, he claimed the ship for the Irving Boys to cover his true allegiance, and forced the senator, his pilot and his servant to go into the escape pods.[7]

Dameron then made it to the ship's cockpit and worked on restarting the droid engines when First Order's vessels appeared. Depite engaging one frigate and two Star Destroyers, Dameron, Kun and Aranda managed to escape and land their respective ships aboard the Echo of Hope. General Organa then met with Dameron and sent C-3PO to get everything he could from the flight computers. The following morning Dameron confided in Organa that he was angry and worried at their situation, which echoed the Imperial Era's characteristic hopelessness that his parents had told him about. Organa then resolved to find Lor San Tekka, whom (according to their findings in the Hevurion Grace) the First Order was trying to locate, and whom Organa believed held a clue to her brother's location.[7]

An unlikely friendship

"I thought they'd know where our contact was. Well, it was worth a shot."
―Poe Dameron[25]

A creature attacks Dameron and BB-8.

At some point, Dameron and BB-8 visited a swamp planet. They both ran into the planet's native species and a creature which tried to kill them. Soon after a young human boy named Kori Ong saved them and Dameron responded thanks but they had an urgent matter to attend to. Ong responded that he knew the swamps better and suggested resting for the night because of the roaming dangerous creatures in the swamps. When the next morning came, Dameron, Ong, and BB-8 were caught in a net by natives but BB-8 used his welding torch to escape. During their escape, Ong stayed behind to hold them off when Dameron and BB-8 escaped but they stayed and helped anyway. The three later headed back to Dameron's T-70 X-wing starfighter but right before Dameron left, he gave Ong a Resistance trinket.[25]

Retrieving C-3PO

At some point later, Dameron and BB-8 were deployed to retrieve C-3PO (with whom he was already familiar), the only survivor of a mission to transmit the location of Admiral Gial Ackbar to the Resistance.[26]

Forming Black Squadron

"You are my team, you are my friends. We are Black Squadron…and it's an honor."
―Poe Dameron, forming Black Squadron[9]
Leia tasked Poe for mission

General Organa tasked Dameron to find her brother.

Determined to find her brother before the First Order did, Organa tasked Dameron with the hunt for Lor San Tekka at his last-known location. Although trouble was unlikely, Dameron was authorized to select a squadron of four pilots and a technician. Choosing people whom he could trust, Dameron recruited Kun, L'ampar, Temmin Wexley, Jessika Pava, and Oddy Muva to form Black Squadron. Dameron informed the group that they would be departing on a mission, but, to L'ampar's disapproval, the purpose of their mission remained classified.[9]

Except for Muva, Dameron and his squadron departed from D'Qar to Ovanis where Tekka was last seen. Leaving the rest of his squadron to fly above the surface, he flew Black One into a perilous cavern and landed at a Crèche outpost, and briefly lost contact with the squadron. While BB-8 restore the signal, Dameron inquired about Tekka's location with the outpost's elder, but she refused out of distrust. BB-8 then discovered a tracker on his ship, which meant the First Order was likely to arrive soon. Not too long afterwards, Kun reported to Dameron that a First Order landing platform was already on site and deploying a taskforce to the cavernous entrance.[9] Striking a deal with the elder, Dameron and BB-8 hid their starfighter before Agent Terex bursted into the outpost, and Dameron ordered his squadron to "give him some leverage."[21]

While they did as ordered and fell the platform, Dameron confronted Terex while BB-8 remained hidden. Although he no longer had air support, Terex ordered his flametroopers to destroy the sacred egg of the Crèche and correctly surmised that the Ravenous from orbit would launch a counterattack.[21] However, in the nick of time, the "savior" hatched from the egg and attacked everyone. Dameron used the opportunity to distract Terex with a punch, while BB-8 stole the agent's blaster pistol. As Dameron and Terex fought over it, the creature's counterpart appeared to save the Crèche and killed the newly-hatched beast. Forced into stalemate, Terex called the attack off, and Dameron took advantage of their momentous peace to speak with the elder again. Grateful, she told Dameron where Tekka had gone after leaving the planet, and then left the planet with the rest of her people and the savior. With them safe, Dameron and his squadron retreated from the planet, letting Terex go.[27]

Prison Break on Megalox Beta

"May the worst win."

Back on D'Qar, Dameron reported to Organa about the search's next destination and told her of the tracking beacon BB-8 had found attached to his ship. While she put C-3PO on the case to see what he learned through his network, she also paid a generous amount to get Black Squadron inside the privately-owned prison of Megalox Beta so that they could see Grakkus the Hutt—reputed for being a collector of Jedi artifacts. Upon arrival, Dameron and his squadron were greeted by Luta, who gave them a rundown of the prison's rules, and left her men to escort them to the surface. Although they were left to their own devices, Dameron's team found its way to Grakkus' headquarters. However, Dameron soon found out that Terex was already there and had become aware of Dameron's attempts to find the location of Tekka. Grakkus struck a deal with the two of them: he would provide his information to the one who broke him out of the prison.[20]

After speaking with Grakkus, Dameron told Black Squadron that Grakkus knew where Tekka was. However, he told them they had break him free out of prison before Terex. "Snap" asked Dameron how Terex got there first. All Dameron knew was that the F.O.S.B. have ears everywhere. Thus, Dameron and Black Squadron started to plan the escape. He then waited until a group of prisoners started ram the door.[28]

Dameron and the other members of Black Squadron than defended Grakkus's fortress against the prisoners under Papa Toren. Dameron then waited for BB-8 and the other astromechs to disable the prison's gravity field. After BB-8 signaled him, Dameron and the others then turned on their gravity belts. After the prisoners were subdued, Dameron had L'ampar acquire guns. Dameron then went into the fortress and took Grakkus. Dameron then contacted Warden Luta and told him that he knew about his deal with Terex. Dameron was able to convince him to let them return to their fighters and leave with Grakkus on one of Luta's ships. As they left the station, Dameron and the other pilots then engaged with the Carrion Spike. Before Grakkus made his escape, Dameron was then given information on Tekka. Dameron then returned to D'Qar, where he gave the information to General Organa. Dameron than asked if he would resume his search for Tekka. Organa told him that she had a more important mission for Dameron; to find out who informed Terex about the prison.[29]

Meeting Suralinda Javos

Dameron the went to Pheryon. There, he met up with Suralinda Javos, an Squamatan reporter for the Galaxy Beacon. Dameron and Javos then came under attack by a group of thugs. He and Javos then "borrowed" a Stormsailer to make their escape. Dameron was then told by Javos she was working on a story about the First Order, it's violations of the Galactic Concordance, and increasing its military's power to destroy the New Republic with it's new weapons. Dameron wanted to know more, but Javos wanted to tell General Organa directly.[30]

Dameron then continued to elude the ships. He and Javos were able to lose in the stormsea. Dameron and Javos then went to a tavern continue their discussion. However, they were then taken by Lieutenant Weel of the First Order Security Bureau with several hooded stormtroopers. Dameron then tried to goad the stormtroopers into fighting him. He was then freed when Javos sprayed acid into Weel's face and took the remaining stormtroopers. Dameron then took Javos to D'Qar. However, Javos had lied about the information and told the truth to both Dameron and Organa.[30]

Mission to Kaddak

"Yeah. Just another day on Kaddak. We need to find that droid and get out of here. This isn't just another spaceport. It's a bad place."
―Poe Dameron[31]

Following the mission to Pheryon, Dameron worked on his hand-to-hand combat skill. He also chatted with BB-8 and tried to figure out who was traitor in Black squadron. While Dameron regarded L'ampar, Kun, Pava, and Wexley, Dameron was frustrated that he could no longer trust his squadron mates and blamed Terex. After Muva ran a diagnostic on his X-wing Black One's port stabilizers, Dameron allowed Oddy to fly the Black One as a reward. Shortly later, General Organa dispatched her spymaster C-3PO to enlist Dameron's help in recovering a Resistance spy droid on the Outer Rim world of Kaddak, who had purportedly uncovered a trove of information on the First Order including the location of Supreme Leader Snoke.[32]

The droid had sent a transmission but had been unable to transmit the data. General Organa had ordered C-3PO and Dameron to travel to Kaddak to investigate and if possible to retrieve the operative. To avoid drawing attention, Organa instructed Poe to take C-3PO and another pilot as backup in a shuttle. Since Poe was unable to trust his fellow Black Squadron pilots, he decided to bring Oddy Muva and BB-8 for the mission. The four traveled to Kaddak on an old freighter.[32]

Poe and C-3PO on Kaddak

Poe and C-3PO on the planet Kaddak.

