Poe Dameron 4 is the fourth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Poe Dameron. The issue, released on July 6, 2016, is written by Charles Soule, with art by Phil Noto.[1]

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Book II, Part I
It is a time of uncertainty in the galaxy.
Standing against the oppression of the First
Order is the Resistance, including Poe Dameron
and his team of ace pilots – Black Squadron.

General Leia Organa has tasked Black Squadron
with a mission to locate the explorer Lor San
Tekka, in order to secure information vital to
the survival of the Resistance. Their first
attempt to locate the galactic wanderer has led
to the discovery of a mysterious tracking device
planted on Poe's X-wing, and a deadly encounter
with Agent Terex, a dashing but vicious officer
in the First Order Security Bureau.

Although Black Squadron has escaped with their
lives, as well as a clue to Lor San Tekka's
location, they have gained a ferocious enemy,
as a defeated Terex swears revenge.

And now, Poe and his squadron find themselves

On D'Qar, Black Squadron celebrated their successful mission. Dameron reminded L'ampar not to provoke war with the First Order before the Resistance is ready, Wexley and Kun talked about their romantic feelings, and Muva and Pava talked about the new boosters on Pava's starfighter. Also, Dameron and BB-8 discussed who might have placed the tracker on Dameron's X-wing.

The Crèche revealed that Lor San Tekka had spoken with Grakkus the Hutt, so Black Squadron traveled to the prison Megalox, where Grakkus was held. They met with Warden Luta, who revealed that Megalox does not have walls or guards. The prisoners were kept in by the extreme gravity outside of the prison, and allowed to govern themselves.

While traveling down, the staff advised Black Squadron to stay alert and how to reach Grakkus' headquarters. However, someone else had paid them more to allow the pilots to enter the prison by themselves. To drive the prisoners away from the door, they put on masks and Pava threw smoke bombs. Firing their blasters, they made their way to Grakkus' open gates, where Grakkus greets them. Dameron entered the building alone with Grakkus, where Terex already is. Both men wanted to know the information about Tekka, so Grakkus offered a competition. Whoever can break him out of Megalox wins the information.


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Notes and references[]

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