Poe Dameron 2 is the second issue of the Marvel comic book series, Star Wars: Poe Dameron. The comic, written by Charles Soule with art by Phil Noto, was released on May 4, 2016.

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Book I, Part II
It has been thirty years since the defeat of the
Empire, but a new threat has arrived. General Leia
Organa is leading the Resistance to keep the First
Order at bay.

Leia has tasked star pilot Poe Dameron with finding
Lor San Tekka—an explorer who may know the
location of Luke Skywalker. Poe has assembled a
team of pilots—Black Squadron—and together they
have set off to the explorer's last known
whereabouts: a planet whose residents worship and
care for a massive egg.

Meanwhile, Poe's droid, BB-8, has discovered a
tracker on Poe’s X-wing, a tracker Poe believes was
placed there by the First Order. Poe's suspicions are
proven correct when he discovers the enemy is
closer than anticipated....[2]

Terex, along with several stormtroopers, used speeder bikes and jetpacks to fly towards Dameron. Using explosives, they destroyed the door guarding the Crèche and entered. Earlier, Phasma had ordered Terex to find Dameron and discover what intelligence the Resistance had intercepted and how they were going to use it. The Crèche pretended they do not know who Dameron was, while Dameron, hiding nearby, ordered the rest of Black Squadron to get him leverage.

Above ground, L'ulo fired on the First Order platform guarding the entrance to the caves, prompting the TIE fighters to chase him and starting a dogfight. All of the TIE fighters are destroyed, but part of the platform exploded, causing it to fall towards the surface and block the entrance to the cave. More TIE fighters flew out of the Ravenous and attacked the squadron.

After Terex threatened to attack the egg, Dameron revealed himself. Terex demanded Dameron tell him the information immediately, while flametroopers attack the egg. The egg begins to hatch.

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