Dameron, BB-8, 3PO, and Muva landed in the Sliver, a city on Kaddak built around a giant crystal. Upon arriving, Poe and his party witnessed an unfortunate individual being thrown to their death. Since Kaddak was a bad place, Poe instructed his team to maintain a low profile so they could find the droid and get out fast. Poe's party visited a cantina in the Sliver's Level 45, which was frequented by various criminal elements including the Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub. Poe was present when C-3PO and BB-8 interacted with a mouse droid, who revealed that their spy droid was being held by the Ranc Gang, a feared criminal syndicated that dominated Kaddak.[31]

Together, Poe and the group headed to the Ranc Gang's base. Upon arriving, Dameron was stunned by a reception staff member. While Poe was unconscious, several Ranc gangsters surrounded his companions. However, C-3PO outmaneuvered them by activating several Resistance spy droids, who forced the gangsters to stand down. As Poe awoke, C-3PO grumbled about exposing a good set of operatives. Poe also assured BB-8 he was allright. Oddy also informed Poe that C-3PO had dispatched the Resistance spy droids to search for their asset, who turned out to be the BX-series droid commando N1-ZX ("Nunzix"). Instead of expressing gratitude, Nunzix chided them for taking too long.[33]

Despite their small victory, Poe and his team ran into a new problem when N1-ZX refused to divulge the information until he had safely been returned to the Resistance base on account of his self-preservation programming. Dameron toyed about giving Nunzix a "Robo-lobotomy" but C-3PO countered that forcibly infiltrating his system would result in a complete memory wipe. Dameron reluctantly agreed to return to D'Qar. Before they could do so, Lord Terex flew over the Sliver in his starship Carrion Spike and placed a bounty on Poe's head. Terex had already retaken control of the Ranc Gang. Dameron and his team were attacked by a mob but Poe managed to activate more spy droids to hold the crowd at bay.[33]

Poe and the droids managed to return to their freighter but were separated from Oddy Muva. Since their freighter was not very spaceworthy, Poe had BB-8 open the freighter's cargo bay, which contained his X-wing Black One. Poe and the droids departed on the Black One with C-3PO and N1-ZX riding in storage compartments on the fighter's cargo hull. Poe decided to leave the freighter for Oddy as a get-away vehicle. Unknown to Poe, Terex had allowed him and the droids to escape. Terex's Carrion Spike's sensors were capable of tracking the Black One. Terex also mustered a fleet of "Uglies" to hunt down Poe.[33] Oddy also stowed aboard the Carrion Spike, intent on rescuing his wife Sowa Chuan.[34]

Showdown with Agent Terex

Once in space, Poe got BB-8 to set a course for D'Qar. While traveling through hyperspace, Poe confided in BB-8 and C-3PO his angst about how Terex had been able to keep one step ahead of him. After ruling out the droids, General Organa, and his Black Squadron mates as traitors, Poe realized that their mole was Oddy Muva.[34] In fact, Oddy Muva had been blackmailed by Terex into spying on Black Squadron in order to guarantee the well-being of his wife Sowa Chuan.[35] Poe also realized that the information Nunzix was carrying was part of a ploy by Terex to undermine the Resistance.[34]

After exiting hyperspace, Dameron contacted N1-ZX and voiced his suspicion that Terex had planted disinformation. Shortly later, Poe's X-wing was followed by Terex's flagship Carrion Spike and a fleet of "Uglies." Terex quickly realized that Poe had figured out his plan and ordered the Ranc fighters to destroy his perennial foe. Poe managed to shoot down two enemy "Uglies" before crashlanding on a desert planet.[34]

Poe helps C-3PO

Poe carried C-3PO on his back while being incinerated by several Uglies.

Poe and the droids survived the crashlanding but N1-ZX's right arm was severed. While BB-8 guided N1-ZX into a cave, Poe carried C-3PO on his back. The group narrowly escaped being incinerated by several "Uglies." Poe decided to bring the group deeper into the cave. Shortly later, Terex led a landing party into the cave in pursuit of Poe and the droids. BB-8 managed to slow down the Ranc Gang by collapsing an ice stalactite on top of them but was shot down. During the journey, tensions surfaced between Poe and Nunzix, who was only concerned with safeguarding his own well-being. Despite some misgivings, Poe allowed C-3PO to stay behind in an effort to slow down Terex and his gang.[35]

After Terex got passed C-3PO and stole the droid's memory unit, Poe tried to convince N1-ZX to fight but the droid was unwilling to put himself at risk due to his self-preservation software. In frustration, Poe pointed his blaster at N1-ZX but the droid retorted that doing so would give their position away. When all seemed lost, Poe was contacted by his second-in-command Temmin, who reassured him that Black Squadron had come to his aid. Black Squadron then engaged in a dogfight with the Carrion Spike and Terex's fleet of "Uglies."[35]

With N1-ZX unwilling to fight, Poe contacted Temmin, who sent him a droid personality template for his late B1-series battle droid Mister Bones. Poe used his comlink to transmit the template onto N1-ZX, who assumed Mister Bones' identity. Mister Bones quickly killed Terex's henchmen before being shot and beheaded by Terex. When Terex dared Poe to come out of hiding, Poe leapt onto Terex from higher ground and threw him to the ground. Poe then confronted Terex with his blaster and vowed to settle scores with him.[36]

However, Terex hurled a dagger at Poe. The dagger pierced Poe's right hand, causing him to drop the gun. Terex then prepared to kill Poe with his vibroblade but was electrocuted by BB-8. Meanwhile, Oddy Muva managed to evacuate his wife and Terex's other slaves in escape pods. Black Squadron provided cover as the escape pods headed to the desert world. During the skirmish, L'ampar was killed when his A-wing was shot down. Still, the Resistance pilots managed to escort Oddy and the escape pods to safety. Terex's fleet was wiped out when First Order forces under Commander Malarus arrived above the desert planet to chastise Terex for insubordination.[36] Terex had disobeyed the Supreme Leader's directive to avoid direct conflict with the New Republic and its aligned forces.[34]

Poe dragged Terex and C-3PO out of the cave. He was greeted by Commander Malarus and several stormtroopers and TIE fighters. To ward off a First Order attack, Dameron instructed Temmin and the other pilots to do a fly over and record everything that happened. Commander Malarus however was not interested in fighting the Resistance and praised Dameron for his political savvy. She then informed him that she had come to arrest Terex. Poe did not object since Terex was his enemy. Before handing Terex over, Dameron taunted Terex about the destruction of his fleet. When Terex countered that Poe had lost one of his pilots, Dameron responded that he had only lost a friend while Terex had lost everything.[36]

Dameron and the remainder of Black Squadron attended the funeral of L'ulo L'ampar at the Resistance base. There, Dameron spoke about being more than flesh and bone, but luminious beings according Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. He also said that L'ampar was his uncle who raised him since he was a child. Despite being cranky, Dameron considered him one of best pilots he ever met. He said "May the Force be with you, L'ulo."[37]

As Dameron and BB-8 worked Black One, they were approached by General Organa who was surprised that he was not with the rest of Black Squadron at L'ulo's wake. Despite that, Organa asked Dameron to debrief him on Oddy Muva and where he was.[37] Dameron told her that they found several escape pods from Carrion Spike that had several of Terex's slaves.[36] The slaves told him that Muva had modified one othe other pods and escaped with another slave, who was his wife. Despite Muva's disappearance,[37] Organa was concerned about C-3PO's missing memory unit.[36] Dameron was then told that he would be grounded for the time being. Dameron attended L'ulo's wake and was then given a new mission by Organa.[37]

