Poe Dameron 10: The Gathering Storm, Part III is the tenth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Poe Dameron. The comic, written by Charles Soule with art by Phil Noto, was released on January 11, 2017.[1]

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Book III, Part III
It is a time of uncertainty in the galaxy. Standing
against the oppression of the First Order is General
Organa's Resistance, including Poe Dameron and his
team of ace pilots – Black Squadron.

Recently, a new enemy has emerged to challenge Black
Squadron: Terex, a former officer of the First Order
Security Bureau. Though Poe's crew has survived
multiple skirmishes, Terex has vowed to destroy them.

C-3PO, Poe and squadron mechanic Oddy Muva have
journeyed to the lawless planet Kaddak in search of a
missing droid spy they believe holds crucial
information about the First Order. They have learned
the operative is in the hands of a ruthless Ranc
gang – and in their attempt to retrieve it, Poe has
taken a blaster bolt to the chest at point-blank

On the Outer Rim world of Kaddak, the Resistance starfighter pilot Poe Dameron is lying on the floor of the Ranc gang headquarters, having been stunned by the bartender. Oddy Muva, C-3PO, and BB-8 are surrounded by members of the Ranc gang. However, C-3PO activates several members of the Resistance spy droid network who force the gangsters to stand down. C-3PO is unhappy with exposing a set of operatives but thinks that it is the lesser evil to being destroyed. Dameron stirs and Muva helps him up. Muva thinks that the Rancs were trying to sell the droid they were searching for. The spy droid then appears and introduces himself as a BX-series droid commando N1-ZX ("Nunzix").

At The Sliver's landing platform on Level 72, Terex's First Order crew are repairing the Carrion Spike, which sustained extensive damage to its communications, engines, weapons systems, and central computer systems during the Mission to Megalox Beta. The First Order lieutenant wonder what Terex is planning. Shortly later, Terex returns with several members of the Ranc gang. When the officer protests against Terex handing over First Order property to the criminals, Terex reminds him that he was a criminal and vows that his criminal hands will destroy the Resistance.

Twenty-seven years earlier, Corlac and his associates Bett and Wenda meet in the command center overlooking the Rothana Imperial Shipyards' hangar bay. They discuss the matter of restarting the Galactic Empire with Wenda dismissing Terex as an idiot. Meanwhile, Terex is preoccupied with repairing the Carrion Spike, the former flagship of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. Back upstairs, Wenda, Corlac, and Bett agree to eliminate Terex since the former stormtrooper is a threat to their plans to start up a criminal empire. However, Terex is listening to their conversation and uses one of the Spike's cannons to blow up the command center, killing Wenda, Corlac, and Bett.

When Wisper and the other associates respond in shock, Terex tells them of his long term plan to rebuild the Empire and restore order to the galaxy. Terex takes control of the Ranc gang and turns into a powerful underworld force. Later, a Trandoshan gangster and his Rodian comrade bring tribute to Terex in the form of credits and a set of First Order stormtrooper armor pillaged from a cargo vessel. The lead gangster reveals that the ship was carrying cargo for an Imperial faction known as the First Order.

Back in the present, N1-ZX refuses to release the data on Supreme Leader Snoke until they return to the Resistance base. C-3PO admits defeat since forcibly extracting the data would result in a complete memory wipe. C-3PO explains that all the Resistance spy droids are programmed with this setting in the event of capture. Dameron and Muva soon see the Carrion Spike flying over. Using a loudspeaker system, "Lord" Terex places a reward on Poe Dameron's head. The Resistance agents fight off the crowd and C-3PO activates several Resistance droids, who hold back the crowd.

Poe, BB-8, C-3PO, and "Nunzix" returne to the freighter and prepare to depart in Poe's T-70 X-wing starfighter Black One. Meanwhile, Oddy Muva infiltrates the Carrion Spike and watches Terex talking with his henchmen including Zumgi. One of the Ranc gangsters informs Terex that their sensors have locked onto Poe's X-wing. As Poe and company depart in the Black One, Terex opens a hangar which stores a fleet of "Uglies", which he intends to pursue Poe with.


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