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Poe Dameron 25 is the twenty-fifth issue of Star Wars: Poe Dameron. The comic was written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Angel Unzueta, and was published by Marvel Comics on March 21, 2018.

Publisher's summary[]

It's the end of an era for Poe Dameron. With the Resistance and the First Order on a collision course and his mission to find Lor San Tekka nearly at an end, the force of Poe's destiny draws him on toward an awakening…[1]

Plot summary[]

Part V [sic]
The First Order and the New Republic are at peace,
but a cold war rages in secret between them.
General Leia Organa's Resistance works to fend
off the First Order's malicious efforts on all fronts.

Organa has placed Poe Dameron in charge of
Black Squadron, an elite team of X-wing pilots.
The team has recently located Lor San Tekka, the
explorer who may know the whereabouts of Leia's
estranged brother, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

However, ex-First Order agent Terex has kidnapped
Lor San Tekka in an attempt to blackmail the First
Order. Before disappearing from the Resistance's
radar, he reveals the explorer's location to Black
Squadron — floating free in open space with the
First Order on the way to collect....


Poe Dameron 25 depicts Snap and Karé's wedding, an event first mentioned in the 2017 junior novel Join the Resistance: Escape from Vodran. However, in Escape from Vodran, the character Mattis Banz recalls attending the wedding with Oddy Muva, although Muva had previously perished in Poe Dameron 19. On Twitter, Story group member Matt Martin addressed the conflict saying that there was a miscommunication between creators and that he didn't know if there was two weddings or both sources retell the same wedding.[3][4]



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Notes and references[]

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