Fuel mission

"Previous encounters with Poe Dameron suggest a 97 percent probability he will destroy our entire TIE contingent. A 62 percent probability he will destroy this vessel as well. By himself."
―Terex, to Commander Malarus about Poe Dameron[38]

Dameron and the Resistance's leaders discussed their forces lack of supplies; particularly fuel. Dameron and black squadron met up with Captain Perrili's ship, the Romary. However, they found the Romary with no life signs aboard. Dameron and BB-8 went to the Romary's bridge in order to take the fuel to D'Qar. Unfortunately, Dameron and BB-8 discovered there was bomb aboard. Dameron, Pava and the astromechs steered the Romary through a asteroid field. Dameron learned that the First Order had taken the fuel and decided to launch a mission to retrieve it.[39]

Dameron and BB-8 were able to fly the Romary through the asteroids. Despite Black Squadron's objection, Dameron decided to continue with the mission. Dameron contacted Commander Malarus and demanded she give the fuel and leave. Dameron and Black Squadron took to their X-wings, flew towards the hyperspace ring and destroyed. Dameron and his squadron were able to take the First Order's tanker after the crew abandoned it.[38] They were able to take the tanker back to D'Qar.[40]

Search for Oddy Muva & Spalex

Following his return to D'Qar, Dameron was able to convince Organa to allow Javos to join Black Squadron. Dameron and Organa knew they need to gain support, donations and funds for the Resistance from the public. Dameron gave Pava and Javos a antique BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighter. Despite Pava's concerns, Dameron and Wexley left them with Kun to find Muva.[40] Dameron and Wexley found Muva's wife at his home on Abednedo. Chuan told Dameron about how Muva was forced to give Terrex information on the resistance. Despite Dameron's feelings, he agreed to save her husband from the First Order and take him back to D'Qar.[41]

Wexley and Poe as prisoners

Wexley and Poe become prisoners aboard the Enshado..

Dameron and Wexley allowed to be take to taken as prisoners aboard the Enshado. They were placed in the brig while Malarus ordered the Enshado to Spalex. Dameron, with Terex's helped, made contact with Muva. Their cell was opened and made their way back to the fighters. Once back in their X-wings, Dameron shot down Malarus' shuttle and took out the TIEs attacking Pava, Javos, and Kun. Dameron then saw Muva in a TIE fighting alongside them. He watched Muva made a suicide run at the Enshado and destroyed it. Dameron met up with Pava, Javos, and Kun on Spalex. Javos told him that she lost the footage, but she was able to save footage of Muva's sacrifice.[42]

Following the mission, Dameron intercepted a distress signal from a transport. En route to the transport, Dameron and BB-8 ran into a mine field left over from the Empire. Dameron was able to get himself and BB-8 to the transport by detonating the mine field. Once aboard the transport, Dameron found First Order stormtroopers. He and BB-8 were able to take out several stormtroopers and discovered that the transport was heading towards Jaelen with weapons from Agent Terex. Dameron planted several explosives before and BB-8 made their way towards a escape pod as several stormtroopers came towards him. Dameron sent BB-8 in the escape pod while he took on the stormtroopers alone. Dameron was then saved by Black Squadron. He returned D'Qar and informed Organa that Terex was still alive.[43]

Dameron was then given a new mission by C-3PO. The mission was to retrieve a archive from Mek Nu'Tiv that contained blueprints to super weapon. The plan was for Black Squadron to pose as smugglers and fly in antique Z-95 Headhunter in order to get the Archive. Up their arrival at Mek Nu'Tiv's cruiser, they fought her fighters. Dameron boarded ship and found several First order officers unsconcious. Dameron was confronted by Nu'Tiv until BB-8 stunned her. Dameron and BB-8 found archive. Dameron and Black Squadron returned D'Qar and gave Organa the archive. Dameron and Organa found out that it was the Archive of the Great Library of Alderaan that had been smuggled off world before the Disaster. Dameron was surprised that Organa would sell the Archive.[44]

Mission to Cato Neimoidia

Dameron, after fixing his ship, discovered that San Tekka had been arrested on Cato Neimoidia.[45] After some training on D'Qar,[46] Dameron was smuggled into the Great Vaults of Cato Neimoidia by hiding in one Organa's mother's wardrobe containers. Dameron was able to break himself out of one of the vaults. After taking out several B2-series super battle droid and freed Tekka from his shackles. Dameron and Tekk were able to smuggle themeselves aboard Organa's ship in the wardrobe containers. When Dameron saw black squadron fighting several vulture droids, he decided to board Black One. Unfortunately, Malarus stole Black One and Terex stole Organa's ship.[47]

Poe is asking for a ship

Poe asked Paw Maccon if he could borrow a ship.

Dameron informed Organa of the theft and was given another ship by Baron Paw Maccon from his collection. Using the ship, Dameron engaged Malarus in a fight in Cato Neimoidia's skies. Luckily, BB-8 was able to re-activate himself and disable Malarus' weapons. After BB-8 boarded Dameron's fighter, the two of them were able to force Malarus to crash Black One. After Malarus was arrested by Baron Reya of House Reya, Dameron spoke with Organa and Javos, they came to the conclusion that Terex was behind the theft of Organa's ship and assumed he was heading towards a First Order base with Tekka. Fortunately, Organa's wardrobe had a tracker in it.[48]

Dameron and Black Squadron boarded the Raddus where and BB-8 examined Black One. Dameron attended a briefing with Organa and Black Squadron to outline their plan to find Terrex and rescue Tekka. Dameron and Black Squadron took their fighters to Terex's location. Unfortunately, they could not find Terex until he contacted the Raddus. Dameron demanded to know Tekka's position, to which Terex gave to both him and the First Order.[49] Dameron, Black Squadron, and the Resistance found him near the Great Forveen Nebula. Dameron and Black Squadron fought off the First Order's TIEs while a shuttle retrieved Tekka. Unfortunately, the First Order destroyed the shuttle and sent several First Order jet troopers to bring him to the Light cruiser. Dameron lead Black Squadron in attacking the cruiser, where they were able disable the cruiser's shield and itself. Dameron contacted the Resistance for another shuttle after the previous shuttle's crew rescued Tekka.[50]

Dameron, Organa, Tekka and Black squadron returned to D'Qar. There Dameron and BB-8 repaired Black One. Dameron then attended Snap and Karé's wedding. After the wedding, Dameron spoke with Tekka about his mission to find information on Skywalker's location and his view on the Force had changed. Tekka left and told Dameron, "May the Force of others be with you" until they meet again.[50]

Meeting Kazuda Xiono

Some time later, Poe and BB-8 chanced upon several pilots training in the New Republic navy, who were being pursued by the TIE pilot Major Vonreg of the First Order. One of the pilots, Kazuda Xiono, the son of a wealthy senator, directly confronted Vonreg as the other two escaped. Poe managed to thwart Vonreg's attack and, impressed by his bravery and skill, hired Kazuda as a spy and loaned BB-8 out to him. Kazuda and BB-8 were sent to the Colossus station on the ocean world of Castilon, where Poe showed them around and introduced them to Jarek Yeager, a former rebel pilot and war veteran, who he appointed as Kazuda's mentor. After a brief conversation with Yeager, Poe returned to the Resistance.[51]

Rescue of Synara San


Poe and Kazuda searching the G-class freighter.

Poe later returned to the Colossus and decided to have a flight in space alongside Kazuda. However, their flight was interrupted when they found a crashed Darius G-class freighter in an asteroid field with strange life signs emanating from it. Upon arrival, they found that the place had been taken over by Kragan Gorr's pirate gang, the Warbird gang, but a huge creature devoured most of them. Still trying to find the source of the life signs, they ran through the ship, but they were hindered by the ship's released cargo, Kowakian monkey-lizards. Eventually, they found the source of the life signs: an unconscious Mirialan pirate named Synara San. They rescued Synara and evaded the huge creature, who turned out to be a Kowakian ape-lizard. Synara and Kazuda were later dropped off on the Colossus as Poe flew away.[52]

Poe and Xiono's act of kindness did not go unnoticed. Synara's boss Kragan discovered that Poe and Kaz were Resistance pilots and informed Synara, who intended to question Kaz.[53] Synara and Kaz became friends after the two worked together to save the Colossus during the Bibo incident and Synara alerted Kaz to the kidnapping of Torra Doza, the daughter of Captain Imanuel Doza, the leader of the Colossus.[54]

Station Theta Black

"Your mission is reconnaissance only. Do not engage the enemy."
General Leia Organa, to Commander Poe Dameron about his mission to Station Theta Black[55]

Poe and Kazuda land on Station Theta Black.

During his spying operations, Kazuda had sent data stolen from the First Order to the Resistance. This data was found to lead to a set of coordinates in the Unknown Regions. Poe later visited the Colossus, rescuing Kazuda who had been flying on the faulty Fireball. Poe and Kazuda visited General Organa, who revealed her findings to them and instructed both to find the location, though she warned Poe not to directly confront the First Order.[55]

Eventually, they found the location: Station Theta Black, an abandoned mining facility built into an asteroid. Inside the station, they found that most of the equipment was defunct as the area was very soon set for demolition. While exploring the station, they were accosted by a First Order sentry droid, which Poe disabled with his blaster. Despite Xiono and BB-8's objections, Poe insisted on investigating what Station Theta Black was being used for.[55]

The Resistance operatives soon found another control room where BB-8 downloaded data showing that the First Order had been using Station Theta Black as a dedlanite mine and processing station. Before they could leave, they were confronted by several of Captain Phasma's First Order stormtroopers. Following a brief skirmish and prolonged pursuit, Poe and his comrades managed to rendezvous with CB-23 and the X-wings, allowing them to escape the station.[55]

In space, they engaged Major Vonreg and his TIE squadron in a brief dogfight. After the First Order retreated, Poe and Xiono narrowly escape an explosion caused by the detonation of the station. Poe, Xiono, and the droids returned to General Organa with news that the First Order was building lots of weapons. Telling Leia of their findings, Leia stated that she doubted that this would dissuade any of the New Republic senators sympathetic to the First Order, but hoped more people would start supporting the Resistance due to this.[55]

Dassal system


Sector Epsilon 51-3

After Xiono and BB-8 recovered intelligence about First Order activity in the Dassal system in Sector Epsilon 51-3, Poe traveled to the Colossus aboard a T-70 X-wing starfighter. Despite the First Order military occupation, Poe managed to sneak aboard the refueling platform. After meeting up with Kaz, Yeager, and BB-8, Poe departed with Kaz and BB-8 aboard Kaz's racer Fireball.[56]

They then hitched a ride on a departing freighter. During the journey, Kaz updated Poe about his spying activities on the Colossus including obtaining a memory rod on the First Order fleets' activities. After reaching a safe altitude, Kaz fired the Fireball's engines. Once they were safely airborne, the group rendezvoused with Poe's X-wing, which was being piloted by CB-23. After Poe boarded his ship, they traveled to the Dassal system.[56]

Arriving in the Dassal system, Poe and Kaz discovered several planetoids that had been drilled through including the planet Najra-Va. While visiting a nearby moon, Poe, Kaz, and BB-8 discovered a settlement and evidence of a massacre. They encountered a Spider probe droid, which deployed several smaller drones. Poe and Kaz managed to destroy the droids but failed to prevent them from alerting the First Order.[56]

Major Vonreg and his TIE squadron arrived and Poe, Kaz, and BB-8 fled to their starships. Poe and Kaz led Major Vonreg on a pursuit through the Dassal system. Poe and Kaz managed to lose their First Order pursuers by flying their fighters through a gravity well inside Najra-Va's core. Two of the TIE fighters were destroyed and Poe managed to shoot down two more. Vonreg retreated to fight another day.[56]

Before departing for a mission to Jakku, Poe swapped droids with Kaz, retaking his droid BB-8. CB-23 was paired up with Kaz, who returned to the Colossus. Poe departed with BB-8 into hyperspace.[56]

Mission to Jakku

"The Resistance... will not be intimidated by you."
―Poe Dameron to Kylo Ren[3]

Leia Organa sends Poe Dameron to Jakku

A few months after his adventures with Kazuda, Poe picked up BB-8,[56] and at Organa's behest, both went to Tuanul on Jakku to retrieve a data chip holding part of the map to Skywalker's location from Lor San Tekka, but during the meeting, stormtroopers under the command of Kylo Ren attacked the village. Alerted by BB-8 of their arrival, Dameron and the droid attempted to flee in their X-wing starfighter, but a pair of stormtroopers spotted the ship and disabled the engines. Left with no alternative with the X-wing's rear beyond quick repair, Dameron gave the map to BB-8 and ordered the astromech to flee, while he remained behind to cover BB-8's escape. After watching the confrontation between Tekka and Ren, Dameron tried to take a shot at Ren, but he caught the blaster bolt in mid-air and immobilized Dameron simultaneously with the Force. Recognized as Resistance personnel with the jacket he had donned, Ren subsequently took Dameron as prisoner knowing that Tekka gave the map to Dameron, while the rest of the villagers were slaughtered, much to Dameron's horror.[3]


Kylo Ren was able to telepathically extract information from Dameron's mind.

Taken aboard the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer, Dameron resisted interrogation until Ren assaulted him with the Force, which eventually caused Dameron to crack about BB-8. Left alone by Ren, a renegade stormtrooper named FN-2187 helped Dameron escape. Together, they stole a TIE/sf space superiority fighter from a hangar bay, with FN-2187 manning the guns while Dameron piloted the fighter, and managed to disable the Finalizer's turbolasers. Upon a disagreement—while FN-2187 wanted to flee the system, Dameron attempted to return to Jakku to retrieve BB-8 and the map—, their TIE fighter was disabled on General Armitage Hux's orders, the blast knocking Dameron out.[3]

Whereas FN-2187, dubbed "Finn" by Dameron, ejected from the TIE shortly before it crashed on the planet's surface,[3] Dameron was unable to eject due to his jacket getting caught in the ejector mechanism. With no time left to eject, Dameron piloted the craft as skillfully as he could to a crash landing which threw him clear of the the crash, his jacket falling in another direction.[57] Suffering from a concussion and a brief period of memory loss, he moved away from the crash. When he awoke, Dameron found himself alone and set off to find a ship and contact the Resistance, sure that he would be able to reunite with BB-8 with their help. During his journey, he encountered a Jakku native, the Blarina Naka Iit, whom Dameron managed to impress with both his sheer audacity and his piloting skills, such that he agreed to get Dameron to a ship in Blowback Town that would get him back to the Resistance.[58] Dameron hitched a ride from Iit's friend, Ohn Gos to Yavin 4, where he left Black One prior to his mission to Jakku.[59]

First Order/Resistance War

Battle of Takodana

"Go straight at 'em. Don't let these thugs scare you."
―Poe Dameron[3]
Poe Dameron X-wing XWM

Poe engaging First Order forces on Takodana.

Following the destruction of the Hosnian system, Dameron was deployed to lead a squadron of Resistance X-Wing fighters to fend off the First Order garrison attacking Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana.[3] Dameron, piloting the Black One, swooped in dangerously low, attacking at treetop level, and took out parked TIE fighters, clusters of troopers, and support vehicles, firing repeatedly without wasting a single energy burst.[58] The battle ended prematurely when Ren ordered his troops to retreat once he had captured Rey, a scavenger who had seen the map to Skywalker's location.[3]

After returning to base, Dameron was reunited with BB-8 and Finn, who offered to return his jacket. Dameron declined, stating that his jacket suited Finn better. Subsequently, the ex-trooper requested Dameron's help in rescuing his friend Rey, by asking Dameron to take him to meet General Organa. Together, they made it to the conference room, where Finn disclosed what he knew of the First Order superweapon, Starkiller Base. After a reconnaissance flight by Wexley, the Resistance command made the plans to attack the base, assigning Dameron to lead the starfighter attack to the weapon's thermal oscillator.[3]

Battle of Starkiller Base

"All right, let's light it up!"
―Poe Dameron during the attack run on Starkiller Base[3]

Upon receiving notice that the Millennium Falcon had landed on Starkiller Base, Organa sent the order to deploy the X-wings. Dameron, in the lead, was aboard Black One and assisted by BB-8 once again, and departed D'Qar along his fellow pilots.[58] Once Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca were able to bring down the thermal oscillator's shields, Dameron was given full authorization to attack, and his team emerged from lightspeed.[3] Ordering his fellow pilots to hit the target as many times as possible with as many runs as they could get, he himself let loose his X-wing's full complement of armament,[58] but they barely damaged the building before a host of TIE fighters moved to engage the X-wing squadrons, as well as deployed seekers.[3]

Poe blowing up Starkiller Base

Dameron flies in and destroys the Starkiller's thermal oscillator.

The ground team, however, planted pyro denton explosives to create an opening in the containment center, which Dameron took advantage of—with the assistance of his squadron, he flew through the opening and caused heavy damage inside, starting a chain reaction that would ultimately destroy Starkiller Base. Dameron escaped the explosion, heading for the outer atmosphere,[3] yet at the order of General Organa to retreat immediately, Dameron refused to leave their friends in the Falcon behind. His fellow pilots concurred, and Dameron gave the order to find them.[58]

After spotting the Falcon leaving Starkiller Base, Dameron called in his teams in relief and reached D'Qar shortly before the old YT-1300 light freighter did.[58] Like BB-8 and many others, he waited for the Falcon as it landed on their base. There, sometime later, Dameron was present for a strategic gathering concerning the map to Skywalker's location, when Skywalker's astromech, R2-D2, awoke and revealed his possession of an incomplete galactic map from the Imperial archives, only completed with BB-8's fragment.[3]

Evacuation from D'Qar

BB-8: "[beeping]: I have a bad feeling about this."
Dameron: "Happy beeps here, buddy, come on. We've pulled crazier stunts than this."
Organa: "Just for the record, Commander Dameron, I'm with the droid on this one."
Dameron: "Thank you for your support, General. Happy beeps."
―BB-8, Poe Dameron and Leia Organa debate about Dameron buying time for the Resistance evacuation[10]

After the successful attack on Starkiller Base, the Resistance lowered their guard on their base at D'Qar, having initially come to believe that they weren't going to live another day. However, as they resumed their activities, C-3PO called General Organa and the other Resistance members to inform them that the First Order Navy was regrouping to attack them in retaliation, resulting in Organa ordering Threepio to give the order to evacuate the planet. Concluding that they would not be able to leave the planet before the attack, Dameron proposed a pretty simple distraction idea, which Organa agreed to listen: he would pilot the Black One and hold the First Order's fleet long enough to give them time for evacuating, considering that the First Order commanders had planet-sized egos would lead them to compete to take him out.[60]

Though Admiral Ushos O. Statura informed Dameron that he wasn't going to survive such a maneuver, Dameron replied that he would be a tiny target for the Star Destroyers' large weaponry that would never hit him, assuring that he could even fly close to the Destroyers so to make them cause damage between each other. Convinced that Dameron's tactic would serve, Organa approved his plan and wished the Force would be with him. Before departing, Pava told him that his idea was terrible, as the Black One had an experimental booster. At that moment, Snap, Tallie Lintra, Suralinda Javos appeared on scene and Wexley told Dameron that in case he was blown up, they would help to finish the mission, including Pava, telling him that this was a mission for the whole Black Squadron despite Dameron saying that their assistance wasn't part of the plan. However, General Organa came and dismissed their assistance, telling Captain Wexley that she needed them to reach out their New Republic allies and gather help before Snoke consolidated his power across the galaxy.[60]

Demotion and mutiny against Amilyn Holdo

"COWARD! These transport ships are unarmed, unshielded. We abandon this cruiser, we're done, we don't stand a chance. No, you are not just a coward, you are a traitor."
―Dameron yelling at Holdo onboard the Raddus[10]

Shortly after giving Armitage Hux a message about his mother, Dameron eliminated the surface cannons onboard the Fulminatrix, paving the way for Cobalt Squadron to bomb the dreadnought. While the attack was successful, it also resulted in the destruction of the squadron, and the deaths of turret gunner Paige Tico and many others. Eventually, Dameron's reckless actions landed him in trouble with his allies, and he was demoted from[10] Wing Commander[61] to the rank of Captain by General Organa following the evacuation of D'Qar, as well as a slap to the face from her. However, Organa was heavily injured during the subsequent Battle of Oetchi in which many veteran Rebels like Ackbar were killed, allowing Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo to take Organa's role as leader. To his shock, Holdo's plans involved the loss of gas for the Raddus, which would have allowed the First Order to eventually blow up the flagship and kill the remaining Rebels.[10]

Poe meets Holdo

The feud between captain and vice admiral begins

Sure that Leia wouldn't have approved Holdo's direction, Poe teamed up with Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix, maintenance worker Rose Tico, BB-8, and Finn to organize a plan to save the Rebels. While Finn, Tico, and BB-8 went to Canto Bight's casino in a mission to find a codebreaker, Poe and Connix remained aboard the Raddus. After Finn, Rose, and BB-8 returned with DJ, the codebreaker they hired to infiltrate aboard the Supremacy, Poe and his allies started the mutiny against Holdo and her allies, with Poe trying to convince C-3PO to join his cause, although 3PO refused to be part of the mutiny for being unethical. However, Organa recovered by the time of the mutiny and after Holdo managed to escape from Poe's mutineers, the princess arrived on the bridge and fired a stun blast, knocking him out.[10]

Battle of Crait

"We are the spark that'll light the fire that'll burn the First Order down."
―Poe Dameron[10]
HappyBeeps-SoH Andreia Ugrai

Poe was reunited with BB-8 on Crait.

Eventually, Organa decided to follow Holdo's plans to abandon ship. Said and done, every member of the Resistance evacuated, leaving Holdo aboard the Raddus to be blown up due to her decision to sacrifice herself in order to give time for the others to escape. However, aboard the Supremacy, Finn and Rose were subdued by the First Order stormtroopers, with Bee-Bee slipping out from captivity after being sold out by DJ for a large sum of money and his freedom, allowing Hux to order the destruction of the Resistance fleet. However, Holdo entered hyperspace on the Raddus, crashing it against the Supremacy, sacrificing herself in the process and causing the deaths of multiple First Order stormtroopers and officers. This action allowed Poe and the other Rebels escape to the mineral planet of Crait.[10]

Once at Crait, the Rebels entered in the planet's outpost. During the ensuing battle, Poe commanded the Rebels and ultimately managed to weaken the First Order's army. However, they concluded that they would not be able to escape, but when Poe saw a vulptex running away through an unknown passageway, the Rebels followed him under Leia's orders to escape. However, the passageway ended in a hole too small for the Rebels to pass. Fortunately, while Luke Skywalker was fighting against Kylo Ren, Rey appeared and moved the rocks with the Force, allowing the Rebels to escape to fight another day. Once safe, Poe met Rey, and took the opportunity to introduce himself to the last Jedi.[10]

Aboard the Falcon

"You know Rey...if things had gone a little differently, we'd have met a long time ago. Probably sitting right here, long while back, all four of us, headed to bring that Jedi map to Leia."
"If there's one thing I'm beginning to learn, Poe, it's that you can't dwell on changing the past. Concentrate on the present. Work with what you have."
"Oh, I know. Just...could've avoided a lot of heartache, you know? Considering everything we just been through, it's hard to not to think about different paths."
―Poe Dameron and Rey following the Battle of Crait[57]

Now safe from the First Order, drinking accompanied by Rey, Finn and BB-8, Poe commented about their past experiences, leading Rey to tell him that she had learned they can't dwell on changing the past, rather concentrate in the present. Poe responded, however, that he just avoided a lot of heartache and that considering all they went through, it was hard to not think about different paths, prompting Finn to comment that had they would have met the scavenger together, perhaps he wouldn't have been knocked to the ground by her.

As the former stormtrooper said that he believed Poe to have died in the TIE crash, Poe proceeded to state that he walked away from tons of crashes, telling Rey that there were extenuating circumstances to crash as she asked him why he crashed constantly if he was the "best" pilot of the galaxy. After Finn commented that perhaps Rey was the best pilot than him and Poe responded that at least they got away alive, Finn asked him how he survived, as he never explained him in detail how he got off-world from Jakku, leading Poe to recall and tell the story of his miracle survival.[57]

Poe continued to tell his adventures, even telling his friends how he felt over Takodana, leading Rey to comment that it sounded like he had the Force, but Poe refused and confirmed he was not Force-sensitive. Leia entered into the room and told him that the Force was with him, as it was with all of them. She then departed from the room to rest and asked Dameron to meet her afterwards to talk with him. Finn then left too to see if Rose was better, leaving Poe and Rey alone, both agreeing that Finn was a good person, as he saved their lives. Poe took the opportunity to ask her about her adventure with Luke Skywalker, but one of the porgs that Chewbacca adopted interrupted them, causing Rey to tell him about the small avian creatures.[62]

After commenting his wish of getting another X-Wing following the destruction of the Black One, Poe told Rey that he regretted the Resistance having deployed too soon from Takodana because they could have saved Kanata's castle from getting destroyed, causing her ask him about Kanata's status, to which Poe informed her that Kanata was alright. Rey then commented him about being tortured by Kylo Ren on his ship, to which Poe told her that Kylo did the same on him, calling themselves "torture buddies." He then proceed to tell her about his initial thoughts about Starkiller Base and his mission to drop Wexley inside a recon pod in order to let him scan the base, setting stage for the destruction of the base.[62]

As Poe left to speak with Finn, Rey had Threepio translate one book of the sacred texts of the Jedi. Poe met with him, asking him about Rose's status, to which Finn replied that she was asleep and though he believed that it was good, he wasn't sure at all given that he wasn't a doctor and commented to him that in the First Order, if stormtroopers had the fault of receiving a mortal wound, they were left to die, causing Poe to comment that such idea was insane. He then told his friend that he was sure that Tico would be alright even though he couldn't be sure that she was as he can't be sure if the First Order would lose the war or if the things they needed to happen would ever happen, but that he was sure that he could choose to believe that Tico would recover. After wrapping Rose, Finn asked Poe why they didn't defeated the First Order after Starkiller was destroyed, causing the Resistance to lose almost everything, including its base.[60]

As such, Poe told his friend what exactly happened after Starkiller's destruction, having Finn being unconscious at the flexpoly bacta suit after his short duel against Ren. After he told him about the evacuation from D'Qar, Finn asked him what happened to the rest of Black Squadron, to which Poe said that from the distress signal they sent from Crait, they received no response, assuming that Wexley and the others didn't had luck in gathering their Republic allies, to which Finn asked him if he would choose to believe that they succeeded, as he previously stated his thoughts about Rose's recovery. Just at that moment, Threepio appeared on scene and told the two men that from one of their relay stations, they had received a transmission from the Black Squadron, leading Poe to tell Finn that they just needed to have a little faith. Upon his excitement, however, Poe was interrupted by Threepio, who proceeded to inform him that unfortunately, the news were actually far from being good.[60]

Listening to BB-8's hologram transmission, Dameron heard how Pava reported that her starfighter was defective, asking Bee-Bee to pause the recording and asking Threepio to not tell him if the recording showed Pava's last words, to which C-3PO responded that the recording ended there and that perhaps the First Order detected the comsat and destroyed it. As Threepio revealed that the incomplete recording took place during the evacuation from D'Qar and that General Organa requested him to see it as one of the few remaining military commanders, Dameron responded that by such incomplete footage, he couldn't be sure whether his teammates were alive or dead.[63]

Repeating Pava's recording, just as he ordered BB-8 to playback the recording once more, Dameron was informed by the protocol droid, wondering if the First Order had built a second Starkiller Base and blown up ten more planets, that they had now good news, as Black Squadron had send a new message through a secondary encrypted and a bit garbled relay node. Dameron happily thanks Threepio's information and listened to the transmission after playing Pava's recording for a final time. Listening to the message, Pava informed him that Black Squadron had been involved in an attack on Ikkrukk, in which they had been fighting First Order forces at the cost of Pava's X-wing, though she survived. She promised Dameron to send another report as soon she can. Just as the recording finished, C-3PO appeared on scene once more and informed Dameron that he had received Pava's promised message, giving it to BB-8 to play it. Unfortunately, the recording showed a bleeding Pava, hiding on a cave, revealing that their attack on the First Order to defend Ikkrukk had gone all wrong, ending the transmission to Dameron's horror.[64]


"Poe Dameron is dead, along with the rest of the Resistance at D'Qar. We have the reports. Now whoever you are--"
"Sorry, Colonel. But your people lied to you. I'm not dead, and neither is the Resistance."
―Colonel Barrut and Poe Dameron on his exaggerated death[13]

Realizing that his friends were in danger, Poe went to see General Organa and begged her to let him to go to Ikkrukk to save his friends, but the General refused, reminding him that the First Order military was immense. She told him that her future decisions had to be careful, because if she made another mistake, it could be all over for the Resistance, and therefore the Falcon could not go. Poe tried to convince her that it was necessary to rescue Black Squadron.[13]

After hearing some good words about his teammates, Poe heard the General doubting the worth of going to Ikkrukk and risking the safety of other members such as Rey or Chewbacca. She told Poe she wanted the squadron to be safe, but knew they couldn't save them and so had to wonder if it was necessary. Poe assured her that in a way Black Squadron was the Resistance and needed to be saved.[13]

Knowing that Organa wanted him to lead, he told her that she needed him more than a pilot but that as they said to each other, no one was left behind. Hearing his superior's complaints about herself, Dameron responded that they needed to show the galaxy that if they joined the Resistance, no one would be left behind. Organa understood that Poe was right, so she promoted him back to Wing Commander and wished the Force to accompany him, though she didn't allowed him to take the Falcon.[13]

Taking a new starfighter which once belonged to Grakkus the Hutt, Poe flew to Ikkrukk, destroying one of the turrets of the Maxima-A class heavy cruiser the Fortitude that Snap and his wife were trying to destroy. He then reported to Colonel Barrut, the First Order officer at the command of the Fortitude to inform her who he was after she insulted him. Upon hearing that the First Order reported that he died during the evacuation of D'Qar, he proceeded to tell Barrut that he didn't died at D'Qar and revealed to her the fate of Snoke, the Supremacy, twenty Star Destroyers and the Fulminatrix, but she refused to believe him and ordered him to be killed. Instructing his teammates to follow his orders to perform an special maneuver, Poe was able to blew up several TIEs, which in turn damaged the Fortitude enough time to allow Prime Minister Grist to activate Grail City's defensive systems as the shield went down to destroy the cruiser, killing Barrut and her crew.[13]

Now reunited, Poe and his friends had a warm reunion. Though they attributed their victory to him, Poe responded that their victory came from all of them, and that they still work together as long as necessary. Before he could inform his teammates of the Resistance's status, they were interrupted by Grist, who thanked Dameron for helping them save not only Grail City, but also Ikkrukk. After promising Snap to join the Resistance as one of their allies, Grist invited the team for a drink, but Dameron and Wexley stood behind to talk a little. As they went to accompany Grist and the rest of the team, Poe promised Snap to tell him the story of what the Resistance did during their absence. That night, Poe reflected on what message he learned, and as he said that it was pivotal to save their galaxy. Knowing that anyone could do anything to make the galaxy better, Poe determined that the Resistance had begun.[13]

Mission to Minfar

Sometime later, after the mission to Mon Cala, the new crew of the Millennium Falcon were sent to Fermic to pick up supplies. Dameron offered to Rey to pilot, but she wanted to fly. As they were finishing loading, they received a distress call from Minfar, prompting them to head over to assist. Upon arriving, they were ambushed by the forces of a First Order light cruiser, forcing them to take a hard landing on the planet while Dameron manned one of the cannons, shooting down several TIEs.[65]

After landing, the crew explored the jungle, soon falling into a series of tunnels where the Zixon live. They were met by Lim, who took them to her village. Needing parts, the locals took them to the Forbidden Lands, which were old Imperial laboratories. The Zixon were then enthralled by the Echo Horn taken by First Order Commander Branwayne Spiftz. The First Order forces escaped, leaving the Resistance to come up with a new way to free the Zixon, assisted by the spy Glenna Kip. They went back to the Falcon to strafe the camp, while Dameron infiltrated their cruiser the Ladara Vex and destroy it. Poe stunned Commander Spiftz and destroyed the Echo Horn. A call to the Resistance then allowed for reinforcements to arrive.[65]

The Final Order

Mission to Sinta Glacier Colony

In 35 ABY, a broadcast of revenge by Darth Sidious was heard all across the galaxy. At the same time, General Organa sent out agents to receive information from a contact named Boolio. Dameron, Chewbacca, Finn, Klaud, and R2-D2 took the Millennium Falcon to Sinta Glacier Colony. On the way, Dameron teased Chewbacca during a game of dejarik, but stopped when he started getting angry. Finn spoke to Booleo who revealed that they had a new ally, a spy within the First Order. As the data was being loaded into Artoo's memory banks, TIE/sf space superiority fighters and TIE/wi Interceptors came in to intercept them. Right after the process was finished, Poe took off and Finn manned the Falcon's guns to hold them off. After getting out of the colony, Poe started to lightspeed-skip the Falcon to escape from the fighters, all the while wishing Rey was there when they needed her. Poe lightspeed-skipped a few times and escaped the third time. However, the Millennium Falcon was damaged in the process, and Poe had to make an emergency landing on returning to the base on Ajan Kloss. Upon seeing the Falcon on fire, Rey chastised Poe for lightspeed skipping and damaging the Falcon, whereupon Poe on noticing an injury BB-8 had received while Rey was training under Leia as a Jedi chastised her for not being responsible for the droid's safety. Poe finally stated that they needed Rey with them and not on the base, and Finn said that Poe was right about that.[12]

Mission to Pasaana

Rey then decided to journey off and find a Sith wayfinder, in order to locate Sidious. She wanted to go alone but Poe and Finn insisted on going with Rey. They took BB-8 and C-3PO as well. Their first stop was a desert planet Pasaana, where Luke Skywalker had gone in search of a clue to find the Sith wayfinder. Their arrival coincided with the festival of the ancestors that the local Aki-Aki people were celebrating. In order to avoid any trouble with First Order patrols, they mingled with the crowd. They were eventually apprehended by a stormtrooper but a mysterious figure turned up and saved them. The figure took the group to his quarters, where he revealed himself to be the former Rebellion General Landonis Balthazar Calrissian. Lando explained that the clue had been with a Sith assassin Ochi of Bestoon. However, when he and Luke tried to find him, they had only found his ship, but not the clue. He then urged the group to get going as Kylo Ren's TIE whisper came in close to the site where the festival was being celebrated.

Eventually, they found Ochi's dagger. However, Chewbacca and the blade were presumed lost during the mission when a First Order transport he was believed to be on was destroyed by Rey's Force powers during a confrontation with Kylo Ren.[12]

The end of dictatorship

"What our mothers and father fought for, we will not let die. Not today. Today we make our last stand, for the galaxy. For Leia. For everyone we've lost."
―Poe Dameron to the Resistance before the Battle of Exegol[10]

With the inscription on the blade existing only in C-3PO's memory banks, but written in a forbidden language, Dameron suggested they find a black market droid smith he knew to force a translation. They then went to Kijimi, where they ran into his old spice smuggling partner, Zorii Bliss.[12]

Rey overpowered the gang, convincing Bliss to help them. Babu Frik was able to hack 3PO's memory, forcing a translation but wiping the droid. The Steadfast then arrived in orbit, with Chewbacca on board. They agreed to go rescue him, and Bliss passed on a First Order Captain's Medallion to get on board. They rescued Chewbacca, but were captured and due to be executed when General Hux revealed himself as a spy and freed them.[12]

The team boarded the Falcon and picked up Rey from another confrontation with Ren. They continued their journey to the moon of Endor, Kef Bir, where the wreckage from the DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station rested. After Rey dueled Ren and departed from them, Dameron's team returned to the Resistance base, where they were greeted with news of General Organa's passing, as she used the Force to reach out to Ren. Dameron was then promoted to acting general.[12]

After pooling their resources, they came up with a plan to reach Exegol and stop the Sith Eternal's fleet, the Final Order. Dameron also promoted Finn to general. The Resistance fighters followed the trail to Exegol and engaged the Sith Eternal forces.[12]

However, their numbers were too few, and took heavy losses. Dameron was despairing, when the rallied Free Worlds sent thousands of ships, allowing them to win the day. They then returned home, and during the celebrations, Dameron embraced his friends.[12]

Personality and traits

"Dameron's commitment is absolute. And he's our best pilot. He'll get what we need."
"I've never worried about Poe's commitment. My worry is for what that commitment may cost him."
―Caluan Ematt and Leia Organa[8]

Dameron in civilian attire

The son of a Rebel pilot and a Rebel commando, Dameron grew up on stories of Alliance campaigns,[23] and while his mother taught him to fly and to love it, his father had taught him that when he committed to doing something, one committed to going all the way or not do it at all.[7] Thanks to them, Dameron developed a strong sense of commitment and duty, but had trouble with the line between his commitment to the Resistance and the commitment to his comrades,[8] willing to disobey a direct order from his superior, General Organa, to make sure that the Millennium Falcon safely left Starkiller Base before its imminent destruction.[58] Dameron also wore his late mother's wedding ring on a necklace, wanting to eventually share it with the right person.[66]

Noted to be a "bad liar" by fellow comrades much to his indignation,[7] Dameron had a headstrong nature which often led him into trouble,[23] and a proud countenance that, those who did not know him, could mistake for arrogance. Confident in his skills and in his mission, he sometimes displayed an impatience that arose only from a desire to fulfill the task at hand.[58] While daring with an appetite for risk[19] as well as somewhat foolish, Leia Organa once noted that his need to do what was right and "maybe find a little adventure along the way," coupled with his outstanding piloting skills, reminded her of her brother, Luke Skywalker.[7]

Dameron regarded his fellow pilots Karé Kun, Jess Pava, L'ulo L'ampar, and Temmin Wexley, and the technician Oddy Muva as close friends that he could trust. Poe was also adventurous and willing to risk danger such as when he entered the Cave of the Crèche. Dameron treated his hosts with respect.[9] Dameron's selfless and concern for the well-being of others led him to surrender himself to the First Order Agent Terex in an attempt to save the Crèche egg. As a commander, Dameron was a fair-minded and just leader who gave his Black Squadron mates ample room to improvise.[21] Poe regarded his astromech droid BB-8 as a close friend who would aid him in combat and someone he could confide with.[27][32] Poe was also magnanimous in victory and allowed Terex and his men to leave following the mission to Ovanis. This was also tempered by Dameron's unwillingness to provoke war between the First Order and the Resistance.[27]

Dameron and his Black Squadron mates' devotion to the Resistance cause led them to risk life and limb on several occasions including the Mission to Megalox Beta. Poe and his comrades managed to fight their way to Grakkus' fortress despite being double-crossed by the prison guards.[20] When faced with competition from Terex, Poe showed resilience and ingenuity as a commander. He got BB-8 and the other astromech droids to lower Megalox prison's gravity shield; eliminating opposition from Terex and convincing Grakkus to accept their rescue offer.[29]

Poe Dameron X-wing SWCT

Dameron's T-70 X-wing fighter, Black One

After learning there was a spy within the Resistance ranks, Dameron found himself unable to trust his Black Squadron mates despite regarding them as friends.[32] Poe was also willing to walk into danger in an effort to recover information for the Resistance.[31] During a Mission to Kaddak, Poe was only saved from capture by the efforts of C-3PO. While Poe was able to work well with droids like BB-8 and C-3PO, he found the commando droid "Nunzix" self-serving and irritating due to the droid's strong self-preservation mechanism. Poe was annoyed that the droid refused to disclose the information in his memory banks.[33] Poe had little patience with Nunzix and expressed annoyance at the droid commando's unwillingness to fight; overlooking the fact that the droid had lost one of his arms. Poe's irritation with Nunzix was reinforced by his suspicion that the information Nunzix was carrying was a trap set by Terex.[34]


Poe Dameron trained in Shara Bey's A-wing

Due to their repeated encounters on several missions, Dameron came to regard Terex as a nemesis and blamed him for sowing distrust among his Black Squadron pilots.[32] Poe was determined to root out the spy and eventually realized that the spy was Oddy Muva; who had been blackmailed by Terex into spying on the Resistance.[34] Despite his hatred for Terex, Dameron did not seek to destroy the First Order agent and instead handed him back to his First Order superiors. While Dameron grieved the loss of one of his pilots L'ampar, he took comfort in the fact that Terex's Ranc Gang fleet had been destroyed.[36]

By the end of the cold war, Dameron was a courageous hero of the Resistance dedicated to defeating the First Order.[67] Though brash, Dameron had great charisma and limitless respect for the founders of the Resistance, particularly Leia Organa,[10] a reason for which Organa tried to teach him that being a hero and being a leader wasn't the same thing.[67] Organa was sure that Poe would be a great leader one day, but he still had a lot to learn, even though Dameron didn't agree.[68] Dameron's fellow pilots joked that if the Resistance had recruitment posters, Dameron would triple their numbers with his dashing bravado alone. Unlike many starfighter pilots, Dameron delighted in atmospheric missions, soaring through skies and skimming the surfaces of planets.[19]

Skills and abilities

"That's one helluva pilot!"
―Finn, on Poe Dameron[3]
Natural Talent SWDestiny

Dameron was a skilled pilot

Confident in his piloting skills,[58] Dameron flew starships since he was six years old, and by the age of 32, he had became the most daring and skilled of the Resistance pilots.[19] He was a decorated X-wing pilot who could fly anything,[23] managing to familiarize himself with a TIE/sf fighter's controls in a matter of minutes and under pressure,[3] as well as with a Pinnacle-class luxury ship.[7] During the Battle on Takodana, he showed to be skilled enough to fire repeatedly without wasting a single energy burst and destroy multiple First Order assets.[58] In addition to his piloting skills, Dameron was a capable infantryman,[19] as he able to kill multiple stormtroopers on Jakku using his blaster rifile and kill many more using his pistol on the Steadfast when rescuing Chewbacca.

L'ampar once observed that Dameron trusted his subordinates to figure things out on their own rather than give them bad orders, and saw it as the mark of a good commander.[21] Dameron was also skilled in hand to hand combat which he used against the First Order and criminal proxies on several occasions.[27][28] On a few occasions, Dameron was saved from the jaws of death by his indefatigable and loyal droid companion BB-8.[27][36] Dameron was also known to practise with unarmed combat during his free time.[32] Poe could also fly a rundown freighter, which he once used on an undercover mission.[31]

A speaker of Galactic Basic Standard, Dameron also understood Binary,[3] and thus had no need for reading BB-8's translated speech in a console to understand what the astromech said while plugged into his starfighter.[7]



Dameron's flight helmet

Dameron generally used a customized T-70 X-wing called Black One.[19] When on the ground, he fought with blasters including the Glie-44 blaster pistol and the EL-16HFE blaster rifle.[19] When flying, he had two different colored flight helmets. The earlier version was white, with black, blue and yellow markings, and included two blue Rebel Alliance starbirds, one on the upper front left, and another over the right ear. The later version was similar, except it was black, with red, gray and off-white markings, and the starbirds in red. Both had Aurebesh inscriptions,[3] R1pixelspaceo1pixelspaceae1pixelspaceh1pixelspacea1pixelspacel on the upper rear right that translated to "ROÆHAL,"[3] and P1pixelspaceo1pixelspacee on the lower rear center that translated to "POE".[69] Dameron also carried a set of TE4.4 field quadnoculars[3] that allowed him to see long-distance.[70]

Behind the scenes

Poe Dameron was portrayed by actor Oscar Isaac in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game and Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi. For the LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises episode "Poe to the Rescue," the character is voiced by Lex Lang.[71] Isaac's casting in the film was first announced on April 29, 2014,[72] and the character was revealed in the first teaser trailer for the film on November 28, 2014.[73] His name was revealed by Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive trading card.[74] Dameron was named after J.J. Abrams' production assistant Morgan Dameron.[75] Yavin 4 was made Dameron's homeworld in Star Wars: Shattered Empire when Isaac realized the planet's shooting location was Tikal, which is located in the country he was born, Guatemala.[76]

The character was originally meant to die in The Force Awakens, but Abrams changed his mind after realizing Isaac was hesitant about accepting the role as he had previously played several characters that were killed soon after being introduced.[77] Isaac recounted that after he initially met Abrams, "[He] soon wrote back: 'Never mind. I've figured it out. You're in the whole movie now.' I was like, 'Holy shit! Alright, cool.' Let's say that it was in that conversation that we began to see a way that being in the movie would be worth his time and the audience's."[78] On March 20, 2015, Isaac revealed that he would appear in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, as well.[79] The Force Awakens's novelization includes an additional sequence detailing Dameron's escape from the planet Jakku.[58] The sequence was later revisited in the twenty-sixth issue of the Poe Dameron comic series, with much of the dialogue and exchange between Poe and other characters being revised and changed almost entirely.[57]

When asked on Ellen about there being "any romance between these characters" in The Force Awakens, Isaac replied "I think it's a very subtle romance that's happening, you know you have look very closely, you have to watch it a few times to see the little hints, but there was, at least I was playing romance," to which John Boyega interjected, "I was." Isaac declined to say with which character he interpreted Poe as having romance with, though "it could be a droid."[80] These comments, coupled with the way Isaac had Poe bite his lip while complimenting Finn, prompted speculation that Poe could be an LGBT character.[81][82] Isaac continued to hint at his character's sexuality, commenting that during the Finn and Rose kiss, it was "a little difficult to see [his] man [Finn] kiss somebody else," and later on that he believes Poe "takes his love for Finn very seriously."[83][84]

The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson said that he forwent having Poe go with Finn to Canto Bight as it would have been boring ("I knew something was wrong when I looked at their dialogue and realized I could interchange any of the lines," he said.)[85] Poe's eventual arc in the film was influenced by war movies like Twelve O'Clock High and The Dawn Patrol, which explored the contrast between bravado and true heroism, "which is leadership." He said that Poe's conflict with Amilyn Holdo, a woman, "and not only that, but it's a woman who isn't in a general's outfit but has a real feminine energy, seemed like the toughest thing that Poe could come up against."[86]


"Finn and Poe Team Up!" features BB-8 on D'Qar

The Aurebesh inscription on Dameron's flight helmets (he wears two in The Force Awakens,[3] and one in The Last Jedi[10] and The Rise of Skywalker[12]), "ROÆHAL", is a reference to "Ro & Hal", the sons of costume designer Glyn Dillon.[87] The novelization of The Last Jedi and the short story "Poe's Plan" depict Dameron getting permission to attack the First Order fleet in the Battle of D'Qar while on the bridge of the Raddus, shortly after the First Order ships arrive.[88][89] However, this depiction of events was later overruled by Poe Dameron 28, in which Dameron presents his plan on the surface before the First Order armada even arrives.[60] As Poe Dameron 28 sets up the rest of the Poe Dameron comic series,[63] with the comic's ending arc then setting up the novel Resistance Reborn,[11] this article follows the version of events depicted in Poe Dameron 28.

The young-readers book Finn and Poe Team Up!, and the 5-Minute Star Wars Stories Strike Back short story of the same name, feature Leia Organa sending Poe Dameron to Jakku, a meeting that BB-8 is present for.[90][91] However, Poe Dameron 26 and Star Wars Resistance episode "The Core Problem" later established that BB-8 was not present for the meeting, and Dameron had to pick up BB-8 from Castilon before heading to Jakku.[57][56] This article follows the story given in the later sources.


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